Have a Baby By me and Get on Welfare By Cristina Arra Hamilton

Well people as you know I have been going through some crazy things with men who have a little power and because of their insecurities they chose to send me signs to let me know they were following and wanted me to come to them instead of being men and approaching me. The signs and messages these men would send came via message on TV, random people approaching me in Public, random conversations people would have in my presence but not speaking directly to me. Yes I know it’s crazy and that’s the end result either you are lured into the trap of control and fear, you go crazy or you do what I did pray about it and learned how to communicate it in the simplest way possible.

After returning to Charlotte from Tallahassee and because there are forces of good and evil out there and they’re willing and able to help one another out at any cost. What I mean by this is Good will show you and guide you and tell you when Evil is coming. Evil will try to hurt you, humiliate you, embarrass and control you. Both forces have powerful people on their teams and God rules Good and Man rules Evil. Think about that for a second please. Through out this chaotic experience some how rumors were spread and powerful men got the message that I was available, vulnerable, gullible, and somehow had a weakest for those men in control. So not true but let me tell you what the men did to me and how I had to come out on top and say Back da hell up and mind your little insecure business.

As you know because of the drama in the work environment created by the powers that be in Tallahassee, then drama with the neighbors, then the tests to see how I’d react to certain situations and the many other things that happened to myself and my son during this process, I used my blogs as a tool to communicate and teach others who may be experiencing the very same thing and is having a hard time understanding or explaining it.

So when I return to Charlotte because of the craziness by the Evil powers in Tallahassee to follow me that had to get to the people in Charlotte before I did. Why not use one of the most popular people in local radio here. A person who I met on a few occasions, a person who had the power to control the minds of his followers and if he agreed with Evil then once I got to Charlotte yall know the games did not stop. Well they figured I would try to contact some people either for a job, or networking so to lure me out the radio station plays commercials constantly about things I like. Trust me it was like they knew when I was listening no they actually knew. Don’t ask me how I am only the messenger.

Well as I told you I had problems with the administration at the first middle school I enrolled my son in after returning to Charlotte, the Assistant Principal wanted to sleep with me and because I didn’t respond to his signals they way he felt I should have my son became a target. I reported those actions to the Superintendent.  He tried to make my son seem like a delinquent before he could get in trouble. That’s was his way of covering his ass and one of the reasons I home school my son. Sad thing is I think somebody was watching him and purposely sent me his way to expose him because the powers that be knew or should have known for as long as they’d been watching me, I was not going to stand for it. So he gonna pay for that.

Now back the DJ.  As I stated when I listen to the radio especially when I listen to his morning show I’d laugh and later I”d compliment him on Twitter and facebook  telling him to keep up the good work knowing that many of his puns and jokes were directed towards me. This one particular song a parody of Fifty Cent’s “Have a Baby by Me and Be a Millionaire”, their (the local radio station’s) version “Have a Baby by Me and Get on Welfare”.  It came about shortly after I post something on facebook about if I had a daughter she’d get popped for singing “Have a Baby by Me and Be a Millionaire”. I also said this is why Kanye says “shorties holler where the ballers at”.  And in my blogs I talk about how people try to take advantage of me because I am a single mother who doesn’t think it’s my responsibility to go after his father for child support. And because he was a married Assistant Principal for a Middle School at one point in his career his make a good life for himself and decided to deny myself. I will let God handle it. As you see there a clearly two forces out there.  I just wanted to point out the comparison with the Assistant Principal at my son’s middle school and my son’s father this is part of the game the Powers that Be trying to make history repeat itself.


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