A Blast From the Past… Really? By Cristina Arra Hamilton

Hey people just wanted to share with you another experience, well let’s just say an unorganized coincidence constructed by the “Powers that Be”. Well I return to Charlotte after living close three of the most insanely interesting years of my life in Tallahassee. Here goes I went out with a guy who I really didn’t have feelings for but at that time I was young and felt it was my duty to make him feel that way honestly I had no intentions of seeing him again. I met him her in Charlotte just before relocating to Florida it was brief but to him memorable. Here goes like I said after returning back to Charlotte this guy befriended me on facebook and we exchanged numbers. He called with a rehearsed story like I said the men in Tallahassee had research people I were friends with before moving there and this guy was one of the friend I had on the myspace page they hacked. Well to make a long story short he calls me up and asked me out for drinks. I said ok he picked me up did not come to the door didn’t pull in the drive way I met him at the curb. He said something about it when I got in the car because he was instructed to do so because they wanted to see how I would respond to the disrespectful way he pick me up. But it didn’t bother me my Mom was standing in the yard doing yard work and I had no intentions of introducing them so he help me out by not getting out of the car. Didn’t want to send mix signals. I am not into confusing anybody. So off to the restaurant we go. So I asked if we could sit outside because I wanted to ensure we were out in the open because I had informed this guy I was taken yes I did. But he couldn’t take the heat so instead we ate inside in a booth. As I told him about my experiences in Tallahassee, he asked why would the computer company stalk and harass me. I say I am guessing it’s because they want me to look like a whore they don’t want me with the only black guy in their company who knew most of what they were trying to do to me. He acted as if I was speaking another language when I explained Tallahassee to him, all of their informers reacted that way now that I think about. It was a if the informers weren’t interested in what was going on with me they were interested in either achieving what they were set out to do or convincing me I was crazy for talking about the people doing these things to me. Why?  and how does this make me crazy? Their response was “who has that kind of time” . My thoughts are; apparently the same people who lead you (the informer) my way does.

His purpose: he started a discussion about how I put that charm on him and didn’t have any feeling a few years back. However he thought that if he brought it up I would wanna do over, how sick! I told him about the guy I am dating and was all she wrote as far as I am concerned. He went on to tell me about a group of kids he was mentoring he said he wanted to take me son. He describe these kids juvenile delinquent kids my son would have nothing in common with. However if I would have let the “power that be”have their way he would be in jail as we speak. Yes that was their aim. They used my neighbor son’s myspace page to tell my son they were going to make sure he goes to jail. The message came over myspace IM. See the connection they weren’t only targeting me my son was a target as well.There was no way I was gonna let this man take my son any where I just sat and listen to him ramble on about it.Then he started telling me about how he did a mans wife at a party and he couldn’t drink alcohol that night at the restaurant because he was on medication. I am think dude probably was being treated for that infection he got from doing another mans wife “while her husband watched and rubbed her back”. I just sat in amazement. I sat there in amazement.  Like are you listening to yourself?

Then he wanted to take my pictures ok cool so funny that as soon as he was ready to take a picture together. A man pops up from out of thin air ready to take the picture for him a white man. I mean his timing couldn’t have been better.  Below is a picture from my myspace page they hacked above are pictures took that night. Were they trying to recapture my image or am I stuck in the Matrix.


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