Red, White, and Who?

I am a big fan of Keeping up with the Kardashians. Tonight’s episode struck me in so many ways. Khloe was having issues with her weight and of course the jealous and envious people who have nothing to do but hide behind their insults on the internet, said some pretty hurtful things in a blog. Well Khloe received a call from PETA to do an nude ad protesting fur. Khloe was a bit apprehensive about doing the ad because she was having weight issues. So sad that in this world we live in “we compare ourselves amongst ourselves”. Which keeps us always trying to fit into a standard. Well at least what society considers “the standard” Khloe is always being compare to her sisters Kim and Kourtney which is so not fair because each of them are beautiful in their own way.

So Khloe goes and speaks with Bruce Jenner her stepfather. Seeking advice when she told him about the ad. He responded by saying “that’s good but don’t you think you should lose a few pounds”. Typical thing for a insensitive man to say. No disrespect to Bruce… Then they wonder why their wives seek attention else where . I will tell you why, some of you with money think that you can speak to people any way no matter who it is: family, the fake friends you have and the slaves you hire to work for you. But instead of congratulating her, he insulted her. Then he went on to say after she had explained to him how she was offended by his comment. He said “is that why you wear black”, Khloe’s response was “I am wearing black because I am depressed.” Say What!!!!

I wear black because it's represents change... Positive Change!!!

See people where did we get this misconception that the color black represents oppression, depression and sadness. Our country’s colors are red, white and blue. Now lets break that down red well that represents the blood that was shed to create “one nation under God” but whose blood was it? Who was that actually fought. Hmmm? Then there’s white (well we all know what that suppose to represent) pure, cleanliness and honesty (mhmmm) and then there’s blue. Blue represents the actual things this country was founded on (the pain, the deceit, the lies and the trickery) the trickery bestowed upon the enslaved. When I speak of the enslaved I must make it clear I am not speaking only of black people. (The fungus has spread) To me the color blue represents the oppression, sadness, and fear. People black represents change. Things to come that we all struggled and worked so hard for. When I say “we” I mean those who understand what it means to fight the good fight and stay strong.

So people get it out of your minds that black is a color of depression and oppression. It is time for change. Trust me everybody can’t be saved. But those of you who can. Let’s make it happen. “Animal conditioning to keep me as your slave! I get out!” Thanks Lauryn.

Explain this line “You should know I bleed blue but I ain’t no crypt though“- Jay Z… I’m waiting.

Red White and Blue... Stars and Stripes

My interpretation for “Bleed blue” is the colors for the Illuminati Red, white, blue… Those colors of the American flag mean something and those stars on the flag represent something too… Think about it… The stars are in the BLUE section of the flag!!! Ask somebody… This is the stuff they don’t teach you in school so when that when the message starts coming at US we will be confused and distract with things like gangs (Crips, Bloods) and not pay attention to who’s really behind all the American Chaos…Red and white stripes… The white represent the lost, confused and uninformed… Entangled in the red’s web….

I would like to close this out with a message from Hova featuring Mr. Hudson

Forever Young

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