Tupac: Thug Angel By Cristina Arra Hamilton and Florida Boy

Pictures Say it All

I Shall Not Fear No Man But God

Worth a thousand words but never 1 life!

If you have been reading my blogs and “keeping up” with some of the things I have been going through these past few years. Your first thought might have been “she’s crazy” or “she needs counseling“. If you are a reader and you are under 25 your initial thought after reading one of my blogs might have been; “there is no way this is possible, she’s making this up, seeking attention“. I am sure I would have thought the same had I not known my history and the struggle of our people. I want to share with you snippets from a documentary on Tupac Shakur’s life. My son and I watched it together last night and of course you know I had to write a blog about it. Cause yall my people and we in this together believe it or not. Before you watch the first part of the video I want to share with you a question I asked my son regarding the documentary and then I will share with you his responses.

I posted the question on my facebook fan page:

Arra Da Flygurl Does anybody know why C. Delores Tucker spoke out against Tupac? This is so easy!!!

Kristopher Hamilton

If I answer this will it count toward my school assignments!! Because it is Saturday!!!

Kristopher Hamilton

Could it be that because the “Powers that Be” uses games and manipulation to try to control. They feared that Tupac with his militant and “thuglife” attitude would make positive changes in the lives of African American men. Those same men “powers that be” believes should be caged in prisons like Mutulu Shakur, Tupac’s stepfather who was ripped away… from his home as so many of the black fathers who aren’t on drugs or killing their own are. After the “powers that be” distracted his mother, Afeni Shakur ex Black Panther and revlutionary,with their “illegal” drugs and he became Tupac the rapper the prophet the man who had the power to change a nation of African American men with his lyrics and his profound perspective. The powers that be had to find a person a black woman to possibly “control” Tupac. However they had to make it public for the world to see. C. Delores Tucker was an “Activists” however she was on their side.

Arra Da Flygurl

Wow I couldn’t have said it better. I remember you asking me if there were any other black leaders besides the ones you learned about in school. Do you think you have answered your own question?
Did you notice how the young Tupac told you his mother taught him three things; respect, to search for knowledge “it’s an eternal journey, lastly she taught him “if there is something on your mind speak“. How many of yall teach your children that? Those are the keys to life and trust its people out there that don’t want us to know it. Knowing that Tupac knew all of thoses things and he had the ability to express it through his music, the forces, “Powers that Be”, the “Elite” were definitely going to make sure that got to him one way or the other.
Let’s fast forward a bit in this video notice how Tupac is transforming though the desire to give to and share with his people in his community is embedded in him. You can also see how the forces of evil were also trying to influence the world perspective of a “thug“. However Tupac was the Leader!!!
He was our General and we were His soldiers
Yall think “the elite” want to hear another black man say that about a black “thug”?

I encourage you to watch the documentary in it’s entirety and I hope that you too will see how they played the game, infiltrated and ended the life of Tupac Shakur, the rapper, the prophet another leader before his time. Or was it before our time. Ask yourselves were we ready for Tupac?


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