Where was Kanye last night?: Cristina Arra Simmons

I had plenty of questions last night but “where was Kanye” wasn’t one of them. First of I want to take my hats off to Kanye cause I bet he prolly said “man ain’t nobody finna go to no Grammy’s and be smiling all fake and phony up in they faces”…. I will explain that in a second. Check Jay Z’s smile when Stephen Colbert was trying to make friendly jokey jokes… “Yea whatever ni**a, let’s get this show on the road I gots places to BEY“….

But these were some of the questions I was asking in GlobalGrind’s live chat ,(BudnCris09) screen name, during the Grammy’s last night.

Who is Taylor Swift and how in the hell did she make it to the top?

The answers I got from the chatroom were? “Taylor had a rich Daddy”, my son said “Mom don’t you remember her from American Idol”, “nope sorry not a big fan, the shit is rigged”

Wanna know my Theory on who Taylor is? Taylor is and was America’s Plan B for Beyonce… Why am I saying this… How old is Taylor, not even 21 prolly like 10 years younger than Beyonce right? Anybody following me? Check it as long as Beyonce was single and just “dating” Jigga she could have kept the spotlight. Why, because “we not suppose to get married”, according to the “Powers That Be”. She got married, and this is what they were trying to do because Beyonce “hurt” them. The commercials, with Beyonce and little nephew no Jay Z, trying to send a sign you ain’t having no babies with Jay Z your kids will be black and too talented. However they were married at the time. Those commercials were prolly recorded before the marriage because it all about timing for them. Jay Z goes on tour with Ciara who during her performances wore nothing but Wonder Woman suits etc. That’s to distract Jay Z with Ciara’s “Hot Body”… Didn’t work… Wait and let’s not forget about the rumor’s Jay Z has a son he’s been hiding for all these years. Thats was to turn the people against him for “hurting” Beyonce. But it was all lies.

So on to the Grammy’s now think about this the Chris Brown and Rihanna fight supposedly over a text message. Well, said the “Powers that Be” we can have her do a few song’s with Jay Z hopefully he will be wooed by her eyes, her personality, her Caribbean flava: something! Anything to try to damage his reputation and blissful marriage with Beyonce. Two black people in the Hip Hop world doing mega things and they married and they couldn’t make it “seem” like one of them was cheating or something. Then on top of that the President’s black!!!

Yall might say “But Beyonce won six Grammy’s” guess what “Taylor, Swiftly picked up 3” and including the most important one “Album of the Year”? Check it, they were giving us a heads up when Taylor won Kuntry song of the year and I do believe she won it just before Beyonce’s performance. Hello somebody!!! Had Beyonce won one more award that would have made seven and God ain’t have nothing to do with the “Album of the Year’s”. Taylor DEMONstrated that in her acceptance speech! “My whole family is flipping out in the livingroom, my DAD and Little Brother are losing their minds!!! (OKKK)… this is a story we are going to tell for years to come even when I am 80 years old I will be telling it to my Grandchildren over and over!!” Then she ended with “Thank you Thank you Thank you!” she was looking to the sky but who was she talking to cause if it was God why didn’t she say it. All of her fans were watching, for Christ sakes. No pun intended. (Psyche!)

Another thing I don’t recall Jay Z going up on stage with Beyonce, however I know she was nervous, she said it. And they were probably waiting to go up and accept the “Album of the Year” award together. But the Powers that Be said “not on my watch”. And so ends the Grammy’s (rigged) and bias. Truthfully speaking if I had to sing a Taylor Swift song to save my life, I’d be dead… Who is this chic?

To read more on what when on the Chatroom last night click here.

You will also notice I mentioned MJ’s kids, why didn’t they allow him to have any “black churren” Yall better WAKE the Hell up!!!


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