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Repo Man

I would like to dedicated this blogs to all the people that help John Whetsel make this possible… Tara Pryor, Dana Hendricks, Herbert Chapman, Tonya “FireProven” Nelson, Nadia Spence, Andrew Aponte, Tameeka Douglas, Tameeka Williams, Nadia Spence, Z’kera Reid, Danielle Mitchell, Janae Jackson, Louvina Jackson, and all you other stupid motherfuckers in Tallahassee after you read this please don’t kill yourselves cause look I want my money Bitches….

Yall my Brother!!! Rickey Smiley is a fool!!! But it goes a lil deeper than that now I know if you’ve been following you know I was just chillin in Ga @Granny’s and “Hop Along Cassidy” was using my grandparents trying to get money. So when you check the photos on my fanpage you will see Hop Along’s car.

John Whetsel who is behind the majority of the schemes becuz he’s a wanna be mafia boss (in his own mind). Had one of Hillbilly friends call my FUCKING GRANDPARENTS house telling them that Hop Along’s car was being in jeopardy of being repossessed to try to get them to take care of the bill for these moocher’s (please refer to the mobile uploads on… See More my fanpage to found out who Hip Along Cassidy is). Sad thing I was the only one who was suppose to notice what was going on. See I listen to Rickey Smiley via computer every morning. Also remember inspired technologies the computer company that’s been harassing me is in Tallahassee along with John Whetsel. And remember Craig Goodson told me they were going to play practical jokes on me and hope I didn’t kill myself when I find out. Get it yall…

Oh yea and Garrick Wright who works for the computer company the HR guy… Shall I keep going… Oh yea John memba dis “I’m stupid I cause problems between peoples relationship, I’m a dirty old man”… I hope you’re ass is keeping busy… LMAO… You got the right this time didn’t you… Watch what happens next… OMG I swear I hope they don’t kill themselves… Oh Rickey, I ain’t gone tell nobody else!  Badu Take us on home girl!


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Wut My Name is?

If we were made in His Image then call Us by our name, most intellects do not believe in God but they fear Us just the same! My cypher keeps moving like a rolling stone! What in the world is Badu talking about? Yall just sanging and sanging? Who’s the “His“? Who’s the “God“? and most importantly who’s the “Us“?

The Image!

Let’s break that thang down the “His” we are the majority made in the image of the one true God, Allah, Buddah, Muhammad, what ever you choose to call him, I know you know somebody that looks like Him.  And I know you know somebody who doesn’t! Ya dig!

The Us, is me, you, he, she, him, and her! Those of you have been oppressed because of your natural “image”, HIS image. Feel me! Yes I am talking about you, walking round here thinking you free cause you think you earned a degree! So quick to turn your back when she and He, was there with you when you were wearing payless shoes! Now look at your attitude, so damn rude and cruel.  Wake  you intelligent FOOL!

Badu speak to people please! See usually I don’t do this but Imma hit wit a blast from da past! On and On- Baduism, then I want you to Jump up in the Air and you bet not brang you ass down! Ya heard!

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The Cricket Haircut!

So all week I’m listening to the radio as I usually do while in the shower or while blogging and always while driving. So I hear this commercial this “popular” second chance cellar phone company in Charlotte was sponsoring a “free haircut event”. Now this event was scheduled on a Friday, today February 12, 2010 from 12-4pm now who da hell did they expect to come and get their haircuts? Not any school children, and then on a Friday, at a cricket store on a side of town that many folk like you and me don’t travel too. So again I ask who in da hell did they expect to come and get their haircuts. Is that really me… Yea my mind was too strong for them to enter! That’s why they wanted me to become dependent on a narcotic. Believe me when I tell you!

Um… I think somebody sending a message just look at his face yall. He tired of the BS. Too much isolation will drive you insane in the membrane!He’s shy too.
The “Nazi” marketing person Jamie scheduled the event on a Friday during 12-4 during traffic and on a side of town where people who need “second chance” services won’t travel because if’s far as hell. I find it ironic during the interview she says “this is for anybody who can come out and get a haircut“. Yea, right who? And another thing they use the local radio station the “hip hop” urban station to promote the event as well as “host” this was to confuse us. She also had Barbers from Heavenly Cuts come out. However again it was held at a store in a part of town where Heavenly Cut’s customers won’t travel to nor will the majority of the Power 98’s listeners will travel too. Hmmm However I made it my business to come out and support!!! Check out my girl Arty the one Woman Party!!!
Read More Click Here

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The Michael Vick Project? or Conspiracy?- Arra Simmons

One of the my most memorable and proudest moments in history was the OJ Simpson verdict, Summer 1995 I was pregnant with Kris and watching the OJ trial cause Young and the Restless was interrupted. I remember hearing the verdict not guilty. I was in my bedroom my mom was out in the “Florida room” another term for den. I heard scream and yell out whaaaat!!! He got off. A black man got off. I was in my room crying she came back and we cried together. It was just like the day President Obama won the election. I hate to make such a comparison but when a black man gets out going to jail for life… It’s a happy day for African Americans all over the United States, believe it.

Last night I watched the Michael Vick Project and I just couldn’t believe my ears as I listened to Michael and his family describe their lives leading up to the “raid” on his mansion. My son was watching with me. I asked him during the commercials. Can you see what happened. All he could say is they just don’t want to succeed. Then I asked him to provide details. He said this “they knew Michael Vick liked football and he also helped other black people. They don’t want us helping one another when we make it and they don’t us doing anything they do without them knowing about it… that’s on any level“.

That’s the jist of it basically. However this is what I explained to him based on what Michael and his family said about their lives prior to making it. And this is why I was so pissed off. Time line “I grew up in the projects, all I saw everyday was dog fighting, that’s all I knew” Michael Vick. Football and dog-fighting, those were his passions because that’s what he saw around him. Why didn’t the police go to the projects and inform those people hosting dog-fighting events during those times that what they were doing was illegal. I will tell you why because it was the projects filled with Afrikans who didn’t know any better had nothing else better to do so they chose dog fighting as away to entertain themselves and make money. Know different from what the men in the villages of Africa did, they may not have been fighting dogs in Africa but they sure as hell was trying to depend on white folk as the source of getting by.

Lets fast forward, so Michael Vick gets the NFL slavery contract and “Life was Good it was like a dream, there wasn’t anything we couldn’t do or buy”… That’s was his false sense of freedom and control of his own life. “I remember it was like shop til you drop, Nieman Marcus stayed open late for us” Vick’s wife…. Imma pause right there. Who you think profited from that? Imma tell you who didn’t, it, for sure as hell, wasn’t the store clerk working off her commission, either going to school or a college graduate struggling to feed her family, who probably needed to be home with a child a not working over a shift that she isn’t gonna get over time for, why, because she is only schedule to work 30 hours a week. “And a white man get paid off of all of that..” Kanye West.

But Vick, they said wasn’t a person who said no. Meaning he went back to his neighborhoods and was helping people in need. “Oh no he didn’t…” Whitey. See once we make it we ain’t suppose to go give back to those we leave behind in the projects whitey gave Vick a meal ticket he was suppose to forget where his came from. But check this white man, Vick told you,  “That’s all I knew“.  We are a people, who, by nature we go back and share, we want people to know that there is something better out there and just like I got you can get it to. It’s called motivation, sharing and teaching… We ain’t spose to know nothing about that in the hood.Not only was life good, money, cars, clothes they were just making all types of dreams come true. Vick wanted to “get big in the dog fighting game”. Hey I’m not certain whether Vick knew if that part was illegal but I am certain that somebody that knew about it knew and all they had to do was say “look Mike, this dog fighting  is something that can ruin you, so if it’s really want you want to do let’s take out of your hands“. That’s exactly what the man does to cover their names and images use a person who won’t get as much attention from the media or time in jail, if caught, and it never links back to person running the show.

However this is what happened to Vick, knowing that his dog fighting events were becoming popular and black people were profiting from them, they had to find a way to infiltrate “legally“. Trust, the powers that be were watching everybody to see who they could “catch slipping” and that person had to be someone who wasn’t aware of his constitutional rights, because they’ll give up information easily. Once threaten with you know you can go to jail for a long time, however we can make a deal, tell us what we want to know and you’ll get a slap on the rest this time (meaning you’ll get the original sentence for the minor crime committed).

So Vick’s cousin was stopped by the Nazi’s oops police he had 3 ounces, yup I think he said OUNCES of marijuana, in his possession. Not cocaine, XTC, nothing that would get him any real time, marijuana yall . However the police persuaded him to give him all of the information on his cousin MICHAEL VICK, the real target. Homeboy, told the address to the house, where they could find what they need to link him to the dog fights, the address to the kennell dude gave up all the information for three ounces of marijuana.  Michael Vick’s house was raided. Imma just stop right there.

Cause their next move really pissed me off. Once Michael Vick’s house was raided and he was to embarrassed to answer his phone, couldn’t talk to his mother, his brother or his coach. Then his “life stopped”. Where were his supporters, his fans, you know,those people who had their hands out when his life changed? Where were all of those people during his trial and hard times?  Imma tell who was there, the damn “Organizations” such as PETA, waiting to speak out against him and make him look like scum. Why because they knew we, as a people (African American), were to damn distracted to try to come together and support, our brother.. Man of GOD. Souds like what the did to Jesus too. I’m just saying, Judas wasn’t Jesus cousin but I bet for damn sure if he was living in today’s society he would have been the one giving up the goods because he got caught with a bag of weed.

This question was asked in my Criminal Justice class in reagrds to Miranda rights… You the stuff the police say suspects when they’re making an arrest.

Why is the Miranda ruling important for police to understand? Explain your answer.

Here are some of the responses from my class mates:

Response 1:(female) The importance of Miranda rights and having them read to an individual under arrested is to protect them from self-incrimination ( the fifth amendment protects against this) and protects the police from allegations of coercion.

Response 2: (female) The Miranda ruling is important for police to understand because it is based on the Fifth Amendment, which states that “no one shall be compelled to be a witness against him-or herself in a criminal case.” If the police want their evidence and statements to “hold up” in court the person has to be read their rights when going into custody and or interrogation. Self incriminating when not read those rights, or even understanding those rights would create a major problem, not only for those officers, but also for the prosecutors taking the offender to trial. The last thing both parties would want is a mistrial. This way, the police officers are covering all of their bases so to speak.

Response 3:(Male) The Miranda ruling is important for the police to understand because it establishes that a defendant in a criminal case has to be made aware of their rights or any evidence or statements obtained may be suppressible by the court. The theory behind this is that it is not only important that a person have rights, but also that they are aware of them and can make a full and knowing waiver if they choose to talk to the police. Which I think it is a great law.  My response to response 3: I agree it’s a great law for those who understand it, many people are arrested and read the Miranda Rights and continue to allow the police to interrogate them. They speak to police and give up information that can be held against them in a court of law that if an attorney is present might not be as “substantial” in a court of law. It is a good law for those who understand that they can refuse to speak to the police until there is a some sort of representation present. For those who are ignorant to the true meaning of Miranda rights in many cases become entrapped because of their “fear’ of the police.

Response 4: The Miranda ruling is important for police to understand because it’s the officer’s protection. Once an arrest is made Miranda Rights should be quoted in a way that the suspect should understand as well. Miranda rights also protects the victim from police interrogation. Many suspects become their own victims because they were entrapped into saying “I understand” once the officer has read them their rights. Do they really understand that anything they say from that point on can be held against them, do they really understand they have the right to shut up until an attorney is present? Police must understand the Miranda ruling because he is responsible for ensuring the suspect understands once they have been read. Also the officer should be held accountable if those rights are misinterpreted by the suspect. That suspect may have pressured into saying “I understand“. Cristina Arra Simmons

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Where was Kanye last night?: Cristina Arra Simmons

I had plenty of questions last night but “where was Kanye” wasn’t one of them. First of I want to take my hats off to Kanye cause I bet he prolly said “man ain’t nobody finna go to no Grammy’s and be smiling all fake and phony up in they faces”…. I will explain that in a second. Check Jay Z’s smile when Stephen Colbert was trying to make friendly jokey jokes… “Yea whatever ni**a, let’s get this show on the road I gots places to BEY“….

But these were some of the questions I was asking in GlobalGrind’s live chat ,(BudnCris09) screen name, during the Grammy’s last night.

Who is Taylor Swift and how in the hell did she make it to the top?

The answers I got from the chatroom were? “Taylor had a rich Daddy”, my son said “Mom don’t you remember her from American Idol”, “nope sorry not a big fan, the shit is rigged”

Wanna know my Theory on who Taylor is? Taylor is and was America’s Plan B for Beyonce… Why am I saying this… How old is Taylor, not even 21 prolly like 10 years younger than Beyonce right? Anybody following me? Check it as long as Beyonce was single and just “dating” Jigga she could have kept the spotlight. Why, because “we not suppose to get married”, according to the “Powers That Be”. She got married, and this is what they were trying to do because Beyonce “hurt” them. The commercials, with Beyonce and little nephew no Jay Z, trying to send a sign you ain’t having no babies with Jay Z your kids will be black and too talented. However they were married at the time. Those commercials were prolly recorded before the marriage because it all about timing for them. Jay Z goes on tour with Ciara who during her performances wore nothing but Wonder Woman suits etc. That’s to distract Jay Z with Ciara’s “Hot Body”… Didn’t work… Wait and let’s not forget about the rumor’s Jay Z has a son he’s been hiding for all these years. Thats was to turn the people against him for “hurting” Beyonce. But it was all lies.

So on to the Grammy’s now think about this the Chris Brown and Rihanna fight supposedly over a text message. Well, said the “Powers that Be” we can have her do a few song’s with Jay Z hopefully he will be wooed by her eyes, her personality, her Caribbean flava: something! Anything to try to damage his reputation and blissful marriage with Beyonce. Two black people in the Hip Hop world doing mega things and they married and they couldn’t make it “seem” like one of them was cheating or something. Then on top of that the President’s black!!!

Yall might say “But Beyonce won six Grammy’s” guess what “Taylor, Swiftly picked up 3” and including the most important one “Album of the Year”? Check it, they were giving us a heads up when Taylor won Kuntry song of the year and I do believe she won it just before Beyonce’s performance. Hello somebody!!! Had Beyonce won one more award that would have made seven and God ain’t have nothing to do with the “Album of the Year’s”. Taylor DEMONstrated that in her acceptance speech! “My whole family is flipping out in the livingroom, my DAD and Little Brother are losing their minds!!! (OKKK)… this is a story we are going to tell for years to come even when I am 80 years old I will be telling it to my Grandchildren over and over!!” Then she ended with “Thank you Thank you Thank you!” she was looking to the sky but who was she talking to cause if it was God why didn’t she say it. All of her fans were watching, for Christ sakes. No pun intended. (Psyche!)

Another thing I don’t recall Jay Z going up on stage with Beyonce, however I know she was nervous, she said it. And they were probably waiting to go up and accept the “Album of the Year” award together. But the Powers that Be said “not on my watch”. And so ends the Grammy’s (rigged) and bias. Truthfully speaking if I had to sing a Taylor Swift song to save my life, I’d be dead… Who is this chic?

To read more on what when on the Chatroom last night click here.

You will also notice I mentioned MJ’s kids, why didn’t they allow him to have any “black churren” Yall better WAKE the Hell up!!!

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Our day in Court Cristina Arra Simmons

Black man! black man! why are you crying, black man black man why are you dying? Could it be that your history is a mystery, Derived from THEIR conspiracy?

I totally agree with “Everyone has a right to be treated fairly, and justice allows everyone to be treated equally”. Though the criminal justice system in my opinion and in my experience isn’t designed for all groups of people to be treated equal. I can only speak from experience again. Having called the police several times to report being stalked and harassed by men that either I worked for and with, that I don’t recall having spoken more than five sentences too, only to have the officer think it was a cute gesture from an admirer and say “I’ll get over it”. Also after trying to seek help from one of the people who knew what these people were doing to me. And because he worked for, and with them, they made him lie to the police and get a restraining order against me to keep us from talking to one another. Because those men didn’t want to be expose. Then when going to court for the restraining order the judge made a mockery of the man by saying to him, first of all he addressed him as Mr. Hamilton because his name is Christopher and mine is Cristina. He was making fun of him for getting a restraining order on a girl. Trust me I was the only female on the “defendants” side that day. Then the judge, basically tried to make him look like a fool for wasting his time and threw it out. Meanwhile one of the cases before our case was basically making fun of us, as well.
See I’d sent him some text messages because I knew the people at his job were conducting unreasonable searches on his emails and text messages trying to keep up with me. He told me when I worked for the company “don’t text me, don’t send me emails” etc. When in these “cry for help” texts; I was basically telling him how I wanted them (his job) to stop their games of indirect communication and harassment and how I wanted to talk to him and show him and tell him EVERYTHING his coworkers were doing. And they were trying to make me believe it was him (Chris). So back to the lady whose case was presented before ours; it went like this. She, by the way, coincidentally works at the school my son was attending at that time. Where they were harassing him daily to keep track of what I was doing knowing I’d drop everything and come running when the school called and trust me they called when he sneeze and forgot to say bless you. However back to the court case she played voice mails that her husband/boyfriend left out loud for EVERYBODY in the court room to hear. The voicemails said the exact same thing my text messages said only he was using racial slurs an accusing her of being with another man. My texts didn’t say anything about another woman or man because I wasn’t accusing Chris of anything. I knew who was playing the games. The men at his job and the man I use to work for at the real estate company they used their connections to play games even in the courtroom.

Even after returning to Charlotte they were still playing games and stalking me. I called the police, in Tallahassee, again. I told the officer about what happened in court. She called me back and wanted to know it the Judge’s name was on any of the documents they’d given us. It was The Judge wanted that wanted to know because he knew he was playing games that day. He didn’t want to be exposed. Forget about what I was going through, Is the Judges name on any of your court documents?

FYI, Chris and I are getting married, this is one of the many reasons why these men were playing their “keep track of Cristina” games. The wanted to prevent it from happening. Among other things. I’m just saying!!!

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Single Mothers, Este es para tu’! By Cristina Arra Hamilton

Hey people here is something I’d written early ’09 during my time imprisoned in the City of Tallahassee. And as always I want to share with you. “Now keep in mind I’m sensitive bout my ish…”- Badu

I was laying in bed thinking about my life and my son and something told me to get up and share this.I entitled it why did he run away. I was thinking about my son and like a lot of other sons and daughters out there that have no Fathers in the home. I asked myself like I would guess many mothers would. “why did he run away?”. And instantly my mind took me back to slavery and I know these words may be harsh but its truth. We “people of color, or Negroes” were taught that we were not suppose to have family. We were taught to be servants nothing more or nothing less.

I am reminded of a conversation I had with an older gentlemen in Salt Lake City Utah. The gentlemen asked me why was I there (in Salt Lake City). I began to tell him I was there for flight attendant training and gave a little more information about myself and the experiences of being a single parent. The Gentlemen was a white man in his 70’s. He then asked what were my goals in life. I told him I wanted to learn as much as I can about my people “African Americans”. He then said “why, they were meant to be servants nothing more or nothing less”. I was pissed I think my face turned red. He then went on to say how he was against segregation and how he didn’t want his kids going to school with black kids because they were having sex, doing drugs and etc. Well he was originally from Texas, a military man.

I went on to tell him and the other gentlemen at the table my experiences as a teenager. I grew up in the eighties in Miami, Florida went to elementary school with African American and Hispanic American kids was introduced to white kids when our school went on field trips to other schools. And how I felt I was inferior. Once I entered what we called junior high that’s when I made my first white friend, saw kids smoking cigarettes, talking about sex (I mean actually talking about how they had sex, not lying about having sex, Like my friends and I were). I then said things like sex drugs and welfare have no respect of person. I told the man African Americans are not the only ones who struggle with those issues. It was happening like that in his day and its the same today. We became good friends after that day. It just amazed me that to know that someone actually thought black people were/are meant to be servants.(I just want to point out after getting to know that Gentlemen, throughout my stay in Salt Lake City, he became one my closest friends we would have dinner together and he taught me a lot about history, the wars, it was quite interesting.)

Sorry Back too Why He ran Away: Fathers and mothers were taken from there homes never to been seen again. The purpose was to keep the black family broken. And this fear has been embedded in some of our subconscious minds to keep that unforeseen nightmare alive. So its not totally His fault ladies. There’s many things that’s still exist in our culture from slavery. Both positive and negative. Story telling, “Ebonics” the African dialect from slavery, the broken English we speak because our ancestors were not allowed to speak their true languages from the African Cultures. However I say all of that to say this its a new day people. Change starts within and please know that mental slavery still exist in “our people”: When I say our people I am not speaking of the African American culture alone. I mean people who suffer from poverty, broken homes, mental abuse, mental oppression any behavior placed on a person to keep them down. Obama has proved it change is here. There is no need to run no matter what it looks like on the outside. We have the power to change every negative into a positive. We must forgive. Fear is powerful only if you let it control you. I want to take this time to thank those “acting fathers” in my son’s life. The Teachers, Coaches, Principals, Mentors, Friends I thank you for taking up your brother’s slack. United we stand people. Change isn’t coming: ITS HERE!

This pic was taken just before my trip to Salt Lake City, UT. Home of the salt water taffy!!! Mhmmm

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