Let’s call a Truce so I can Steal your writings Cristina Arra Simmons

Gods miracles R constantly unfolding rt in front of yr eyes,open them,Smile & breathe your breathing the air of the billionairesRussell Simmons

So this magazine hits me up online and says they have been following me and like my writings.  They asked me to join their team. So I agreed however I was a bit hesitant but I know if you wait long enough Evil will tell on himself every time that’s the name of his game. So prior to January’ 10, I never mentioned to anybody that I work and write with Global Grind you’d only know this if you were following me on facebook and reading the many articles I blasted from Global Grind’s site.

So once my email address was set up I sent this out to all of the staff @ the magazine.

Hello Raw Talent Team,
My name is Cristina Hamilton, RTM writer. So nice to be working with you all I am excited. I just wanted to send a quick ice breaker email. I am not sure who knows who but I am excited about meeting and working with you all. I am working on RTM’s myspace page and wanted to get some suggestions from you all. I also wanted to post the team as the top friends as well as place any facebook fanpage or any other social networks badges that you may belong to and wanted to promote. In order to do so I need you all to send me the information or with permits from Calvin The CEO you can post them yourselves. Please let’s team up on facebook, myspace, however whatever let’s connect we are a team and I predict Big Things for the future. Who you wit Team!!! Let’s make it happen.
A little about me:
Arra’s Blog
Please don’t hesitate to respond with any information you want to share especially regarding my work I am open to constructive feedback.. Nice meeting you all and I look forward to hear from and working with you all.
No one responded via email,  however some were sending signs saying “hey I am following you”. However no one was getting my signs saying “hey I am watching and also you don’t know who is watching you while you are following me”. There was one person in particular that caught my attention. The Editor, and why, check this below.

Cristina Arra HamiltonCristina Arra Simmons January 17 at 11:43am

Hey I would like to make you an admin on my fan page so we can assist one another with edits
Writer:61 fans
Cheryl M. Williams: January 18 at 4:28am
Hi. I appreciate the thought but assist each other how exactly?
Cristina Arra Simmons : January 18 at 7:28am
U are the Editor right? 😉
Cristina Arra Simmons: January 18 at 9:51am
You know what don’t worry about what I said. I tend to jump the gun before I actually get to know people so just forget about the offer. Be blessed.
Cheryl M. Williams :January 20 at 1:21am

I’m sorry, I’m confused lol? “Editor” is my online nickname like Arra Da Flygurl is yours. I chose that nickname b/c it’s what I aspire to be way before I learned of RTM. I was introduced to RTM nearly a year ago thru a mutual contact & eventually asked to take on the responsiblity of Editor. I’ve been contributing to this project in that capacity ever since as best as I can & feel blessed to have an early opportunity to do what I love while still in college. I hope this fully answers your question.

Now, it seems to me you’re right — you tend to jump the gun before you get to know people. Therefore, getting the wrong ideas! I was simply asking you to elaborate on HOW we would assist one another with edits. I don’t like to assume but again, I appreciate the offer. By the way, I’m a nice person and I have no issue with you… but I do suggest you chill out and heal that bruised ego of yours and stop thinking everyone is out to hurt you. I’m out.

(Yall read that shit)!!!

Cristina Arra Simmons: January 20 at 8:21am
“By the way, I’m a nice person and I have no issue with you… but I do suggest you chill out and heal that bruised ego of yours and stop thinking everyone is out to hurt you. I’m out.”
Chick first off my ego is not bruised by no means if anything I am happy people choose to show how ignorant and controlled they can be. I simply was trying to break the ice. But check it you don’t have to worry about that ever again please believe that. By saying my ego is bruised you are making a outrageous assumption so you do that. Be out. Peace.

Do over… By Cheryl Williams

Cheryl M. Williams: January 23 at 3:39am
Sooooo…. hey there. Look, there’s no use in pretending we didn’t get off on the wrong foot but still, I’d like it if we squash this shit and move forward. I admit to having a tendency to be too direct and if I was I apologize. Either way though we have to be a team and work together so truce?
Cristina Arra Simmons January 23 at 5:09am
I was never upset but yes Truce…
This was her Idea of a  “Do over”
EDITORIAL: An open letter against fanaticism
Check the post date on her article
Here is my idea of originality :

My Letter From the President; Cristina Simmons

Good vs. Evil; Cristina R. Simmons

She even had the audacity to comment on

Godly Mother By Cristina Arra

Cheryl WilliamsIf only one could find a Mother’s Day card as deep & meaningful lol. Very nice!

ArgylecultureRussell Simmons: I have been told by many of my twitter followers that the reason they follow me is because I am a spiritual voice of reason. Every day I remind my “followers” to turn the other cheek, meditate to bring themselves closer to god and to try not waste their energy sweating the small stuff. I know that if they follow my advice and are able to find that stillness, the one that I have been fortunate enough to get a glimpse of, it will eventually lead them to happiness, or a state of yoga that is their birthright. I certainly can’t say I’ve mastered it, but I have faith that it is possible in this lifetime. I am, as you are, a work in progress. But if you ask anyone who has known me before I started practicing these principals, they will say that the person who was nicknamed “Rush,” because I couldn’t sit still, is now someone who doesn’t “Rush as Much.”

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    I thought I’d come on your blog and see what all the fuss is about. Now, I see. Why have you yet to come to me & tell me how you feel? I just talked to you on the phone the other day. You brought up none of this. We were chatting, laughing the whole nine. Besides, I already apologized to you for saying you had a bruised ego and thinking everybody is out to hurt you and what not. Yet, here we are…. again.

    For the life of me I don’t understand why you are doing all of this. Evil? That’s a harsh thing to say. Furthermore, was it ever that serious? And does any of what happened between you & I warrant such a derogatory reaction? I mean, you don’t see me bad mouthing you on the internet and trying to drag your name thru the mud. I gave it some thought about whether or not I should comment on your blog post or not. I don’t want to get sucked into this drama but you have flat out falsely accusing me of plagarism. It’s all good. At the end of the day when all of this blows over I’ll be ok b/c I know I have nothing to prove. What hurts me most is that all of this stuff your doing and saying is casting a negative shadow on RTM. Calvin and the others I’ve met so far involved with the RTM project are good ppl & do not deserve to be treated like this. It’s a shame you have gone to such lengths because said something you didn’t like.

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