Why do they exists only in our neighborhoods? By Florida Boy and Cristina Arra Hamilton

Aggravated by the state of the world and how America has picked and chose the groups of people they decided to provide Aid for after those people/countries have experienced a natural disaster for example the tragedy the Haitians have experienced in Haiti, I asked this question to my and followers on facebook.

Arra Da Flygurl

Arra Da Flygurl Can I ask yall another thing? Anybody ever wonder why there are so many liquor stores and chinese restaurants and beauty supply in African American neighborhoods owned by Arabs and Asians?

There were my responses:

Kristopher Hamilton

Kristopher Hamilton

I don’t want to seem like a nerd so Imma see if somebody else wants to take a stab at this one. No pun intended with the word stab (Queens and Kings).

Arra Da Flygurl

Arra Da Flygurl

You gonna have to tell them they scared of my questions for some reason.. School them please son!!!

Fathir Haris

Fathir Haris

he’s ur son??

Kristopher Hamilton

Kristopher Hamilton

@ Fathir Indeed I am. Now to answer the question at hand. The reason so many pawn shops, liquor stores and Chinese restaurant exist is this. Pawn shops exist because we once as black folk lived by the Barter system. What is the barter system, Ving Rhames breaks it down so nicely in the movie Baby Boy. So because certain groups of people can’t stand… to see us working for and helping one another they created pawn shops as a way to gain profit on the things we have in our homes, while making fun of us when we bring it to them for cash, then they may steal them and say its not there when we come back for them.
Pawn shops also carry guns, thats a way for us to kill ourselves. So are the liquor stores, even the ones owned and operated by the government (Alcohol, Beverage Control). Chinese restaurants and beauty supply places are puns as well. The Asians admire us and if we could pay attention long enough we’d admire them too. However the Powers that be wants us to think the feed us dogs and cats just to build animosity. All of these businesses are their way of trying to keep us down while “allowing” Asians, and Arabs gain profit from us. And the Powers that be gain profit from them. So if anything happens blacks will run out and ruin buildings and businesses owned by Asians and Arabs; not whites.
FYI Pawnshops originated in Italy… Hmm whats the connection the “Mafia” and you know how they feel about the Moolies!!! “Radioooooo!!!” (Do the Right Thing)

In actuality, the three gold balls are said to be a symbol of the Medicis, a family of powerful merchants in Florence, Italy, during the Middle Ages and Renaissance.

To learn more click here:  Pawnbrokers Symbol


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