Can You Trust Public School’s Administration By Cristina Arra Hamilton

So once I left the Information Technology company in Tallahassee because of their childish antics they were sure I wouldn’t be able to explain in a way that it will make sense to the masses. This is a synopsis of some of the things they did to my son in order to keep up with and hurt me. Remember I told you about the only two black people that worked for the company besides myself. You the lady who they made take her kids from school to have my mom watch them so that she could be their eyes and ears for me later. The same one who they told to tell my mom they were putting and add in the news paper for a Nanny but they couldn’t afford to put the ad in the paper to hire some one to fill my position because I was being “promoted”.  Well outside of the stupid games they were playing with me once I left this is what they were doing to my son. How about this the lil boy and the lil girl  (brother and sister) tried to fight my son as he walked home from school with two boys he walked with everyday. The brother and sister duo was either representing the black guy and girl at the company. Or the black guy (that worked for the company) and his twin sister. The same man I plan on spending the rest of my life with however they wanted me to THINK he hated me because again us being together would be bad for business. The brother and sister duo also stole my son’s brown jacket. This brown jacket was one of many of the things my son and I had alike they were jealous of that. Like who pays that much attention to a person to notice that. And because I wasn’t dressing like them they wanted to steal the clothes my son and I had alike. Then there was the little girl who slapped my son. Then there was the lil boy in my son’s math class who said look at the teacher’s thong.  When the teacher asked the class who said it the boys said it was my son. When the teacher said something to about it he response was ” I don’t even know what a thong is”.

When I reported these behaviors to the black administrator he said these kids are good kids and the wouldn’t do anything like that. So basically they wanted me to look at him as an antagonist in hopes that I would take my problems to the white Administration. Let me tell you what happened once white administration got involved. See the felt they had to prove to me that they were the ones in control and if I go behind their back to the black administration they’d show me that my would pay with his education. meaning they’d set him up to get suspended he will not play sports and they will and cover up for one another because I was a single parent who didn’t deserve to have the same opportunities as the “other” children in the school.

This particular date they administration had a lil boy hit my son and my son had had enough and they fought “on camera”. When I arrived at the white principals office he was smiling look I got it on camera as he played it back he was acting like a commentator as if he’d be watching it for entertainment all morning long. Then he went on to show his credentials saying I am the one in charge, now that I think about it this is the SAME dang thing the white principal here in Charlotte did too. The SAME thing the black principal at the school in Charlotte did too. He had his black female boss backing him. The same thing the men at the IT company were trying to do as well show me come to me I can save you. Only if you listen to the 69 quotes.

Well at this one meeting in Tallahassee my mom and I get to the school the lying white principal said my son had to sit outside because he, the principal (over all of the administration a white lady), one of my son’s teachers (a white woman), the school’s resource officer (white man) had rehearsed their skit of lies to convince me my son was the problem and not them. Well my son went to the resource office on his own and told him he was having problems he was not a bad child and he was getting tire of the kids bothering him. This is what the resource officer said “your son told me his issues he is a good kid as a matter of fact he is best friends with the guys on the basketball team the coolest group of kids in the school. That was a bold face lie people I knew who my child was friends with he walked to and from school with them everyday until you all tried to cause drama with that relationship because you didn’t want me to be friends with their mothers. Also during the meeting the teacher and the principal (the two women) keep saying positive things about my son but keep including these number in their statements 6 and 9. They kept shouting out 6 and 9 like parrots. I knew then I had to get my son out of this school but when I moved him to the “private school” at the church this stupidity followed.


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