Our day in Court Cristina Arra Simmons

Black man! black man! why are you crying, black man black man why are you dying? Could it be that your history is a mystery, Derived from THEIR conspiracy?

I totally agree with “Everyone has a right to be treated fairly, and justice allows everyone to be treated equally”. Though the criminal justice system in my opinion and in my experience isn’t designed for all groups of people to be treated equal. I can only speak from experience again. Having called the police several times to report being stalked and harassed by men that either I worked for and with, that I don’t recall having spoken more than five sentences too, only to have the officer think it was a cute gesture from an admirer and say “I’ll get over it”. Also after trying to seek help from one of the people who knew what these people were doing to me. And because he worked for, and with them, they made him lie to the police and get a restraining order against me to keep us from talking to one another. Because those men didn’t want to be expose. Then when going to court for the restraining order the judge made a mockery of the man by saying to him, first of all he addressed him as Mr. Hamilton because his name is Christopher and mine is Cristina. He was making fun of him for getting a restraining order on a girl. Trust me I was the only female on the “defendants” side that day. Then the judge, basically tried to make him look like a fool for wasting his time and threw it out. Meanwhile one of the cases before our case was basically making fun of us, as well.
See I’d sent him some text messages because I knew the people at his job were conducting unreasonable searches on his emails and text messages trying to keep up with me. He told me when I worked for the company “don’t text me, don’t send me emails” etc. When in these “cry for help” texts; I was basically telling him how I wanted them (his job) to stop their games of indirect communication and harassment and how I wanted to talk to him and show him and tell him EVERYTHING his coworkers were doing. And they were trying to make me believe it was him (Chris). So back to the lady whose case was presented before ours; it went like this. She, by the way, coincidentally works at the school my son was attending at that time. Where they were harassing him daily to keep track of what I was doing knowing I’d drop everything and come running when the school called and trust me they called when he sneeze and forgot to say bless you. However back to the court case she played voice mails that her husband/boyfriend left out loud for EVERYBODY in the court room to hear. The voicemails said the exact same thing my text messages said only he was using racial slurs an accusing her of being with another man. My texts didn’t say anything about another woman or man because I wasn’t accusing Chris of anything. I knew who was playing the games. The men at his job and the man I use to work for at the real estate company they used their connections to play games even in the courtroom.

Even after returning to Charlotte they were still playing games and stalking me. I called the police, in Tallahassee, again. I told the officer about what happened in court. She called me back and wanted to know it the Judge’s name was on any of the documents they’d given us. It was The Judge wanted that wanted to know because he knew he was playing games that day. He didn’t want to be exposed. Forget about what I was going through, Is the Judges name on any of your court documents?

FYI, Chris and I are getting married, this is one of the many reasons why these men were playing their “keep track of Cristina” games. The wanted to prevent it from happening. Among other things. I’m just saying!!!


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