Ebonics is not a Language? By Cristina Arra Hamilton

My mom and I were discussing some of the things white people do to make fun of us especially the “hill billy” when I gave her an example of how they pick on certain folk for speaking Ebonics she got upset because it hit close to home. She wondered How in the world could people in place like Tallahassee in surrounding areas could those white people afford to pick on black people when that say things like “mash” the button. When it’s push the button you mash potatoes. I simply said they don’t think they’re wrong which is why they were intimidate by a person like myself who can speak standard English better ‘en most of dem. So sad! There were companies such as Dominion Enterprises their word was reciprocate they felt it was a hard word for the black people in the office to say. They actually had it on a big sign when you walk into the area where the dummies worked under racists supervision. Then at another company ACS the word was in-ca-pa-ci-tate which is exactly how one of the managers said it to the training class I was in, can you believe it? I was actually hired at the companies as a test to see if I could recognized those types of things because obviously the black people working there didn’t which is why it goes on. They had to get me out of there before I start showing those people what they weren’t seeing and how they were being made fun of.


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