They tried to say I committed Treason! By Cristina Arra Hamilton

Trying very hard to resist the urge to write today but I just couldn’t take it any longer, listen. One Saturday I went to work at the corrupt Real Estate company and this was one of the first things that put up a sexual harassment red flag. I’m sitting in the Owner/Developer’s office, just sitting there, not unusual, I think that he felt I’d get bored and come on to him(gag). It wasn’t going to happen, so hey why not sit and get paid and watch the other Realtors perform skits created by him. I found it entertaining at times but other times I was embarrassed because the people being used really didn’t see how much of a fool he was making them out to be.

See sitting in front of his desk, bored!!! Books in the background!! Man ain't nobody lying!!!

So while I am sitting there with nothing to do but read the plaques on the wall and check out some of the books in the shelves, one of the female Realtors walks in the office. She came in and they starting talking, (she and the My Boss) she starting telling her story about how she graduated from or attended college in South Carolina. Her story sounded very familiar, similar to mine only I’d moved from North Carolina (get it). THEN SHE WALKS OVER TO HIS DESK AND LEANS OVER HIM SO FLIRTATION LIKE AND BRUSHED AN EYE LASH FROM HIS FACE AND HE SAT THEIR BLUSHING AND SHIT. Again another one of his ploys to either make me jealous because it wasn’t working with any of the other women he used.  I was like WoW! She was the first ones in the company to talk to me, saying “you know there are organizations to help”. AS IF IT WAS ME HE WAS PLAYING! No doubt he had them thinking that way. I think she should have taken her own advice and sought out assistance from one of those organizations because I didn’t plan on sticking around long enough to experience the sexual abuse on that level.

So months later after I’d left the corrupt Realty company and went to work for the IT company. Wait let me rewind I know I mentioned in other blogs after leaving that corrupt Realty company I worked for another Realty company, who played those same games. Actually one of the Realtors who was the “assistant” to the owner/developer before me “helped” get on at the OTHER realty company. She stills works as an independent Realtor for him.The corrupt  Owner/Developer told me he @ the Realty trained them (@the OTHER company) once I went to him after they “fired” me (Hamilton, 2009) Mindset…. He said “who do you think trained them” as a teared rolled from his cheek. He wanted me to think he was hurt because they fired me when he set up the entire operation hoping I’d coming running back to him (Gag). Anyhoo, fast forward to months later while working for the IT company. I was getting lunch and I see the same lady Realtor used in the skit mentioned above. She was getting her nails done. I said hello, she asked what had I been doing since leaving the corrupt realty company. I told her. She mentioned the second Realty company asking “Didn’t you work for ______?”. I replied “yes, for a short time”. She says “you know you committed TREASON!!! ” I just gave her a look like “are you effing kidding me?”  I immediately ended our conversation with “you take care of yourself, I mean that”. There was no need for me to try to convince her otherwise. And they wanted people to think I was the crazy one. Hello somebody???? Is this thing on??

For Real is this Thing on?


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