Love Thy Neighbor By Cristina Arra Hamilton

Another one of games the “majority” white men played in Tallahassee. I moved into a new place a town house community ( a small one). White neighbors on both sides. One couple was preparing to sell their house and move to California.

The wife told me this as she caught me one day trying to rush inside from work cause they were getting on my last nerve. But she and her husband offered to sell my mom a exercise bike that they had in storage another thing they research about my mom. When we first moved to Charlotte my apartment was too small for all of the furniture so we had to get a storage and my mom got a storage when she came to stay in Tally and she rented her house to my cousin. See how far they go? Over stepping boundaries, excessively.  So her husband ask me to drive him to the storage because he car couldn’t hold the bike. So I took him along with my son. A few days later this bitch the wife tired to hint at me being with her husband and we weren’t gone longer that ten minute but I guess she knows her man. But that didn’t happen like that. And I always wonder who she was losing her hair in the top looking like she had the disease that make your grow old before your time. Playing the games she played. When he left her ass and went to California she was doing anything for company and I was doing everything to avoid her. Dumb ass.

The day they moved the husband had his black coworker there to help that was for me to be all outside and flirting. They are stupid I paid them no attention.

That was the same day my black neighbor came with a “birthday gift” for me that was just in case the black helper was thinking about trying to look at me the used my neighbor to give me a gift a month after my birthday and he timed just as I got out of my car headed inside and the helper was passing by. Yea they stupid. And my neighbor said the gift was from Chris I was spose to figure out who Chris was there were two Chris that worked for the IT company one white and the other black my neighbor sure as hell wasn’t talking about the black one.
This is why they didn’t want intelligent people around me cause this elementary bullshit they were doing was so stupid and unorganized but to work with them you’d understand exactly where it was coming from.
Arra Da Flygurl

One more thing they had a friend,  well she turned out to be one of them a girl that use to visit me often she had a baby around the same age as my neighbor she’d come over and the neighbor would talk to her this was to let me know hey you can talk to me so I can go back and tell the IT company what you talk about so they can play more games. Check this her husband asked me where i worked I lied about it the next day i got to work a lady from that place where I told him i worked calls me talking about  “I just want you to know this it the place where claims are adjusted blah blah” that was because the stupid white neighbor told the stupid white IT company and they had the stupid lady call me and indirectly “straighten me”.
The very same games the neighbors in my apartment complex were playing.

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