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Wut My Name is?

If we were made in His Image then call Us by our name, most intellects do not believe in God but they fear Us just the same! My cypher keeps moving like a rolling stone! What in the world is Badu talking about? Yall just sanging and sanging? Who’s the “His“? Who’s the “God“? and most importantly who’s the “Us“?

The Image!

Let’s break that thang down the “His” we are the majority made in the image of the one true God, Allah, Buddah, Muhammad, what ever you choose to call him, I know you know somebody that looks like Him.  And I know you know somebody who doesn’t! Ya dig!

The Us, is me, you, he, she, him, and her! Those of you have been oppressed because of your natural “image”, HIS image. Feel me! Yes I am talking about you, walking round here thinking you free cause you think you earned a degree! So quick to turn your back when she and He, was there with you when you were wearing payless shoes! Now look at your attitude, so damn rude and cruel.  Wake  you intelligent FOOL!

Badu speak to people please! See usually I don’t do this but Imma hit wit a blast from da past! On and On- Baduism, then I want you to Jump up in the Air and you bet not brang you ass down! Ya heard!


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Now Playing: Get MuNNY

New AmERYKAH Get Naked Round dis Bitch!

Um… If yall ain’t went and copped that New AmERYKAH Part 2 , Imma say it like Badu “that’s terrible itnit” Sholl is! If  the first single Window Seat didn’t get your panties in a bunch I am sure the video did with all the hoopla the media is trying to create about it. I was talking to a customer service rep with Verizon Wireless today. His name is Brandon while I was waiting on Brandon to review my account; I simply asked “hey Brandon you got Badu’s new CD?” He said “Nope but I heard the video was a must see” I said “Indeed it is” and I asked for his email address and sent him the link to Badu’s Window Seat Video!

So Brandon I hope that inspired you and if it didn’t let me give you some more reasons to go out and buy the CD not now but rite now!My personal favorites:

Badu said “look nicca you coming round here acting like you want this, yo you don’t wanna fall in love with me! Cause I’m tellin you off gate I’m crazy! (slow sangin and flower brangin if my burgular alarm starts ringing) Yall I don’t think she talking about ADT. Nicca play with me if you want too. (Your funeral)!

Badu’s you know you wrong for this one! See first I thought Badu was telling this guy “dude I ain’t going now where I love you”! You Got Me! Wrong! Badu like nicca as long as the MuNNy is right! You can’t turn me away! I will do whatever it takes to stay in the running. Watch your back dudes she got her fingers crossed behind her back waiting on you to drop your stack!

This one is so deep! Ladies I really hope you are listening! Men this could be for you too I don’t want to give it all away but listen! When she sits down and focus on what it is you are doing to her “get of my knees” she’ll remember who she was before you built that wall!

That’s all Imma give yall gone on and cop the CD! It comes with the lyrics put on your thinking caps cause there is a lesson to be learnt!

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Call me a cab tis time to Emancipate! Merinate on that!

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Hey Stalkers, Cristina Arra Simmons

Hey for those of you getting fake profiles of people that look like you cause you want to get in on my blogs or up  in my business. If you saying something Good I will post it but check it… You ain’t getting linked to your profiles cause you faking and hiding behind other people. What yall gone do when yall read it again and you can’t click on your name. Guilty until proven innocent. LMAO

Yall this is another example of how far they’ll go to keep up with me. Remember I told you all I didn’t want to tell anybody that I was writing with Russell Simmons’  GlobalGrind online magazine because of the stalkers. Well this is one of them hiding behind a profile on Facebook. Wanting to get my resume that was already posted on Google. However this is the trick this person used to keep up with me and he didn’t think I was going to figure out it was him/them. Jesus Christ I have to call these damn stalkers out every time. And it usually the ones that are “in the closet”. Girls and Boys!!! Please pay attention to the BOLD and how this fool wasn’t paying attention to the clues I was giving him. Feel free, and click on the names I love to expose fools.
Alex James Bevly III: January 13 at 10:41am
…what is it you are presently doing now? That is, to make a living for yourself?

The reason I ask is because I am trying to make sure I know who and where all the conscious Afrikans are I come across in case there is opportunity for us to work together or provide a means for us to be more self-sufficient.

Also, if aren’t necessarily working in the area you desire, could you share with me what you are good at and what you want to do (functionally)?

Cristina Arra Simmons January 13 at 10:44am
Here is a copy of me cover letter I am currently unemployed. I will send my resume with the next email.
Cristina Arra Simmons January 13 at 10:45am
My Resume.
Alex James Bevly III January 13 at 10:53am
I can’t read them…are you able to email me at

It keeps asking me to log into University of Phoenix…

Cristina Arra Simmons January 13 at 10:53am
ok one second
Cristina Arra Simmons January 13 at 11:08am
Did you get my email?
Alex James Bevly III January 13 at 11:18am
Yes, I got it….thanks…

Just so you know, I used to be a professional resume writer. If you want some help with your resume I’d be glad to revise it for you. Plus, if you want them then I would have a few suggestions for you.

How long have you been out of work?

Cristina Arra Simmons January 13 at 11:19am
since Dec 09

Cristina Arra Simmons January 13 at 11:20am
sure if you have some suggestions on things I can add or revise I am open to it.
Cristina Arra Simmons January 13 at 11:37am
But to be honest people come to me to get help with their resume writing which is why I posted it on google cause people are thieves so I give it to them for free no need to steal
Alex James Bevly III January 13 at 12:15pm
Well, perhaps it is just my line of work, but I would take out reference to your blog in your cover letter. I am a manager that does regular hiring, and I can tell you that you are risking alot. I would also try a bulletized approach to your work experience. Lastly, you may want someone else to proofread your resume because I found a few grammatical errors.

Cristina Arra Simmons January 13 at 12:38pm
well highlight those errors and email me back please. And in all honesty I knew that my cover letter and resume wasn’t gonna get me hired because of what my blog says. I just needed my blog to be read because of the things I was going through.
Alex James Bevly III January 13 at 12:42pm
well, first of all, what kind of job do you want?
Alex James Bevly III January 13 at 12:42pm
What field?
Cristina Arra Simmons January 13 at 12:47pm
I want a career that’s help people learn be it on a professional level, a personal level, or just because they have a desire to learn more. I want a position that helps me enable others to achieve their full potential. I want to share my experiences to help others and I know this is a type of position that open to all fields.
Alex James Bevly III January 13 at 12:48pm

What do you want to do with your Criminal Justice degree when you finish?

Cristina Arra Simmons January 13 at 12:55pm
I am glad you asked that question. I don’t want to be a police officer however since I am a writer I want to help solve crimes and write about things I see, who are victims, who are criminals and possibly help somebody determine why these things happen in hopes to prevent similar activities in the future. Make sense?
Alex James Bevly III January 13 at 1:08pm
It does make sense, just don’t know of any particular jobs like that right now. Not to say you can’t actually create that field for yourself.
Cristina Arra Simmons January 13 at 1:13pm
I think I can create in the future however right now I think I would like to work with an Attorney, investigator, detective or in the field. I want to see the how things function on the inside. And write about it.
They just can’t get enough. I got this email after I this blog was originally posted. Also read the comment at the end of the blog. STALKER!

Cristina Arra Simmons December 29, 2009 at 1:00pm
This is what I went through working for “diverse” small companies in Tallahassee, Fl.

So while these men were (ex bosses) people who run companies and has access to all types of private information. I just wanted to make sure I tell you that part “access to all types of private information”…
Alex James Bevly III February 4 at 9:37pm Report
You need to take that BS off them blogs, because it shows up when someone does a Google search of my name. No one is stalking you, or at least I am not. I have a wife and children, and what you are doing is just beyond ridiculous. If those blogs are not removed about me then I will be reporting you on FaceBook administration, as well as the websites that are carrying your blogs. Everyone that reads them says that you are obviously delusional.

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Social Network Applications are a Political Distraction!!! No more Farmville People!!! Cristina Arra Simmons

Hey people while you are sitting around baking cakes in your facebook Cafe applications and farming on the virtual farm in Farmville you are missing out on real conversations such as this. The types of things they really don’t want you to know!!! I reposted this on my facebook fan page.

Cristina Arra HamiltonArra Da Flygurl Considering that there are facebook applications for nearly everything under the sun, it is remarkable to find none of them keep track of the National debt. Even more baffling is the fact the every American does not know the National debt. In short, please stop playing farmville and find articles, books, or documentaries online. Black Male Teachers

Alex James Bevly III

Alex James Bevly III

LOL…now that’s for real.

If people actually new the debt, then they wouldn’t be praising Obama. $1.4T when it was $400B when Bush left office. Yeah, them banks got paid…took money right out of the national treasury and no one is talking about it.

Arra Da Flygurl

Arra Da Flygurl

Do they ever talk about what they do wrong?No they just find a way to distract America. Maybe that’s why they trying say there’s a pot of gold in Haiti. Is America gonna steal from Haiti to cover the National Debt? I wouldn’t it pass them. However it’s not all President Obama’s fault. He was trying to clean up Bush’s mess who might I add was asked to team up with Bill Clinton for the Haiti relief, where is Busheee? He looking like Waldo, can’t nobody find him.

Alex James Bevly III

Alex James Bevly III

Bush didn’t do anything that would incline Obama to shell out 1.2T in low-interest loans to the banks, as well as almost $500B in free bailout money. Bush didn’t incline Obama to embark in fruitless “stimulus” projects around the country with 100’s of Billions of tax dollars where he promised if it passed the unemployment wouldn’t even right 9%… well, its double-digits now. Bush didn’t incline him to waste a year of Washington’s time (and untold tax dollars) embarking on a fallacious “universal health care” bill that is only universal health *insurance*.

I can see an argument that he had to clean up the messy wars in Iraq and Afghanistan…which he hasn’t done either, but ok, I get that. All this other blame-shifting just shows how spineless and irresponsible Democrats, including Obama, are.

Arra Da Flygurl

Arra Da Flygurl

Did you watch the State of the Union address last night? No Bush might have not did anything to incline him but what other option did he have? As far as the Bail out… Obama says he had to do what was necessary. If he had of not done anything he’d be just as worst as Bush? Obama says ” I supported the LAST administrations efforts (Bush) to create… the Financial Rescues program”. He supported them; then he had to revamp the program so that it will do exactly what it says. “Financially Rescue” Not “Financially In debt you” I included this for your viewing pleasure.

Did you hear when he said he was going to Charge the Large Banks while smaller banks were going to have to invest in small businesses, his plan is going to help this country move in the right direction. It’s them damn Republicans that were just sitting around like. I’m sorry but President Obama lost me after he said “health care reform, Job Bill, and gays in the Military”. It’s not Obama it’s them lazy ass Republicans that are wasting time playing their “wait it out” games! Let’s not forget he did say he is going to make education more affordable please pass that part along….

Alex James Bevly III

Alex James Bevly III

I didn’t watch it, but saw Obama’s main points on CNN and YouTube. I know it is easy to play the party line, but Democrats are just as much at fault as the Republicans. All presidents make extraordinary claims and promises during the SOTU address. Bush talked about hydrogen-powered cars and all kinds of fantasy during his.

Oh yeah, and no one … buys that Obama had to bail out the banks because he did that and it saved absolutely nothing. They still aren’t lending and companies continue to have the same problems trying to keep their doors open. It seems like Democrats are completely clueless to how business and economics work. Republicans seem to have a better clue, but don’t really care about the people for a host of corrupt reasons.

When people take their heads out of their respective parties’ asses then there will be real progress in this country.

Arra Da Flygurl

” It seems like Democrats are completely clueless to how business and economics work. Republicans seem to have a better clue, but don’t really care about the people for a host of corrupt reasons.When people take their heads out of their respective parties’ asses then there will be real progress in this country”.
If we were in the same room I’d thump you across the forehead for this.
This is exactly how they want the Nation to think! Don’t you realize Bush and his damn Daddy messed up the economy because he knew who was next in line. They wanted and are trying their best to make the “Democratic” party look like the guilty ones. Please tell me I am not the only one who noticed that just before President Obama was elected lots of people were being laid off. They were hiring but only those who think and feel like you and they were firing oops my bad “laying off with no intent to rehire” people like me. …
Also I want to say this if you get a chance please watch the President’s State of Union address I love the part when President Obama says um hey let’s not forget that this was a problem I created this is something I am trying to change (the National debt). Then look at how John McCain especially turns and whispers to his homeboys like “why he got to be bringing that up!” Puh leez don’t come at me talking about what republicans seem to know. It’s an illusion that’s all they know. How to act like they know something when there are learning based on what somebody higher than them said.

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I Have a Dream Deferred Cristina R. Simmons

One of my friends on facebook asked this question regarding Dr. Martin Luther King’s dream.

MLK predicited the future President Barack Obama!

Alex James Bevly III

Do you think that Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr had regrets for his pursuits of Integration with the Euro-American mainstream?

Here are the responses from several people. Including myself.

Cristina Arra Hamilton
Honestly his intentions were to have us learn from one another so that we could live in Harmony. But instead the Majority insisted that we conform to their ways of thinking understanding. So they took integration as an opportunity to reinvent slavery. And for many it works. This is why President Obama is having so many issues because they don’t want those secrets revealed. So keep him distract while they find ways to get the media to convince us he is doing a bad job. So by the time he is able to find a way to relate to the Masses the Masses will be convinced he is the Anti Christ.

Amy H. Bevly

Yes, I think MLK had regrets for his pursuits of integration with Euro-American mainstream. Otherwise he wouldn’t have made the following comment, “I fear, I am integrating my people into a burning house.”

I agree with Cristina regarding MLK’s intentions. He, like many others, just wanted to live in Harmony with the rest of the world. Can’t fault him for that. I mean who wouldn’t want peace, harmony, order, love, and respect to flow into their life experience? The problem with it…He, and many others, were just so infatuated with the concept of living in harmony with Euro-Americans that they failed to see the root of the issues faced back then for them to even present a solution for the issues. You could say Malcolm X brought a bit of balance (for a lack of better word) to that…giving a totally different perspective and approach to dealing with the injustice that our people were facing.

Wow…It’s interesting how things have changed – but haven’t changed – over the years….

Princess McBean
I honestly dont think he ‘regrets’ it per say- either way it would have been bound to happen. With advancements in technology, medicine and government- ‘we’ would have had no option but to integrate.

@ Christine, Obama is having a hard time convincing the masses because the ‘masses’ are fed up with government- in general. If Obama wanted to reveal a ‘ssecret’ he could have done so. After all, the ‘masses’ elected him. He is too intelligent to be kept ‘distracted’.

@ Amy- I think MLK’s “..I fear…” comment was referring to his intentions at the time- and not with the outcome. If it wasnt for his ‘fear’, Obama would not be sitting in The White House.

All in all, MLK- job well done!

He came first to make the ultimate sacrifice

Cristina Arra Hamilton
@ Amy right on sister you too Princess. I agree Obama is too intelligent to be kept distracted however it doesn’t mean that’s not their intentions. The try but it’s not working it’s the same game this is what everybody is tired of.

Let me share my story with yall compare it with Obama’s Presidency right now. I started working for a Real Estate company in Tallahassee this guy proclaim himself to the Mr. Almighty in Tallahassee However he only got what he has because he manipulated and stole from many most black people because it’s easy to distract some of us because we are so into material things and keeping up with the Jones. Well once I discovered what I was feeling instinctively to be true (this company is corrupt) I decided to leave. He the owner of the company threatened me told me I would have problems.After working so closely with him I had already learned his patterned he was an fearful person who used others to do his dirty work. Meaning he would have other people do harmful things to people he was after in order to get them to come to him for help. Many times it worked those people would come to him all helpless telling their miserable story of pain. Pain that the very person they are running to for help caused. Then he would joke about it with his employees, and partners he was trying to impress. Many of these people were black women. It’s no different from what President G. W. Bush was doing. Get this the experience I speak of took place in Tallahassee, Fl, The capital of the same state Jeb Bush was governor.

So once I left that company I worked for two other companies dealing in Real Estate these were jobs he set up for me to let me know he had contacts and connections in Real Estate nationwide and this is how he’d keep track of me. Then I went to work for an IT company in Tallahassee that helped him by watching my computer at work and at home. The hacked my myspace accounts and started watching my friends in other parts of the country then start playing games trying me make me think it was my friends trying to harm me by exposing things about my private life. He set out to hurt me, my mom, ,my son and my grandparents. While trying to keep anybody they felt could help me or see what they were doing distracted.

Amy H. Bevly
@ Cristina
OMG! Girl, what industry were you REALLY working in?!?!!?

Amy H. Bevly
@ Princess

I find it hard to separate MLK’s intentions and the outcome of his intentions, in this situation. I think it was because of the outcome of the overall Black/White issue, what he saw happening – perhaps even apart from his efforts – that caused regret for his intentions. I can imagine him thinking “Damn…I been doing all this work…trying to facilitate peace, honor, and respect between the races…and THIS is what THEY are doing and will continue to do?!?!? What was the point of my blood, sweat, and tears?”
You feel me?

As for Obama being in the white house… I’m on the fence of whether or not it has SO SO much to do with integration. I mean yeah it does because time brought about laws against discrimination, lynching, abuse, etc. So things have to be fair, or perceived to be. But a part of me questions if his being in the white house is as genuine and authentic as my heart wishes it to be. Considering the way this country has progressed, the next best move in this game of “chess” was to put a Black man in the white house as president. Any hope and trust in our government that was lost by Americans (all Americans; not just Beautiful Brown people) was restored because this election was viewed as a sign that times have changed, that the Racism – Black/White issue that has faced this country for centuries has diminished. A part of me questions the motive behind “gaining the world’s trust” again.

And don’t get me wrong. I’m not a huge Obama fan, but I am proud of him for his personal accomplishment. Gotta give props and encouragement when you can. But his being in office….I’m just sayin. Though God knows I wish it to be for all the right reasons…

Princess McBean
I was reading a prominent new website this morning about a KFC ad in Australia. The Australian ad featured a crowd of black cricket players. Cricket is a game played in my country-jamaican. The cricket players were frantic, so the white guy gave them all a bucket of KFC friend chicken. Someone found the video on youtube and distrubuted it to USA media- the story broke and the cry of “KFC is racists’ went rapid.

KFC’s reps released a statement saying ‘”It is a light-hearted reference to the West Indian cricket team … The ad was reproduced online in the US without KFC’s permission, where we are told a culturally-based stereotype exists, leading to the incorrect assertion of racism.”

My point in this is that there is and are toooo many incorrect assertions within this country. I think MLK had a strong sense of ‘job well done’ to his best ability and had no sense of regret, fear or anxiety. His speeches were very prophetic and strong. he knew his time and what e was facing and he passed the torch to other visionaries who are working to shift the focus from assertions of racism to assertions of equality for all ..aka ‘joe the plumber’ , ‘working moms’ ‘help for homeowners’.

There is a time and place for everything our time has come people!!!

Cristina Arra Hamilton
@Amy I was working in Real Estate then from there I went to work for a corrupt information technology company who watched my computer at work and at home. They had my neighbors watching me as well. I can be on IM @ home talking to one of my friends in another state and my neighbors would come to my house dress like one of the guys at the IT company… See More (the HR guy) and tell me everything I was talking about to my friend. Or they’d perform lil skits about my life things that the IT company had researched and I was suppose to think it was my family or old friends giving out the information because once they neighbors did that. My cousin or a friend would call asking questions pertaining to the skit the neighbors performed this was suppose to be their attempt to confuse me and get mad and cut of family. I played along making them think that I was confused. But I knew exactly where it was coming from. So now I have enough information on their game to SUE them for all they are worth. They told people they were playing a joke, investigating me, whatever lie they felt those people would believe in order to get information to hold against me.

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The New Old Face Of Racism by Uncle Rush

Rush Limbaugh shut up man, see it’s like common sense and “education” is like oil and water. How can you think black or think white can somebody spalin me this. The only thing is to stop sheltering you one sided thought process and expose yourself to reality. Keep up with the ever changing world. Bring your damn thought process out of the “backwoods” if you gone speak to the World! Stop speaking this sugar coated racist melarchy!

Click the following link to see Uncle Rush’s point of view on Rush Limbaugh’s “thinking black”!

The New Old Face Of Racism

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Rev. Leon Lonnie Lust By Cristina R Hamilton

Here are more characteristics of jealous men. Once those men, former boss, and my ignorant sperm donor realize the messages they were sending via other people, anonymous emails, texts messages, and other subliminals, the church I was attending jumped on board. Love and Faith Community Church Tallahassee, Fl. The job at CorVel had ended and I was receiving unemployment however because that IT company was in the IT department for the Workforce agency in Tallahassee, a place that assists people with either school or work wouldn’t allow them to help me find work. I went back to school. Well when income tax season rolled around shortly after the CorVel conspiracy, I was greeted by a woman who the church had sent looking for me so he, the Pastor could get a piece of the income tax pie. This same woman they hire later to come to me house and beat me up once they were done using me for my money and trying to make me feel inadequate in the church. A church in which I believe I was the only there serving God.
I would come to Church the Pastor would go home and change to an outfit similar in color to what I’d be wearing. During children’s church my son became a target for older children to beat up these were tests. Same stupid tests the jobs there conduct the churches did too. I’d left the church a while ago because the one of the assistant’s to the Boss at the real estate company attends the church and has a close nit relationship with the Pastor. While the boss used her to find out about me she was also reporting back to the Pastor who then based his sermons around what she and another young lady who didn’t go home for Christmas because she was trying to keep up with me, was telling him the Pastor about me. The entire city is very immature. Maybe its because lots of people that live there don’t have much to do so there minds idle, leaving room for them to create their games of manipulation. Then it is a college town and the Capital of the State so many college students who’ve never experienced anything outside of college tend to get stuck there and those games and the mindset has become a way of life. Not justifying what they do by no means because it’s not fair at all and these people need to be held accountable.

I want to tell you how they used a girl from the church to make an attempt to beat me up. Yes you heard me. I said the church had a girl and a huge Shrek looking guy came to my house whose intent was to whip mine and my son’s aspirin. Well as I stated earlier the Pastor had people watching well let me put it like this I had people watching trying to figure out if and when I was expecting my  tax refund. Can you believe it,  friends were calling sending texts message just to get me to tell one person so the power that be could make their move. Well I got it and just so happens I was in the mall because I was planning on going to church the following Sunday and one of the member’s from Daddy’s church approached me. She says hi remember me? I lied and said yes Lord know I had no idea who this women was but she knew me she knew mine and my son’s name. She told me I had brought my son to her son’s birthday party when I first joined the church I didn’t recall the event until I got home and spoke with my son. And even after that I had a hard time remembering until I went searching in my journal. I think that she was suppose to be the person that I was suppose to compete with for the Pastor’s affection had I continued my membership at that Drama club. I say this because everybody except me was competing with someone else to get the Pastor’s attention. Similar to the way kids do in elementary school when they all know the answer to the question the teacher is giving a reward for. She invited me to service that I had already planned on attending so I let her think I was going to be her guest.

Well after coming to church with her she insisted we become friends she insisted her son and my son spend time together after church I had no problems with this, until I realized she was just wanting me to see her house and that she had pictures on her walls and furniture similar to my house only her house was bigger. That was them (the men) showing me they were watching me using her to make me think she was trying to keep up with me. She would call me in the mornings wanting me to talk about the issues I was having with my son in school again issues they (the men) were creating. She wanted me to tell her anything she could tell the Pastor or whom ever so they could then use it against me.

So later that week she and the gentlemen I mentioned earlier came to my house she was dropping my son to me. She asked if she could come in and talk to me. I had started noticing her sick behavior calling me early in the mornings; asking about school when her son attended the same school as my son. So that night at my house she told me this story/lie about how the girl who wanted to give my TV to the Pastor had gotten beat up so bad that she wore sun glasses to Church and wouldn’t participate with energy because she wanted the Pastor to pay attention to her. The girl she spoke wasn’t in danger of getting beat up the person she was talking about was me. And for some sick reason the Pastor who was sending these people to my house felt I was the one that wanted his attention. Sad thing is he made fools of his followers thinking he was going to gain control of me.

To be continued.

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