Foot Dragger or Dirty Foot By Cristina Arra Hamilton

I love Miami for things like this… One of the most deragotory and disrespectful things to call a woman back in the day and prolly still exist is a foot dragger or a “dirty foot”. Think about that for a minute. I will elaborate later.

Foot dragger or dirty foot think about it physically. Usually this is the girl that’s heard before you can see her. She is doing any and everything to catch the attention of any person dumb enough to pay her any mind. She’s the who always has something to say doesn’t matter if it makes sense and many times she not on subject. She is lost she is just existing waiting to be used, manipulated and taken advantage of because she lack guidance. She doesn’t always have kids because some of them are selfish. She is the chic who walks outside with bare feet she has chipped toe nail polish and wears open toed run over (lmao) shoes. She like the women I speak about in this blog

And to call a hard working woman who doesn’t depend on a man for anything. A woman who cooks cleans and works everyday, pays her bills, and does not involve herself in drama in Miami, you might wanna skip town for a couple weeks, bro. Shit could get real crazy!!!


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