Elite what’s really Good, sister? By Cristina Arra Hamilton

Is there an Elite in your life? After she done told all your business and you ain’t talking to her no more she wanna go public and say she done earned everything she got. Straight up Bull Shit!!!

Ok Keyshia Cole is pregnant and getting married and she didn’t want the world to know. Ain’t nothing wrong with that cause yall some nosey mugs anyways. By the way congratulations to you Keyshia and Daniel Gibson. But let’s talk about Elite, sister once was, and I quote “her Personal Assistant at one point, love her genuinely, and even Supported her decision on dating Mr.Gibson! Ive Earned and Worked for everything i have received in the last 4years” (Miss Xpose, 2010).

Let’s take a closer look, Elite says she has earned and worked for everything she has received in the last four years. Yall wanna know what that sounds like to me? Some straight up BS, sounds like Elite was the goody good sister playing on Keyshia’s emotions when she set out to bring her family together. And when you are Keyshia Cole’s sister and you envy her status, it’s easy especially since they weren’t raised together, you will leak out information. Elite let her home training or lack there of cause her to expose Keyshia. Trust me I bet anything things were being leaked and Keyshia was like where is this coming from.

I can only speak from experience folk, when family wishes it was them instead of you.  Oh trust me they will leak information and sometimes tell lies not “intentionally” trying to hurt you. But they’ll see it as working and earning everything they hope they’ll achieve in the end. Your fame and fortune. I grew up an only child always wanting to share my life with my family and friends only to have them try to steal it from me once we became adults. So just imagine Elite there’s no bond there and as far as she’s concerned Keyshia’s just another person, Elite’s ticket to stardom.  I done had a few Elite’s in my life. One even had the audacity to ask me will you take me everywhere you go! I wonder if he meant before or after “I found out”.


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