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Repo Man

I would like to dedicated this blogs to all the people that help John Whetsel make this possible… Tara Pryor, Dana Hendricks, Herbert Chapman, Tonya “FireProven” Nelson, Nadia Spence, Andrew Aponte, Tameeka Douglas, Tameeka Williams, Nadia Spence, Z’kera Reid, Danielle Mitchell, Janae Jackson, Louvina Jackson, and all you other stupid motherfuckers in Tallahassee after you read this please don’t kill yourselves cause look I want my money Bitches….

Yall my Brother!!! Rickey Smiley is a fool!!! But it goes a lil deeper than that now I know if you’ve been following you know I was just chillin in Ga @Granny’s and “Hop Along Cassidy” was using my grandparents trying to get money. So when you check the photos on my fanpage you will see Hop Along’s car.

John Whetsel who is behind the majority of the schemes becuz he’s a wanna be mafia boss (in his own mind). Had one of Hillbilly friends call my FUCKING GRANDPARENTS house telling them that Hop Along’s car was being in jeopardy of being repossessed to try to get them to take care of the bill for these moocher’s (please refer to the mobile uploads on… See More my fanpage to found out who Hip Along Cassidy is). Sad thing I was the only one who was suppose to notice what was going on. See I listen to Rickey Smiley via computer every morning. Also remember inspired technologies the computer company that’s been harassing me is in Tallahassee along with John Whetsel. And remember Craig Goodson told me they were going to play practical jokes on me and hope I didn’t kill myself when I find out. Get it yall…

Oh yea and Garrick Wright who works for the computer company the HR guy… Shall I keep going… Oh yea John memba dis “I’m stupid I cause problems between peoples relationship, I’m a dirty old man”… I hope you’re ass is keeping busy… LMAO… You got the right this time didn’t you… Watch what happens next… OMG I swear I hope they don’t kill themselves… Oh Rickey, I ain’t gone tell nobody else!  Badu Take us on home girl!


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Have a Baby By me and Get on Welfare By Cristina Arra Hamilton

Well people as you know I have been going through some crazy things with men who have a little power and because of their insecurities they chose to send me signs to let me know they were following and wanted me to come to them instead of being men and approaching me. The signs and messages these men would send came via message on TV, random people approaching me in Public, random conversations people would have in my presence but not speaking directly to me. Yes I know it’s crazy and that’s the end result either you are lured into the trap of control and fear, you go crazy or you do what I did pray about it and learned how to communicate it in the simplest way possible.

After returning to Charlotte from Tallahassee and because there are forces of good and evil out there and they’re willing and able to help one another out at any cost. What I mean by this is Good will show you and guide you and tell you when Evil is coming. Evil will try to hurt you, humiliate you, embarrass and control you. Both forces have powerful people on their teams and God rules Good and Man rules Evil. Think about that for a second please. Through out this chaotic experience some how rumors were spread and powerful men got the message that I was available, vulnerable, gullible, and somehow had a weakest for those men in control. So not true but let me tell you what the men did to me and how I had to come out on top and say Back da hell up and mind your little insecure business.

As you know because of the drama in the work environment created by the powers that be in Tallahassee, then drama with the neighbors, then the tests to see how I’d react to certain situations and the many other things that happened to myself and my son during this process, I used my blogs as a tool to communicate and teach others who may be experiencing the very same thing and is having a hard time understanding or explaining it.

So when I return to Charlotte because of the craziness by the Evil powers in Tallahassee to follow me that had to get to the people in Charlotte before I did. Why not use one of the most popular people in local radio here. A person who I met on a few occasions, a person who had the power to control the minds of his followers and if he agreed with Evil then once I got to Charlotte yall know the games did not stop. Well they figured I would try to contact some people either for a job, or networking so to lure me out the radio station plays commercials constantly about things I like. Trust me it was like they knew when I was listening no they actually knew. Don’t ask me how I am only the messenger.

Well as I told you I had problems with the administration at the first middle school I enrolled my son in after returning to Charlotte, the Assistant Principal wanted to sleep with me and because I didn’t respond to his signals they way he felt I should have my son became a target. I reported those actions to the Superintendent.  He tried to make my son seem like a delinquent before he could get in trouble. That’s was his way of covering his ass and one of the reasons I home school my son. Sad thing is I think somebody was watching him and purposely sent me his way to expose him because the powers that be knew or should have known for as long as they’d been watching me, I was not going to stand for it. So he gonna pay for that.

Now back the DJ.  As I stated when I listen to the radio especially when I listen to his morning show I’d laugh and later I”d compliment him on Twitter and facebook  telling him to keep up the good work knowing that many of his puns and jokes were directed towards me. This one particular song a parody of Fifty Cent’s “Have a Baby by Me and Be a Millionaire”, their (the local radio station’s) version “Have a Baby by Me and Get on Welfare”.  It came about shortly after I post something on facebook about if I had a daughter she’d get popped for singing “Have a Baby by Me and Be a Millionaire”. I also said this is why Kanye says “shorties holler where the ballers at”.  And in my blogs I talk about how people try to take advantage of me because I am a single mother who doesn’t think it’s my responsibility to go after his father for child support. And because he was a married Assistant Principal for a Middle School at one point in his career his make a good life for himself and decided to deny myself. I will let God handle it. As you see there a clearly two forces out there.  I just wanted to point out the comparison with the Assistant Principal at my son’s middle school and my son’s father this is part of the game the Powers that Be trying to make history repeat itself.

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Public Education Is it Fair? by Cristina Hamilton

Not every man should want to be king. When unqualified men become king, they destroy everyone one way or another because of their ignorance, greed, or anger. Everyday they live with the fear that it will be exposed that they do not deserve to their wealth and do not really know how to rule.- Sistah Soujah

Hello people it’s me again ranting and raving about my experiences as a single mother. Well my son who is 14 has been having a heck of time trying to get an fair education it all began when he entered fifth grade. Well back in kindergarten, he was “labeled” learning disable by the North Carolina education system, which I believe is a bunch of Bullshit. But that’s another blog he got this label because he very shy and quiet. I took him to the doctors when he was younger because he wouldn’t talk he would just show me signs when he wanted things. Then one morning he woke he was around four he said clear as day “mom I want pancakes” I was half by awake enough to comprehend what he said and start screaming to the top of my lungs my granny rushed in the room thinking something was wrong. I looked at her and said “he wants pancakes”. As he has not stop talking since.
As you may know his father the deadbeat assistant principal who never wanted anything to do with my son has decided to team up with a few modern day slave drivers I used to work with and in their pursuit to control me they used their connections to show me who has control over my son’s education in a public school of course. And if you know your history there is an implied rule that black men shouldn’t learn and achieve anything unless they stay in their places or gain enough power to intimidate the Devil! My son’s troubles began in Tallahassee, everything in my blogs all began in Tallahassee. He entered fifth grade at Hartsfield Elementary on his first day I met the principal introduced myself and tried to give her a brief summary of my son’s background only because I knew once we were done she was going to check his files learn everything she possibly could and then contact me with any questions. That would be the thing to do in a perfect world wouldn’t you agree? Well once I introduced myself and my son she completely brushed us off saying “oh he is with a good teacher and he will be fine.” One of my eye brows raised up in confusion, but I took what she said at face value and told myself things will be alright because she is going to check up on him and ask whatever she questions she may have questions about him, later. I felt that all schools practiced the same behaviors nationwide especially when a new student is involved. The school he transferred from in North Carolina, his teacher in third and fourth grade was the best. We spoke all the time she kept me informed. Now that I think about it she was doing me a favor she didn’t know what the future held for my son however I knew she knew the odds would be against him if I didn’t put up a fight.
Well that’s when it started, the programming and using other children to try to break him see what sets him off. Everyday he’d come home saying these kids are crazy they only want to fight. I just saw it as hey they are being kids. Then I noticed when I’d pick him up sometimes from after school care which was ran by a bunch of college kids interning for credit they’d say oh he had to write because of something stupid they would tell me. Then when we get in the car my son would say Mom those kids were asking me so many questions about you. Oh really? I’d responded. Sometimes they would try to test me seems to me they were using certain kids as “lab rats” if I tell his mom this let’s she how she’ll react. And that has been the behavior of most of his teachers since. They seem to be playing a game of let’s see who has more control the parent or the teacher and his/ or his ability to write down lies on paper and get others to join in with them either by intimidation or mere fun. Many of them have no kids so the reality of being a parent didn’t infiltrate into their thought process. It was a game of control.
So after using different tactics to test my son and they all failed they tried to hold him back because of his label I have other theories one being the teacher had a crush on the parent but because she was a married women she didn’t know how to communicate her feelings so instead she chose to try to use her power to keep the child help back not considering the affect it would have on the child as long as the teacher felt there was a possibility that her secret attractions would be satisfied. Neither attempt was successful her attempt to fail my son,nor her indirect attempt to satisfied desires. I fought from my son telling them from the beginning what my expectations were from them and from him. My son had met his end of the bargain but the school did not and they knew it so they had no choice. So once that didn’t work the teacher tried to be vindictive and place him at a school out of district thinking this would cause problems for me when he start the next school year. I plan ahead something they didn’t think single parents were capable of especially not a black girl.
Well on to the next year I started him at a charter school. It was the school’s first year opening and it wasn’t a good idea they were not organized. And there was a teacher, a male who had a personality conflict with my son. I don’t understand that when you the teacher spend years in school earning qualifications how can there possibly any teacher/student conflict when the student realizes he’s the child and the teacher realizes he the adult. I think I just answered my question many people judge based on what they see. The male teachers see my son he is big for his age, has a nice build and he dresses nice so I can understand where a young teacher with insecurities would have an issue but the problem then is getting them to admit they’re insecure. Instead they find reasons to make the child seem as if he has the problem. Needless to say I removed him from that school and placed him in a regular public school the very same school that teacher in fifth grade tried to keep him from attending? And why?, she knew the teachers there were qualified and would make a difference.
His first year there, sixth grade, was at Cobb Middle School was a success in my eyes at least. The teachers and I got along great. A couple, one Jamaican American teacher she was the best and the there was one male a true African American who went above and beyond to bring out the best in my son. I am thankful, I would do things like make good bags for Teacher’s Appreciation Day many demonstrated their appreciation. Others would not acknowledge it as a matter of fact they made sure they were doing something too keep from speaking to me when I came to deliver the gifts. However they wanted me to seem like the parent with issues.
Then he got promoted to 7th grade things changed. I left those jobs where the men were harassing me and then the men at the school started harassing my son doing everything in the power to ensure he would have a hard time. However it only happened say the day before tryouts for a sport, or before a teacher work day or holiday. The objective was to ensure that he would be punished at home for something he’d be set up for at school, result causing chaos in the home and possibly controlling any incentives we may have had planned for him. What I learned from those experiences never tell an insecure teacher or administrator things your child does at home to get in trouble or things you to do reward them for good behavior they will use it against you. The 7th grade administrator was a very insecure racist who used the teachers, used children to try to keep my son from excelling. If I would have him write his notes a daily early for a particular class the teacher must have been bragging saying his mother is helping him and instead of making a positive meeting to see who was the driving force at home they would arrange for him to get into some type of confrontation while either the teacher looked away or in between classes. The objective was to find a reason for me to come out to the school. He then would have a message for me that would come from one of my stalkers that I’d worked for in those jobs. Yes these people went beyond the call of duty to get their points across some of the teachers would use signals to tell me “hey this is not coming from me”.
Well once I noticed the pattern and the fact that it was coming from administration I knew my son had to be removed from that school. So I enrolled him in a private school that was affiliated with the church I was trying to attend. No to mention the pastor had members and officers in that church who worked for the Slave driver at the real estate company so my son’s troubles followed him. The teachers there were calling him names and whenever I’d type a blog the teachers would say something to him that they knew he would repeat to me only for me to “figure out” were the message was coming from as I told you the IT company was watching my computer so all they had to do was send an email and say hey say this to her son and sad thing is those people did it without asking why are treating this child like this. This was suppose intimidate and put fear in me. All it did was show me how easily teachers and administrators will side with their own as oppose to being concerned with the children especially when they’ve been brain washed into thinking the parent won’t retaliate. However I just kept track of all events and planned ahead.
Well the harassment had got so bad for myself and my son and other members of my family that lived in near by cities that we decided to leave Florida and come back to North Carolina well those racists conspirators followed us. They got her before we did they were watching my computer and paying people to find out where I was going. I’d call my uncles and male friends but because they had bride them by checking my phone records, emails, and texts message to see who I spoke with they had gotten to those people and bribed and threatened them to keep from helping me. All they said was “now you see how the world is” no one even cared about all the other drama I was experiencing nor were they concerned with what was happening to my son.
So back to North Carolina as soon as I enrolled my son in public school here, the male assistant principal started he had to meet with me then I forgot my cell phone and left it at the school after our first meeting. He called my mother’s phone and told me he had my phone. I went back to the school he said to me “I went through your phone” this was to make me paranoid because I knew he was saying this because he has seen some personal information that he should have seen. I said so. That’s when his game started the same game they played in Florida the men that is. He would have some one try to fight my son,had kids call him names while teachers looked away. I knew this because he kids would call and tell me. They’d say Ms. Hamilton Kris didn’t do anything but the teachers keep bothering him. After one month of this childish behavior from this schools administrator I opened a home school because I didn’t want to deal with it. Well things went smoothly aside from the stalkers bothering me via computer, driving past my house and sending text messages they were using the neighbors kids to bother my son they even used one of the kids myspace accounts to keep track of my son. How many time must you tell a person no before they get the hint that you have moved on. That wasn’t as bad as school because I am not afraid of confronting parents and telling them to tell their children to stop sending messaging and letting adults use them to communicate for them. Nor am I afraid of the teachers however they use children to get back at parent which isn’t fair at all.
So here are to present day I decided to put my son back in school because my family was complaining about how it would affect him socially my response to them was do you really thing school teaches children to be social when most of the teachers are so insecure and afraid they will be exposed and called out on their stupidity they prohibit communication in the classroom and find way to indirectly pick on student who intimidate them. Well he started school at a school near my house Northeast Middle School I will provide the website so that you will have a chance to become acquainted with my son’s antagonizes. He started school just in time for football tryouts. This is going to shock you people. My son was all excited I went out and purchased all of the paraphernalia cleats,pads etc. Well a teacher told me “hey he made the first cut” I am not football expert and he knew thins because the objective is set them up for failure. For Christ sakes the kid is labeled learning disabled the mother has to be as dumb as rocks. I love it when they think like that.
So they set both of us up into thinking he made the football only to have him arrived early to school the next morning and find out he was cut. He was devastated one reason was he felt that I spent all of that money and how the staff were “encouraging” he thought he was going to make it. I knew he wasn’t because like I said they have a way of sending indirect messages. The day before the “last cut” I pick my son up from try out and the coach “the black man” you know they have a way of setting us to look like assholes while they look like the saviors. The ones that do favors. (BULLSHIT) So I sent emails I will share some of them with you.
This was sent to superintendent regarding my son
Online Feedback from CMS Website

Message Sent on: 9/25/2009 9:50:30 AM
Sender’s Name: Cristina R Hamilton
E-mail Address:
Phone Number:
Comments: Hello Mrs. , My name is Cristina Hamilton I am writing this email because I have some concerns regarding my son’s education. He is in 8th grade he attends Northeast Middle School. His name is , is “labeled” learning disabled and I feel that because of his label and the fact that I am a single parent he is being targeted by the school’s administration. I have had several meetings with members of the staff, administration and the Principal. I have written emails and now I am considering getting an attorney. I really believe my son is being discriminated against and he is not being given the same opportunity as other students. I would like to speak with you to possibly discuss the concerns in more detail. Again my name is Cristina Hamilton I can be reached at anytime at the number listed above. Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.

This was her response:
Ms. Hamilton,
Thank you for sharing this with me. I am concerned and I am asking my executive director to give you a call and we will address this with the administration.
Pushing it off on someone else.

Here is another message I sent to the Principal and watch how he asks for a time to meet and I tell him a time he keeps changing to show his power. Tell what works for you so I can deny that get you to change your schedule and show you what works for me:
From me:
Just as I left the school I got a call. My son’s mentor won’t be able to make it Thursday he is assisting with the flood victims in Atlanta. However I can meet with you and I will have someone else with me just so you know I am not the only advocate for my son. I would like to meet in the morning once I bring my son to school. Please let me know if this is good for you. Have a great evening and I wish I could be there for information night.

His response:
Ms. Hamilton,
We can meet at 10:00 on Thursday. I have another parent meeting at 9:00. Let me know if 10:00 works for you.
Have a great night.

My response:
Thats fine.

From Him:
Ms. Hamilton,
Sorry for the short notice, but I have to reschedule our meeting tomorrow. Can you meet at 2:00 pm tomorrow instead of 10:00?
Thanks for being flexible.

Me: I actually have a meeting on the 10/15 with the IEP staff. Can we all meet at once?
This would be most convenient.

Ms. Hamilton,
I would like to meet before then. One of my suggestions is to move him to another class, but I want to discuss this and other things with you. Also, if we agree to this, I don’t want to wait until the 15th.

That’s fine my mother and I will be there at 2.

So I was there at 2pm as promised only to show my mother the game they were going to play. They were wanting to cause confusion by switching the time just in hopes my attorney who has been monitoring my emails couldn’t make it. I always plan ahead. So he didn’t need to be there he seen the game. He presented me with a contract after telling me basically I didn’t do any research on your son I just went on what you said however i want you to sign this contract so that we can set him up and I can place him back in the seventh grade. I opened my home school and by law I am protected so there is no way this contract would have any negative affect on my son. However this is how our conversation went via email after the meeting. I was wanting my son to change classes because of a personality conflict he was having with another male teacher. Am I the only one who sees the pattern that has developed here. The conversation went like this:

From Me:
I have been advised to ask you. If my son doesn’t sign this contract what will be consequences? He is telling me he wants to remain in Mr. ____ class he says he is comfortable. He doesn’t want to have any issues and feel that if he is place in another class he will fall behind those are his exact words. He advised that he is going to follow all rules and policies and doesn’t want to be singled out with the contract. We are all on the same page as far as understanding the rules and regulations will ensure that he abides.

Hi Ms. Hamilton,
He is already been switched from Mr. _______ class (per your request). As for the contract, it must be signed and returned to me tomorrow. Please review it, sign it and return it tomorrow. Let me know if you need anything else.
Thanks and have a great day.

That’s fine if anything happens I have spoken with the Home-school association and they have advised me that since my school is still open and it there is any issues my son will be covered and not to worry so that contract will be signed and returned (per your request) thank you and be blessed. Have a Wonderful Day as I anticipate my son will.

They got their contract however I knew the war wasn’t over my son went to school on Tuesday October 6, (666) and was written up because his shirt was partially out of his pants. He then went to the principal in between classes and spoke to the principal who told him you are fine you are in dress code. He my son wrote it in his journal. He came home and told me about it. This is my conversation via email from that teacher well I think it was her they hide behind so many people I could have been talking to the principal in Tallahassee racists stick together to bring another down.

Me: Hello, My name is Cristina R Hamilton I am the parent of . He is a new student in your class and today you wrote him up for being out of dress code. I was worried that this would happen. I am not certain if you have done any research on Kristopher however I feel this is out right discrimination. Then he said after you wrote the referral you announced it to the class. Is this part of your policies because I have notice that this is a behavior that all of the teachers who don’t communicate with me do. Write him up and then tell the class. Why? Is it to draw attention to this person. My son has informed me that as soon as he found out about the referral he went directly to the office to call me but Mr. Principal told him he was fine and to go back to class. Mam I am not the mother who is not involved in my son’s education however I do can detect when a child is being treated unfairly and I really believe this is an result of unfair treatment. Please contact me with any further questions. I have open lines of conversation with all of his teachers administrators and Mrs.____ the superintendent for your area. I would like to share more about me if you don’t mind click this link below.

Her reply:
Ms. Hamilton,

I did in fact write _________ a referral today for being out of dress code. Ms. _______ was on the referral as well. The 2 of us spoke to ______ this morning about his being out of dress code at which time he became defiant and disrespectful to the both of us. By the time he got to my class 3rd block, he was out of dress code again. Northeast Middle School has a dress code policy that ______ and you both know about. I spoke with Mrs. Assistant Principal concerning this today, and she informed me that Mr. Principal and she had spoken with you concerning _____ and his dress code recently. _______ did not immediately go to the office to call you, as he was in class. Mr. Principal was not at school today until the very end of school, so I do not see how the interaction between the two of them transpired. I did not “announce” the referral to the class, as you stated. I simply told _____ that he had a referral for refusing to follow the dress code as set forth by Northeast Middle School.
I am glad you are involved in your son’s education. Did he also tell you he was 6 minutes late coming to the room from lunch today or that yesterday while I had a sub in the room it took him 90 minutes to look up and define 13 vocabulary terms and write 3 sentences? Did he also tell you that today he did not complete the work I gave back to him from yesterday?
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me, although I will be at an administrator’s training/workshop tomorrow. Mr. Principal and/or Mrs. Assistant Principal can definitely speak on my behalf if you would like to contact them tomorrow. If this can wait, I will be back at school on Thursday.
Thank you for your concern.

I love the part where she tells me I know they will speak on her behalf and then the kicker is when she does the tit for tat… Did he tell you that….

This was my response:
No I am glad you told me all of the things he has written down that he spoke to Mr. Principal in his journal as I tell him daily. He said Ms. ______ asked was he in the tuck club, he said there was piece of his shirt that kept coming out. My thing is this mam, I understand that there is a dress code and I also understand that this club is going to be scrutinized. He is labeled for everything without having a chance just as any other child. However.this minute things such as dress is going to get him placed back in the seven grade. Not his ability but I will make sure he is up on his work. I do not have access to parent assistant. Can you provide details on “defiant and disrespectful” I tell my son whenever a teacher says something to him to never say anything because he is going to be automatically seen as defiant and disrespectful no matter what. He says he he responded by saying ok and then tucked his shirt in. I hope to meet you at this meeting on 10/15/2009. I am going to tell I believe him as I know my son and I know that he isn’t intentionally disrespecting anyone because I teach him better.

I later added:

Just so you know, since he has entered this school there has been some issue every single day. First some teacher wanted to say his shirts were longer than his finger tips, myself, my mother and others sat right here and measured EVERY single shirt he has in his closet. Then I have come there and seen kids that were “out of dress code” but I know that their not going to called out and the reason being is the “label’ is place on them so you guys aren’t going to pay attention to those. However the ones you have label you are going to find EVERYthing and ANYthing you can to see that they live up to that label. I am convinced this is how your system is set up. However I am not one of those parents you are going to brainwash into believing the child has a behavior problem. So please ensure you pass this along to whomever needs to see it. I am personally tired of the tit for tat games you all play.

P.S. You must be the teacher who offered him a job a as manager for the girls softball team. I told him no reason being I see how he is scrutinized in school you think I was going to allow him to be set up and then eventually their would be some complaint from a team member all because my son is an easy target then I’d be dealing with a lawsuit or something even more extreme. With teachers pointing and calling out what he is wearing since there is nothing else to go by. I see there is a system in which things can be create

He was suspended today that was my response to my last email his suspension. Here is the schools website:

These are the schools in Tallahassee

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