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Repo Man

I would like to dedicated this blogs to all the people that help John Whetsel make this possible… Tara Pryor, Dana Hendricks, Herbert Chapman, Tonya “FireProven” Nelson, Nadia Spence, Andrew Aponte, Tameeka Douglas, Tameeka Williams, Nadia Spence, Z’kera Reid, Danielle Mitchell, Janae Jackson, Louvina Jackson, and all you other stupid motherfuckers in Tallahassee after you read this please don’t kill yourselves cause look I want my money Bitches….

Yall my Brother!!! Rickey Smiley is a fool!!! But it goes a lil deeper than that now I know if you’ve been following you know I was just chillin in Ga @Granny’s and “Hop Along Cassidy” was using my grandparents trying to get money. So when you check the photos on my fanpage you will see Hop Along’s car.

John Whetsel who is behind the majority of the schemes becuz he’s a wanna be mafia boss (in his own mind). Had one of Hillbilly friends call my FUCKING GRANDPARENTS house telling them that Hop Along’s car was being in jeopardy of being repossessed to try to get them to take care of the bill for these moocher’s (please refer to the mobile uploads on… See More my fanpage to found out who Hip Along Cassidy is). Sad thing I was the only one who was suppose to notice what was going on. See I listen to Rickey Smiley via computer every morning. Also remember inspired technologies the computer company that’s been harassing me is in Tallahassee along with John Whetsel. And remember Craig Goodson told me they were going to play practical jokes on me and hope I didn’t kill myself when I find out. Get it yall…

Oh yea and Garrick Wright who works for the computer company the HR guy… Shall I keep going… Oh yea John memba dis “I’m stupid I cause problems between peoples relationship, I’m a dirty old man”… I hope you’re ass is keeping busy… LMAO… You got the right this time didn’t you… Watch what happens next… OMG I swear I hope they don’t kill themselves… Oh Rickey, I ain’t gone tell nobody else!  Badu Take us on home girl!


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Mindset of a Modern Day SlaveDriver By Cristina Arra Hamilton

Hello people I am new to this social network. However I am no stranger to the issues our people face and I would like to share some of my story. I was brought up in Miami, Fl. My mother, father and grandmother raised me. I was always told I would be someone special. See as a child I developed an ability to see signs, determine others mood, emotions just by observing them and I always said what I felt. Well almost three years ago I moved to a college town. A town filled with brain washed and controlled minds. I felt like a stranger in my home state. See I went to work for the real estate company upon moving there and that’s why my life took a very interesting turn. When I was originally hired with the company my job was to answer phones, send emails, set up appointment etc. basic office duties. The area where I work was in the back of the office a place where you couldn’t really see what was going on. I’d notice as days go by some of the realtors would come in the area just to check out the new girl, me. They’d act like they needed to see one of the other girls in the office and quickly stare over at me. I was like Hi because I am just a nice person not knowing these ladies were checking me out as if I was competition. I had no idea what I was competing for at the time and honestly I didn’t care. I am a single mother trying to take care of my child and these people obviously had nothing else to do with their time because they chose to invest a lot of it in me. You will discover this as you continue to read. Well as time past and I started to make a name for myself in the office I was offered a promotion. I need to mention this, the man who owned this company is white. This is an important factor. I am saying this because once I got my “promotion”. I began to learn that this white man was a modern day slave driver who treats black women like whores, and he tried to keep the ones that worked for him at each others throats. I for one wasn’t trying to go along with the plan because I was there to work not become a concubine. Well I made friends, so I thought, with one black man who worked for the company. I should have known that there was something wrong with this gentlemen, one day I over heard the General Manager calling him stupid and telling him was a dumb Realtor. Other black and white women in the company began to open up to me telling me how the GM would tell them to go find another job because two reasons they weren’t attractive enough for him or they weren’t trying to go along with their plan. So I became concerned. Well let me give you a short story about a experience I had with the GM of this company.

Shortly after I began working for the company my 30th birthday came and the girl who was my acting manager in the office took me out for drinks. She started slapping me on the behind during the night and the would say”oh sorry I must be drunk” the once we left the bar and were returning to her house so that I can go home she called the GM who was and still is her boyfriend. She was inviting him over and asking me to stay to partake in a sexual experience I had no interest in. I went home and thought nothing of it. I wrote it off as maybe she was drunk and hey it will be over tomorrow. But no that’s when it all began.

Once I got the promotion I was to sit out in the new “subdivision” that was once was a trailer park. The owner developer knocked down the trailer homes and replaced them with cheap module homes. Then had a few of his rich friends make purchases on the homes as a favor to him. They in turn used me to rent them to poor black families, over charge them to repay them for their investment. I was new to the business at that time. I saw the signs but I really wanted to give this slaver diver the benefit of the doubt. Trust me it was not easy. My first time meeting the slave driver he took me for a ride in his TAHOE. The very first thing he did was press the ONSTAR button this was to impress the lil black girl who knows nothing. At least he assumed I knew nothing. See when I applied for the job I lived in a small town in Georgia located about 45 minutes from the town I worked in. So me sending them a resume with the experience that mine had, that was unusual. In their eyes it had to be impossible. How could some one live in a small town with this much knowledge and experience? Instead of asking the question they assumed from the beginning I was a liar and obviously they thought I was naive.

Well the Owner/Developer/Slave driver drove me around this neighborhood filled with poorly constructed homes, dilapidated buildings, no landscaping and poor curb appeal. He owns over 145 homes in this neighborhood which is pro-dominantly black and he called himself “the king of the hood”. He had a shack of a building that was suppose to be the property management company ran by his head concubine. Not to mention this man is married with adult children and grandchildren.

She the HCIC (the head concubine in charge) takes the rent from the people (black people) living in these homes fit for animals and in turn pays his “the king’s” mortgage, car payments, credit cards etc. The moment one of the tenants can not afford to pay on time they are put out on the street and the next victim moves in and the vicious cycle continues. She sees nothing wrong with what she is doing because he keeps her “taken care of”. She is not allowed to be in a real relationship unless he approves. I know this because this is what he said to me and when I asked about it later it was suppose to have been a joke.

Now back to me. I would work Mon-Sun never was paid overtime. But once I rented the homes I was given Bonuses which was funny to me because I was not a license Realtor. I have never been a license Realtor yet I was drawing up contracts basically used as eye candy to attract the potential victims. The bonuses were a set up. A set up for what was to come had I went along with “the king’s” plan. He would have me “hang out” with his head girl wanting me to “learn this business” and in return I teach her how to be like me. She had little style, very bad acne and low self esteem. He took full advantage of her preying on the weaknesses of others in order to gain control.

I just couldn’t see myself building a career with this company after experiencing the things that I began to experience. The company put up a nice facade for those who aren’t able to think past their rhetoric. I thought that investing in a home would be a good idea so I decided to ask an Aunt to try and purchase some homes and maybe I’d help out with managing the properties or live in to assist in helping her pay. I’d rather give my money to family than to help a man whose main goal is to see my people suffer. She decided to come up and check it out. This experience help me learn what I needed to know about this man and I also learn quite a bit about my aunt.

When my aunts came up he began to brainwash them with his plans for me. Telling them how he wanted me to own homes and be the spokes person for some fictitious subdivision that has been in the making since I met the man. Construction, I presume, is still underway. My aunts thought this mans plans for me would some how benefit me. I then knew that I had to leave. I needed my aunts to understand whatever plans I am going through with would be the plans I have for myself. Not something some control freak, slave-driver has for me. But it was too late they were already under his control.

I need to take another step backward. The reason I asked this aunt to invest in homes is one because she had what I thought was a successful limo company. I also felt that if any of the family or friends of the family were sending kids to this town for school they would have a place to live. I was thinking this would be an investment that many black families aren’t taking advantage of.

Well let me tell you the outcome of that. She invested after I told her not to go through with it. In the meeting she had with him he advised her that he must have total control. Meaning control over the property she was investing in and total control over who lives in it. Well my aunts provided him with the opportunity of a life time and he took full advantage. Like I stated my aunt did own a limo company in Miami, Fl. This man, the slave driver, began to watch her observing her thought process then he started sending people her way. Eventually she stopped getting business. Why? The slaver driver was helping her competitors. He wanted to bring her down and he knew how and he did just that. She ended up losing the business, the houses she invested in and her credit went down the drain all because he had to have control. Control in order to divide and conquer. My aunt will become a key character because after he took everything she had he then used her to help him try to bring me down.

He tapped my house phone, checked my text messages, sent informants to my house to check my every move. Many of these informants worked in his company. He even had the black guy pretend that he was getting a job with another company. All because he, the king, was jealous that I trusted this man over him. He wanted me in his presence every possible moment he could have me. He didn’t want me attending to my son. He’d go crazy if I wanted to leave and go home after I had been in the office from 8-5:30. I was getting physically sick of seeing this man everyday. I would cry. I wanted to find another job so bad. While working there he send signs to show me who he really was and how much he hated blacks. He would send me to pick up”forms” from a man who I could never contact by phone and he would leave nasty message like. “What is wrong with you people?” “How many time do I have to tell you people?” My reaction was say what? I knew it was time for me to get out of there cause I was eventually gonna go to jail for slapping, spitting on, or kicking this old man’s ass. He didn’t have a clue.

Well I did find another job. He had set that job up it was in fact with another real estate company in the town. A company of individuals who he’d trained to play a game with me. The whole while I worked for the company he’d have another young lady, a Realtor, come by the new office where I worked she would call me, ask me to email her, she’d email me basically trying to get me fired. She would ask me to go to lunch just to keep track of what I was doing. She would go back and report every move I made from the clothes I wore to the perfume I had on. For some reason they really thought I wanted to take over the real estate industry. When all I wanted to do was take care of my son. They saw something in my that intimidated them. He was intimidated by the fact that I really didn’t give a care about him. I was just doing what he was doing to every one else. Selling them dreams. Needless to say that job didn’t last long.

I remember like it was yesterday it was Easter time 2007. I was preparing to go visit my sister. I had advised the lady that hired me at the new real estate company that I wasn’t going to be in and I told her why. Well needless to say things started happening that week basically more set ups. This one Bitch excuse my french she was a former lawyer and the bosses daughter in law she was one of the Realtors I work with putting her listings on the market. Well she and I set out to go and view a home that was suppose to be going on the market. Well me being the Diva that I am I was looking fly too fly for this piece of a building we were viewing I had on some cute sandals that matched my white pants and yellow shirt. Well when I got out of her “Volvo” there was dirt every where I was pissed. Then the house it was a recovering burned house. Sort of like a recovering crack house. There were boards and things all over the rooms were incomplete the place was a wreck. I was falling all over the place messing up my white pants and getting dust on my fly sandals. While miss prissy priss played professional Realtor. All the while critiquing me to go back and tell my stupivisor who was planning her hillbilly wedding.

So we get back to the office just in time for Judas the bitch Realtor to go and make her report to the young stupivisor. I knew then I wasn’t going to have a job when I returned from my trip. But I was like, okay I will deal with that when I get back. I was going to visit my family regardless of what these slave co-conspirers felt. I was not under their control please believe it and that’s why I had so many problems. Well I went to visit my sister and in when I return to work that Tuesday morning. Like I said I got the call to me desk. “Hello can you come to my office?” Sure, Whats going on?” I asked as if I was oblivious. Not to mention the Bitch hadn’t arrive yet but she called me just before I got that call and asked if I would fax some thing. I really don’t remember what it was all I know is I didn’t do it. All because I knew what time it was. I was preparing for my performance. So I walked into the office (lights, camera, action) there sat the stupivisor and the lady that hired me the one who I advised that I was going to take my trip. To make a long story short “it just wasn’t working out” those were her exact words. So I started, tear one fell down my face as my voice trembled “what did I ddddooo wrong?” While on the inside I was like “kiss my ass please!”. However I am so good I couldn’t let them know I was on to them so I walked out and said “fine”. Went and gathered my things hugged one of the players they thought I trusted. She was like “it’s gonna be ok!”. I was like “bitch I know”, instead I just wipe my fake tear and said “I surely hope so”. Then I walk to my car and made the call. Just as he suspected I would. I called the slave driver. See he had no earthly idea how I felt about him. Nor did he know that I knew he was setting up all these games around town for me.

So I called him balling and screaming. “Oh my God they fired me!” “Massa what is I gonna do? Just like the good nigga he thought I was. He responded sounding surprised “no I can’t believe it, just stop by my office and we can discuss it”. So I did as he asked I really wanted to see the look on his face. Just wanted to know just how stupid he thought I was. I walked in and the man had tears in his eyes. Now were those tears, tears of guilt for what he had done? Or was those tears of concern for the wrong I had just experienced? We all know the answer to that equation.

This slave driver had been playing the game for a long time. The key word in that sentence is playing. Playing professional, playing Kingpin, playing with the minds of his followers and all the while earning the reputation of a “Good Man”. Why? He knows how to manipulates minds, know how to condition the weak to gain control. Control over the finances, control over their families, and teaching them to recruit others so that his army will grow. He knows how to make his nasty opinions about blacks he enslave facts in the eyes of others. They trust him, some of the people in Tallahassee look up to him.

I have to flash back again I will be doing that a lot throughout this blog. I remember one day the slave driver took me to a “meeting” in a small town just outside of Tallahassee, it was in Monticello. On the way there he shows me this new paper article about a high school basketball star. The kid was African American however he had the same last name of this slaver driver. So this next thing this nasty ass WHITEY says to me is “this could be our son”. I had to turn and look out the window to hide the look of disgust on my face. I also was so nauseated by the mere thought, I wanted to puke all over the place. I get nauseated when I can’t take it anymore. I simply turned back and gave him my little deceitful smirk and said “Yea? You think?” this was for me to agree to whatever B.S. he had planned before or after this meeting. This man just did not know had he planned to put one finger on me I was prepared to kick his white ass all across that city and make up some lies on how he hurt me. He didn’t bother I think he caught on. Because when we got back to the office he said I told him I was gonna go hang out with some of the other co workers. He responded by saying “go ahead since age is so important to you”. This was to say I didn’t want him because he was old. No whitey I don’t want you cause you were my boss, I came there to work and be a professional not a hoefessional.

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