Renter’s Insurance By Cristina Arra Hamilton

Ok so in Tallahassee I told you I worked for the Crooked Real Estate company in Tallahassee I so stupidly chose to move into one of their properties. When I made the decision I felt that those “Powers that Be” would see it as wow this kid could have chose to live in another other place in Tallahassee etc. I thought they may have seen that as hey she’s loyal and she believes in our brand. No instead they took as their opportunity to probe and spy and impose on my private life. And to also create drama between myself and the neighbors. Now I moved there from GA, before that I was in Charlotte, NC but my Granny wanted me to be closer to her she needed family there, immediate family. By me moving into one of their properties this is also how they got access to my Grandma’s private life she cosigned for the apartment. But those nosey ass people there in that small town caused confusion there. And this is how they make us look like the mentally challenged group. They also think it’s their duty to teach ignorant folk (black people) how to be classy and expose them to things this is how I know they were stupid. People how can you teach me anything I have traveled all over your asses ain’t been no where until I started telling them places I had been and their stupid jealous asses had to show me they can go there too after saving and preparing. Because they send people to get all up in your business the people you’d call friends. Those “friends” report their findings back to them and they play games setting that person who was their informant up.
But let me tell you about this one particular incident. There was a couple living in the apartment directly above mine. Those were the one bedrooms they were black and of course the dumbass black women there don’t speak to one another because they’re so insecure that somebody gonna want they men. It’s didn’t help that fact that the white men I worked for put it in their heads I wanted them so they wanted others to think the same (gag). So because if the white man says she’s whore the ignorant black man is going to convince his black girlfriend the same. Stupids. Well the girlfriend got pregnant so the had to get a bigger place they moved to the read building in a two bedroom. So a couple of days after their apartment was empty. I hear running water. They trying to cause water damage and also because they bathroom was above my bedroom’s closet they hope they’d ruin my clothes. So I get home and see some of the clothes on the winter side of the closet wet. I am not the type of person who doesn’t keep a check on my clothes. I don’t need nothing stinky in my space. So I look up in the ceiling and sure enough as I suspected, water was dripping from the ceiling. People listen company like that don’t give a fuck if you are a good resident who doesn’t complain you pay your rent and don’t both them. My property manager looked or ways to try to cause problems. And because their stupid asses were jealous because I wasn’t wearing the same damn clothes over and over and over to work they wanted to ruin what I had. So when I called the property manager to inform her of what I knew she already knew about she had me on speaker phone because all the other ignorant people in the office was listening she said “you should have had renter’s insurance”. Check this they thought I was gonna go back there and find the tenants that moved out and start drama. Wake the hell up yall!!! My response was okay that’s cool cause my clothes aren’t ruined I got to them before they could get messed up. But yall gone spend a grip fixing the damages to your building all because you wanted to play games. To bad so sad. Made me no never mind!!! # 830 E Park Ave
# Tallahassee, FL 32301. I forgot to add this like two days later there was a bag of used clothes sitting outside on my porch. This was their way of helping me out.  Cause for some reason they feel like thats what white people are suppose to do and I was suppose to accept that and think God dun put somebody’s nasty ass used clothes on my porch to replace what they ruined. Give me a break you dumb asses. This is the type of things they are doing to your daughters when you send them to college but because they are so sheltered they don’t know how to put two and two together and come up with the answers. Instead they start blaming folks around them cause that’s what the white people want you to do then come to them to rescue so that they can make fun and talk about your stupid asses.
Click the link to see the model apartment the apartment I use to live in.


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