Through the eyes of a 14 year old (My Son) By Cristina Arra Hamilton

I asked my son to write a short biography about himself and I wanted to know his perspective, you know what he has seen over the years. Our years of drama at the hand of a man who, because of his corruption tried by any means necessary to hurt myself and my son who was innocent in all of this. He was only guilty of taking the attention my boss felt I should have been given to him. Somebody has a psychotic mindset and it’s not my son.  And this is what he wrote.

Kris wrote: All About Me

I was born in Miami, Fl June 25 1995. Went to school for a short time in Miami Florida. Moved to Charlotte, NC in 2000 and had a normal life like friends and family till I move back to Florida in 2006. That’s when my life became a living hell. When I move to Tallahassee I couldn’t trust no one today never did never will. A Real estate man that my mom worked for was a crazy man, he’d make mom work seven days a week even on Saturdays and Sundays.  My mom left the job that’s when every thing broke down. He had his Employees that were his so called soldiers playing these games with my mom like staking us through the phone,computer, people and etc. The Employees where so brain washed they will do anything to keep track with my mom. They even have family involved with the Real Estate man’s dirty work. Even people at the school I attended were bothering me like I’d get jumped every day and people will blame me for things I did not do like stealing a cookie. They would my things like my jacket, my Jimmy Hendrix T-shirt, my PhatFarm belt and my glasses that my mom paid over $100 for and only find out later I did not need those glasses. I was fighting kids in school like I was Kimbo Slice on UFC. They tried anything to make me like white girls I’m not prejudice I just think black is beautiful.I’m glad Obama became president the first African American became president of the united states. I’m like we went to slavery (slavery still out there) to presidency .

I’ve been in to six different schools every since the fifth grade. I been getting into trouble for the smallest things you can think of like getting a referral for picking my hair, with no prior warning. I almost got suspended for singing My President is Black when we were watching the inauguration for President Obama. I had to defend myself multiple times for example one day I walked in the classroom I got punched directly in the face and I defended my self instead the principal suspended me nothing happened other boy because the was smaller than me, white, and he was always talking crap. At another school which was suppose to be a private school. We were forced to wear these uniforms that were gold(Yellow) and green shirts with beige pants something like the ones that the inmates where in prison reality shows. We had behavior slips(tracking devices) to complete daily.

One day at the “private” everyone was standing outside the classroom and wanted to get inside to finish their work. The math teacher was going to called the police on me and my friend because he(the friend) put his hand through the vent open the door and every one went inside. I had nothing to do with it. I was ostracized and placed in a “tucked club” for a group kids that had dress code issues. One day my shirt was hanging out a little bit and I got suspended for not following the tucked club rules. It was something every day until finally I got in trouble for having my shirt out a little bit and I got suspended. This incident happen in Charlotte NC. This other school I attended kids fighting were every single day and no one was suspended but when I get into a fight after being hit first I got suspended and I am the new kid. This happen not even a month after I was enrolled.

Based on the experience I been through I will say no this is not fair. One day the teachers stepped out the classroom and the whole classroom start throwing books at me but when I throw a book back I got in trouble. Whenever something happened to me I tried to utilized my resources like talking to the school’s deputy, the teachers, the principal, the guidance counselor, only the janitor will give me advice of what I can do in the incident that occurred however, they wouldn’t take the time to solve it or ask any questions. About 99% of the time I get sent back to class after trying to reach out to an adult staff. But when something happens to someone else and I am in the middle of the incident I get a warning or suspended. It was not fair. And it wasn’t like my Mom wasn’t trying to fight and get resolutions it just seemed as if no one cared.

The teachers will get me in to any trouble at every school they’d look away when kids would do things to me then wouldn’t give me a chance to speak. How can some 14 year old’s life be messed up from my mom’s job.They know I can succeed they just want me to fail. Don’t hate me, hate the game you have created from scratch. There is more mystery and less history, The text books teach us their history which is a mystery of iniquity. Public Education has been corrupting our minds  for over 400 years. I have goals I want to achieve one is to become a somebody instead of a nobody. Even my biological father was in on it and I can’t believe he would want me to change my last name to his last name. I don’t know you! For three years in Tallahassee the experience was a living hell. So Now I say “Don’t get mad get even!” When I came back to Charlotte NC some of the same old stuff was happening at the schools here as in Tallahassee. I got in trouble for saying “BS” instead of saying the official word and that teacher knew he was on some straight BS. I never seen a person watch someones else life over three years. Its 2010 its a new beginning.

Kris Hamilton

All I have to say is this “enough said”. Cristina Arra Hamilton


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