God, Why do you keep letting this happen? By Cristina Arra Hamilton and Florida Boy

Arra Da Flygurl I am getting so pissed from listening to this Haiti Marathon!! why is it such a need where is the US military, Coast Guard um Guadian Angels, National Guard everybody ain’t fighting the war!!! This independent Nation of Color!!! Do yall get it!

So I heard Wyclef tell them “we not Haitians we are Africans”, I can’t talk about it cause this is sad. But again I resist I do have something to say. I wanna know this, was Hurricane Katrina  a pre game show for what they are experiencing in Haiti right now? THIS IS INSANE IT’S LIKE a vicious cycle and people keep saying why would God let this happen? IF IT IS god maybe he is trying to get our attention especially black people. Our Attention span is so short, we come together for a few seconds and the moment ish seem as if its back to normal. WE FUCK UP AND LET THEM INFILTRATE. God is telling us to wake up and take back whats ours so make room cause its about to be some new Haitian Americans infiltrating. CAUSE THE AFRICAN AMERICANS Arra TOO DAMN DISTRACTED!

Arra Da Flygurl

Marathon because it’s a cycle and whenever we wake up and realize it. Guess what it just might stop! Imagine that!
This is how they infiltrate when we try to come together.
Florida boy posted this bulletin on myspace in regards to this video: Rush Limbaugh come on! If President Obama is using Haiti to gain credibility with Black people the what in the Hell was Bush trying to gain by ignoring Hurricane Katrina victims? Oh never mind he was letting white people know “I ain’t checking for them isn’t everybody always saying blacks need to stick together. Well hell I stuck them in the Dome”
Cristina Arra I agree with you Florida Boy what was George Bush trying to say? One more thing what’s up with this “black people” thing why everybody got to be placed in a color category well “blacks and whites” mainly. Is it that colors are the easiest way of denying true culture and heritage? History “we went from not being equal (slaves) the N-word, to negros, then I love this one “colored”. Man just tell the truth stop trying to deny every body. They are Haitians excuse me Wyclef I stand corrected they are Africans, not blacks just as we are African Americans descendants of those (somebody), I ain’t gone say no names, stole everything from and I can tell you how they did it cause they ARRA still doing it to this very date. Rush Limbaugh shut up man. Obama is doing what’s right in the sight of God. Forget all this who’s looking, watching, judging and infiltrating, crap. It’s time to wake the hell up!!!!
Here is how you can help!!!

Haiti Earthquake Relief


4 Eighty


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