Compromise By Cristina Arra Hamilton

I would say I don’t need you but who would I call on in my time of sorrow

You extend your ear I extend my heart

You make me laugh when I really want to cry

You help understand me

You help me realize my strengths

There are times that I may hurt you

It’s never intentional

I am insecure at times and my mind plays tricks on me

Making me believe that you are against me

So for that I apologize

I must inform you that there is only one me

The only person I know how to be

There are times I feel like the world is against me

Draining me, sustaining me causing my temporary insanity

So I look for a place of solitude

A comforting state of mind that so hard to find

So when I run from you please don’t chase me

I will return anew coming for a place of lasting peace

That I will take you to

Just give me my space it will keep me closer to you

Our pure friendship will never demise

To weather this storm we must compromise


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