This Fuck up is for You… By Cristina Arra Hamilton

In 2007 one stupid white man told ppl I was good in bed it must have been the bed in his head cause that the closest he has gotten to me. But because younger white men in Tallahassee trusted this man and he always had a lil black woman flunky on his side never his wife it was believable. People this man is a replica of FAT BASTARD I am the Black Barbie you know like Neo-Centric Barbie. Yall think Angela Davis Barbie would sleep with a Fat Bastard doll? I am getting sick. (Gag) (gag) (gag) and other women in Tallahassee had the gall to be jealous of how this stupid men were acting over in men Tallahassee.

Cover Your Asses!!!
You had people putting ads in papers just to see if I would come I recall this one company were hiring for school nurses they interview my mom I sat out in the car waiting while the white boys in charge keep coming out to their cars trying to get my attention. The thought is sooooo nasty ugh!! One even rode past me in his big black truck people are so… See More stupid. The white man who started that rumor use to tell me how black women would throw themselves at him. Ugh but after speaking to some of the black women in Tallahassee i believe that true. Some of them don’t care as long as he grease their palms it was their lil secret that he was spreading. Even had the men in the company telling me he didn’t have sex with his wife. I guess i was suppose to be empathetic and help the poor guy out. Do you see what this dummy went through. Funny those are the same words he said to another black lady at a meeting at her church. He said “do you know the things I have done to get you to come work for me?” So just imagine what he has done to me to get me to come back because the world will find out he lied!!!

I need to add to this; on my old facebook account Cristina “Lioness” Hamilton the same lil boy I speak of in the quote. Says this to me remember the “I Like ” application on facebook where there were picture of men or women for the guys and you’d click yes if you like them or no if you didn’t well. I had that application the age range for mine was … 25-30 not his age so there was no way he should see my pics on his nor should I see him on mine. Well he made this comment to me oh so you like them 25 and over thats what you like right. Same as the psycho I used to work for @ C21 told me go hang out with them since you are so interested in age. Then he stalked me thinking I was gonna be his son’s mistress. What in the hell is wrong with Tallahassee boys? And yall were thinking it was me sweating this dude. Had Susan (my old supervisor) on his side from the beginning this is why I stop working @ and Aidan (her supervisor) believed what they told her.


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