Hey Stupid, Jokes on You! By Cristina Arra Hamilton

I wanted to share more on the games that were played in Tallahassee because many of the people are either so distracted or just too ignorant to see it. I went to interview and took a written test for the Department of Revenue in Tallahassee and the first thing the people there did was send out this little person who works there. This was a test to see how I’d react to him if I was to start screaming and acting all silly then there’s no way I would get the job. Why didn’t they just ask that question in the interview, instead of putting this person on the spot. There’s no way to predict a person’s reaction so just ask. Now after I took the written test and passed with flying colors the Proctor advised, she’d call us with the results and advised us to have a nice day. So the day of the results call, I called the Proctor because I knew I was going to be busy later that day. She answered the phone and told me I failed. I knew she was lying, that test was too easy.The was her way of testing to see how I’d react to her telling me I failed. Testing seems to be a common practice for people who hold positions in Tallahassee, shows just how insecure, unqualified and undeserving of their positions they are. She then called me back around 1pm that day telling me I passed and wanted me to give her a start date. I simply said, I will call you back.
Now at the same time I was interviewing with another company CorVel, now I had a person to person interview with the manager of a department I was to be working with. This lady was African American the first thing she did was tell me “we only hire crem de la crem” that was telling me two things one she was a Delta and two the IT company I previously worked for wanted to know if I was a Delta based on something I typed (in code) to a friend on IM while working there. Then I was to have a phone interview with her Boss had she “recommended” me. Well maybe two days later her Boss called she was white of course. Basically we had the phone interview because she’s intimidated by black women and she wanted to hear how I spoke over the phone to determine how she’d speak to me when she met me. During the phone interview she warned me that her team of majority black women were stupid and to be careful. Those weren’t her exact words but this is what she meant. I had to break the code you know read between the lines. Last thing she said to me was the company was in jeopardy of losing the contract and closing due the nonprofessional current staff. Again she said that in code too. Oh yea and by the way this is the same company where I asked during the interview if she follow God. The answer was yes however the actions spoke against God all together.
After telling the lady at the Department of Revenue to shove it cause the games she was playing during the interview did not measure up to the less than a thousand dollars a month she was paying. I went to work for CorVel.
Well the management there was so intimidated by me they spoke to me on IM via their current unprofessional staff. The white lady who we never saw in the office use another girl who she thought I’d be intimidated by because she was light skinned and spoke something close to standard English, she used her IM to talk to me. So she thought that I thought I was talking to her (the girl being used) when actually I was talking to management. The black lady well I don’t have enough time to tell you how ignorant, intimidated and stupid she was.
I will tell you this once she finally allowed me to be on call after having me on “probation” because I wrote my claims better than anybody in the office did. Her, her boss, and the IT company would have people calling the on call phone all night long to disturb my sleep, to see what I was doing, or just to show their ignorance especially when they thought their staff didn’t know. Well I think I was the only person they thought didn’t know like I say the joke was on them!
While working for a company in Tallahassee a supervisor gave me a journal. I have written everything down that those devils did in Tallahassee!! I thought that’s why she gave me the journal cause all those devils knew they thought I didn’t know. Hey everybody we are playing a practical joke on her (meaning me) Let’s hope she doesn’t kill herself … when she finds out. This is what a man who holds a high position in a company in Tallahassee who has access to so many people’s personal information and his idea of a joke is playing with their minds using the information he has and they don’t even know where it’s coming from. I hope he doesn’t kill himself when he finds out I’m telling the world.


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  1. 1

    Hungover Guy said,

    As much as I can understand right now, I think you’re right!

  2. 2

    Arra said,

    That’s funny!!

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