Little Miss Perfect By Cristina Arra Hamilton

Would you feel guilty if you were the wife of an very wealthy attorney and had very beautiful kids and you know you have an image to uphold and you can’t make it unless there’s a man in your life. So eventually the husband dies, divorces you, cheats, whatever, however that marriage is over. You keep you beautiful kids and when they grow up you teach them to be like you. In order to make it you got to use what you got to get what you want. So your son makes a sex tape with a “famous girl” some how the tape gets blast all over the internet. The woman doesn’t sue because before she has a chance to there is a check in the mail with her name on it. Hush money. All of a sudden your son has hit celebrity status. Now let’s make it legit! His name is out there though it started on a negative note. He’ll get over it eventually. Besides negative publicity does the same job as positive publicity. You just have to work a little harder to clear your name. We shall take this opportunity and make the best of it. Mom is the manager her son is doing great oh I forgot to add this is black family hypothetically speaking. The woman on the sex tape is a black woman. Son is making it big dating nothing but the creme de la creme of African American women and the other children are doing things too. Here he is now offered a Reality show for the world to see how Mom is pimping her kids and using white women to do it. Now think about this for a minute I mean really think about what I am saying. If I was that mother I’d feel guilty for what I was doing to and teaching my children. Use what you got and he will love you in less than two weeks and he will give you a ring but the catch is this, he has to be worth seven figures. He lost his innocence at such a young age.


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