Connect the Dots: By Cristina Arra Hamilton

See I be trying real hard to be nice and not expose the Learning disable people I have worked with in Tallahassee. But there was a request for this one so hey got to give the people what they ask for right? If you wanna keep them informed you do.

Well if you have been reading you know about the girl who worked with me at the IT company who took her kids out of school to have my Mom watch them so that she could “keep up” with me when I got off from work and report her findings back to the “adMENistration” at the IT company. Yes the same one who thought I would go for; the company doesn’t have enough money to put an ad in the paper to replace me but had enough to put an ad in the paper for her nanny. Yes the same one who told me she was about to “own it”, the IT company. You know how Martin was talking about “Chocolate City” in “It’s a Thin Line between Love and Hate”. The only difference here is Martin was telling the truth, this dumb bitch was making a fool out of herself every single time I was in her presence. Which was damn near everyday. One more thing this is  the same chic who the day I met her had an Afro because she thought I still had one, they had done check the myspace and facebook pages before I started. Once she saw I had a perm she came to work the next day with a perm.

Let’s start from the beginning now when I started the company I started on a Thursday she wasn’t there she probably was too intimidated to meet me the first two days had to get her self together. So when she finally came to work the white girl who came to work dressed like my driver’s license picture, she said to me over IM did you meet SOS that’s what we will call the dumb black girl. I said no and then went to introduce myself over IM. I said hi SOS my name is Cristina you must be a sister cause they keep asking me if I met you. Oh why did I say Sister, this scary bitch comes flying from out of her cubicle over to my desk shaking her head like with a look on her face like “don’t let massa hear you say Sista, deys gone git chu”. I was like here we go oh this old “I’m scare of the white man bull shit again” but I said nothing, I just played along. Couldn’t wait to get home and tell my mom. As a matter of fact I think I called Mom, like you won’t believe this chic up in this office. But I didn’t want to give too much information over the phone I knew this would be an interesting dinner topic.

Let’s fast forward to this, one day over IM she asked to see my resume. I presume this is was her way of getting into my business. I was like cool I have nothing to hide. Then she said do you need help with your resume I looked at her like bitch I have been getting great jobs with this resume up until now do you need help with your resume? So then she started with her stupid stalking game. She was suppose to be dating this married man who was a Baggage Claim Supervisor by day, a Real Estate Agent/ Broker and Soccer Coach by night. This was her way of distracting me from my fiance who worked in the office with us she wanted him bad. So she thought she tried to find out about me in order to get him to like her. First lil bit of advice I want to get her is clean up your nasty house and stop following and stalking other women and perhaps you’d get some play. Oh yea and make your children your number one priority.

So here goes she use to ask me things over IM things like do you belong to any organizations, groups etc. This their way of finding out who could protect me. This is what scary ass people do before they “play practical jokes on people”. I was like no I don’t belong to anything. She then asked the types of food I like etc etc. Silly things I really didn’t care about. One day I started playing the game back I asked her hey do you speak Spanish. Then I started typing in Spanish, she said no. But the very next day she came in started typing in Spanish like she had taken a crash course the night before, highly unlikely. Somebody else was typing for her. See how stupid they thought I was but again I said nothing. I just wanted to how much of a fool she was willing to make out of herself. If she is willing to sacrifice her kids’ education I think she’d go very far. She did. Then she got a facebook account to keep track of me. I was like Mom I am about to take this chic for a ride. My mom was like I don’t care long as she keep paying more than she can afford everything is everything.

So she tells me that her boyfriend the married baggage handler supervisor/ REAL ESTATE Agent/ Broker needed some assistance. She asked if I would go to lunch with her to meet him.  We went to a Thai restaurant he met us there this was a test as well to see if I really ate food outside of burger king and hamburger helper you know black folk ain’t suppose to eat anything outside of that mess. We ate that nasty ass food and talked about the Real Estate broker at the company I worked for before. She was taking it all in like a stenographer. I just played along.  She took my son with her kids once to “soccer practice” she wanted me to go with but her car was just too nasty for me to ride in I just replied with “I’m Good”.

Let’s get to the good part her married boyfriend- baggage claim supervisor- REAL ESTATE Agent/ Broker asked if I could help him out by searching listings while he worked etc etc. I said sure this would give me something to do in that boring office. The thing is this they wanted me to do this work at home “busy work”, I figured that out because the password he gave me only worked after five. So I was like yall got the wrong sister but they didn’t see my signs. So then this dumb ass man goes even farther. He comes up with this story about how his mother is sick and she needs to move to Tallahassee. He also told me he had so many sisters and they were looking for a house. Then he had the audacity to ask me if I would help out with the purchase and even put the house in my name. LMAO. I was like let me think about it, I know you need your Mom here and I just need to talk to my financial adviser before making a decision as such. Do you know the two fools actually thought I was contemplating helping this man and his SISTERs buy their sick mother a house. Well when I get to work this dude was blowing up my desk phone. Blowing up my IM and so was she. I called my Mom like these fools really think I am considering giving this man money when I have no idea who he is. Suppose to be this dumb chics married boyfriend why don’t he ask his sisters, or asked her stupid ass. My mom was like just keep letting them think you are stupid I was like ok. I played along until finally I said my financial adviser says now is not the time. This didn’t stop this stupid girl. She would ask me if I wanted her to get me a cell phone, she started doing things with her son that I did with mine like take him to wrestling events. Just did not have a mind of her own as so many women in that city (Tallahassee) doesn’t. My mom use to be like Cristina I feel sorry for her. I was like, I don’t, she letting these people make her look like Boo Boo the Fool so there is no need to feel sorry for the intentionally handicap. Below are pictures she took of me. We took one together but I think I erased it I like to go back and look at the fools in Tallahassee for a good laugh from time to time.

In this picture she took me out to lunch on my Birthday and didn't have enough money to pay for our meals.

She asked me over IM can I take your picture. This was taken in the office @ the IT company. They were really making a fool out of her.

Just giving them something to look @. Stupid asses!!!


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    Anonymous said,

    Thanks for writing about this. There’s a lot of great tech information on the internet. You’ve got a lot of that info here on your web site. I’m impressed – I try to keep a couple blogs fairly ongoing, but it’s a struggle sometimes. You’ve done a big job with this one. How do you do it?

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