I’m not afraid of no Ghost By Cristina Arra Hamilton

When are you dummies going to realize ain ‘t nobody intmidated by nobody? This is a question I keep asking those men who think they control me with mind games and intimidation.

Have you been reading my notes? https://budncris09.wordpress.com/2009/12/29/the-final-call-by-cristina-arra-hamilton/ its those men. See the Human Resource guy at this IT company has had stalking charges before so the management in this company give him a position like HR where he has the power to obtain information on people well they thought they … See Moretry to play let’s intimidate and hopefully try to control Cristina. Well they started by using regular people there in Tallahassee they started by copying my myspace page then they would dress like me and walk up to me and say things about my status a note I wrote etc. When I would stop talking to those people they started with my friends on myspace having them do the same things then when I would not let that bother me they hired me and use a girl at the job as there flunky she would report back to them what I had in my house what I did when I got off from work they then had people start coming to my house to break things. Then they started using the teachers and administration at my son’s school to bother him which then would bother me. When I reported this stuff to the police there in Tallahassee he said oh my wife went through this same thing. So now I wonder what they are going to tell my attorney. Not to mention when I told the COO of the company about it he assured me it wasn’t the HR guy doing all of this stuff he let me know he was in on it too by saying things to me during this conversation that he only knew about if he was following me on this social net work and he was.

Hard heads make soft behinds sad thing is I didn’t even want to go there I kept telling them to leave me alone but they chose to lie to the police when they finally spoke to them about what they were doing and also had other employees lie. I left Tallahassee in April and this fools are still playing this game thats been going on for almost 3 years. So I would say yes I think I…  am gonna get paid I bet they regret ever meeting I hope they will anyways I hope it makes the News!!! Because they have access to too many people’s personal information and to them playing with lives is how they entertain themselves while hiding behind locked doors.

One more thing they were doing having people come up to me and say things they would have said but because they were so insecure and intimidated they felt I would have somebody beat them up or cause them physical harm. No when they bible says eye for an eye I would never use other people to do things for me and I know it’s in the Old Testament but … people with Old Ways of thinking need to be dealt with according to what they understand. So if pain is what they tried to bring to me then pain is what they shall receive in return pain the pockets because they have been such pains in my ass.


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