You Dont Generally Share These Stories By Gabrielle Union

Thank you for sharing your story! Looking at this picture and reading her story I wasn’t surprised to know that people Like Gabrielle Union face the same insecurities people like you and I face.  Living in Tallahassee this is what I dealt with people “friends”  would want to take pictures of me then they’d go home and study them for flaws anything they felt they try to use to make me feel insecure about me. They’d have one of their informants throw out silly simple insults making fun of my nose and lips etc. Perfect example: These pics below of me was taking on South Beach by one of their informants who later tried to use to insult me. Crazy I know but as I said they used people who look like us, who may think they’re more intelligent to ” make fun” of our features THEY envy.  And all the while they’re making themselves look like fools.Click the link Below the hear Gabby’s story!!!

You Dont Generally Share These Stories

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