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The Norwoods Revealed

It's not a Secret anymore Ray...

Well if you read my blog This is Family Business Starring The Norwoods you knew I how much I anticipated seeing and following Brandy and Ray J’s reality show “A Family Business” . My, how the time has passed we are now at episode 5 and the show is doing exactly what I knew it would, giving us the truth, the real Brandy aka B’ Rocka currently known as  BRAN-Nu and Mr. Willie Ray Norwood Jr. (Ray J) aka Bay J. As you can tell I am a huge (Norwood Family) fan but Imma keep it real I was not into For the Love of Ray J season 1 or 2 for various reasons and if you watched the  A Family Business‘ Episode where Ray J had the reunion for season 2 of “For the Love..” you’ll see why. But that’s not why I am writing this blog today.

Bran-Nu, Poppa Ray, Bay J, Momma Soni

This show has not only helped me come to love this family so much more I am very excited that it’s really real. Yall see Ray J cutting up with the Knock Out crew; they got the damn van towed, Ray J partying in Vegas, and then Shorty Mack came up in the office with “Lil Miss UPS” and her “special” delivery. Rodney get him focused! Brandy saying “look I am changing I know I can sang but “Momma I wanna rap“! Act like yall don’t see brandy slamming her first on them desks like “I am Brandy hear me roar Dammit!” But check this out yall don’t see that behavior when Momma Soni on the scene everybody be tighten up, except for Ray! Momma Soni was like “Shorty Mack I ought to slap your face!” If them cameras wasn’t there check it

I wonder wut dey gun do next! The Package!!!

that ass whooping would have been on boot legg DVD!!! Momma Soni Rodney King’s ShortMack for bringing a stripper up in her place of business!  UNCUT! And Poppa Ray “The Package“… That’s all Imma say you told on your self with that one… I heard Momma Soni say she got on Ray the other night. She watched it (LMAO).


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This is Family Business Starring the Norwoods, Cristina Arra Simmons

So I’m chillin at home tonight watching The Wendy Williams Show and yall know girlfriend has the low down on everything. Well guess what and I am so excited another positive step for all of reality TV, A Family Business, starring Brandy, Ray J and Mama and Poppa Norwood. I am so excited. This is what Sister 2 Sister had to say ” The Kardashians better watch out because VH1 has announced that the Norwoods are getting a reality series of their own! “Brandy and Ray J: A Family Business“ will follow Brandy and Ray J as momager Sonja Norwood passes the reigns of the family’s company, Rn’B Productions, to them. VH1 has ordered 11 hour-long episodes of the show“.

In the words of Luda “move Biotch get out the way! Get out the way Biotch!!! How ironic Sister 2 Sisters mentions the Kardashians because wasn’t it that tape with Ray J that got Kim’s ass out there (oops) no pun intended! So in order to make Kim seem like the Angel and Ray J. the man who sleeps around they created For the Love of Ray J. Good comeback Norwoods let them see the truth! Oh I saw the “What Perez says” interview. Mhmmm

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