The Ghetto Holiday Budget By Cristina Arra Hamilton

When buy gifts for your children that you’re going to return the week after because you don’t have money for bills does that many any sense? I was listening to the radio this morning and they were asking people to call in and discuss their poorest moments. One caller said I have been taking my children’s gifts back to WalMart all week. She even said she was going through her children’s gifts saying he/she won’t miss this he/she won’t miss that.

My question is Why give it ooooh I know yall don’t want the tree to seem empty before xmas it don’t matter that your children won’t have the gifts after xmas. It’s all about image right? No you just showed the world you don’t know how to prepare for the Holidays nor do you know how to budget.

The Grinch who stole Christmas is your Mommas. Dis is your mindset I don’t cook my children breakfast in the morning but they all got on the new Jordans and they might be hungry but the school will feed them as long as they eat at the school I will buy them some McDonald when I get off. Then you got to call up a boyfriend a baby daddy or somebody to get money for that.Then instead of washing …clothes I will got to WalMart and buy some new underwear they can wear them dirty clothes until I wash this weekend. I know my bills are due but I want them new shoes cause this chic at work think she better than me cause she can dress. How many of yall know somebody that think like this? Or am I talking about you?


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