Can I make a deposit and go please? Damn… Cristina Arra Simmons

So as you all know the peeps from the blogs, stalkers, dummies whatever you prefer to call them had connections all over cause the 666 is every where and they maybe trying to recruit you. Anyways man I couldn’t go to the bank without the teller talking about my status, my employment history or places where I have applied and since they were in on the game are now suffering the consequences. Well this one particular I go to make a deposit for my son. Yes I am a single mother and my son has he own account and since I removes him from the United States Public School education atmosphere he knows how to manage it. That’s until they hacked his Xbox account and started making charges. The total was 62.50 = which equal 850 Tallahassee area code. I live in the 704 so you do the Maff. So this day the teller wants to talk my head off with her rehearsed conversation and it was timed for what I am about to tell you next.

So during her conversation about how she controls her diabetes with her diet. (This was a hint for me because my mom as I told you all was diagnosed with Diabetes prior to having her surgery). All compliments of the Tallahassee idiots, however today the nurse comes and says to my mom “I don’t think you have diabetes they usually treat people who gone through what you have as if they had diabetes” my thought  (Bitch what?). So while she, the Bank Teller is discussing all of the things going on in my life but they were pertaining to her. I sat and people watched also something I mentioned I do either over IM, a blog, or a response to a question in one of my “online classes”. All I see passing by are carbon copies (look alikes) of the people in Tallahassee mainly the white men. And they all made sure they looked me directly in the eyes. This is their way of “calling” a person back without literally calling them. It’s an attempt to trigger your thoughts and in hopes they’d (the initiators) would  get a phone call or email anything from me saying “hey can you please help me my life is in shambles”. Why call on those responsible for my problems?  Who does that? The Devil, and how many of you doubt his existence? The Bank Teller ended our conversation with the Big Wigs stick together!! Ya heard, Message!!! I told my Dad about it! And this is what he had to say about the Rush Card and it’s services.

I’m only one man I have 5 suffering charities and numerous social and political causes. But the more I learn.. Who’s defending the poor?

The more I learn the more I feel that a huge fight is developing. These banks abuse the less powerful (poor)and cater to the powerful(rich). Raising fees to the poor because they think no one will fight. I am creating things like card to card transfers and cheaper loans. As I try to create new programs (creative ways to help lighten the load) they are intentionally suppressing this progress. Some of these Banks are doing horrible sh.. To the poor. Abusive horrible shi.. To defenseless people and small companies.- UncleRush


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