Message For The New Decade By Russell Simmons

I don’t think I could have said it better. After three years of oppression from the hands of men who believe that women aren’t equal, who think that black women are whores, who made it their business to try to find women/ men to intimidate me, compete with me and to kill me with disease. People it’s it the same mindset our ancestors dealt with. Because I am intelligent because I have standards and because I chose not to submit they wanted to treat me like I was Kunta Kente. And they were laughing saying things like next time don’t make it so easy meaning the knew my father was dead so that one person they didn’t have to worry about. And to show more of how intimidate they are of black men they had my stepfather arrest he has been in Jail not prison since 2007 here in Charlotte there are no charges listed. Nothing at all just holding him there while these crackas play games with our lives and my mom spends money and worry.They got to all the weak ass men in my family once those were out of the way then yall sick sad excuses for men who called yourselves my friend were used like puppets. Then they had you telling on yourselves. Sad thing is many of you helped them out of fear it would happen to you. My family, those of you I once called my friends I am going to use their words “some friends and family you are” , thats exactly what they said when I confronted them about using you all. But look closely and read what Uncle Rush has to say and maybe some of yall will wake up. Many of yall are just waiting for instructions, wasting space.

Another observation throughout this whole ordeal since I was not allowed to contact my friends I noticed that those they wanted me to think was against me or could possibly have helped me once I was able to get them to see and understand what was going on. Hence my cousin Tasha saying “I got a lifestyle to obtain”. Yall were being oppressed and tested too? I hope I am wrong. But something tells me I’m not.

Click the link the read Uncle Rush’s Message!

Message For The New Decade

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