Carbon Copy By Cristina Arra Hamilton

Cristina it is my wish to be like you,

You say you are my friend, you mimic everything I do

Makes me wonder if I am know the real you
Because I am well aware of me
And every thing that I do
And from my observations I see you are aware too
But you come in disguises one of which looks like me
When I look at you and see the me that you are trying to be
I become distant
I want to run away
I am not use to facades
I attract reality from a genuine breed
So take heed
Don’t follow my lead
Plant your own seeds
Shall I proceed, yes indeed
As you all my have read in all my other blogs I had a conspiracy against me. Jealous men who wanted to control me and by any means necessary tried to show me they could find someone to replace me. Replace me in my family, replace me on my jobs, and replace me with my friends. Their goal was to make me irrelevant. They’d send people my way of whom they thought look similar to me so they’d follow me learn my ways of living, socializing, and working, in hopes to replace me. Below are pictures of family members and informants they sent to show me “I look like you, I am following you, and I am going to replace you because they wanted whatever I had that was causing these people to lose their minds.
( Pic 1) This is my hair, this is how it looked when I moved to Tallahassee maybe longer. And all the women they sent my way were there to show me they were cloning me or to see if I’d try to look like them.

(Pic 2) This is my cousin (black shirt) she was on the first facebook page I had this is how they found her. So they had family follow me to teach her what i was doing in or to replace me.
(Pic 3) Here is my birthday (07) she even tried to dress like me. She had natural her same as me when I first met her I got a perm guess what she did. Look at the pic.
Same lady as in Pic 4 she even had a baby and it’s a boy. Same girl who use to copy my myspace then post on her myspace “stop copying my page bitches” can you tell how she’s stressed. She would ask to borrow my clothes too yall. (ew) The devil will make a fool of you if you let him.

(Pic 5 ) Valentines day 2009 can you see a resemblance. This was a comedy in Tallahassee I have no idea who this lady is however she came and sat next to me at this comedy show. They sent her dress like me with her friend. I was there alone. Because I wanted to be. 


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