The Final Call By Cristina Arra Hamilton

So while these men were (ex bosses) people who run companies and has access to all types of private information. I just wanted to make sure I tell you that part “access to all types of private information”. They chose to conduct unauthorized background checks or perhaps had an informant asks somebody from my past. However I am pretty sure they conducted an unauthorized background because it’s is the capital of the state I was born and attended grade school in got my first job etc etc. And because of their statuses and the fact that anything’s hackable I am certain they did the background checks and in order to make me confused they wanted me to think they were getting information from people (old friends, family members etc) why? Because I was suppose to get mad at them them have been trying since 2006 to make me made. Well my fiance worked for this company as a matter of fact he was the only person telling me what they were trying to do and what their plans for the end result. Which complete control over my life, for me to either become chemically dependent or a narcotic or them and if their plans didn’t work they set out to ruin mines and my families life. All because I didn’t submit to their will, I have a family that loves me and I don’t have to and will never depend on them they hate that this is why the committed the hate crimes and keeping everybody in my life distracted while they played childish games. They wanted to make sure I was the only one who saw so I’d seem crazy when trying to explain it.

Well while working for the computer company then men there hated that the only person I shared an occasional laugh, meal or conversation with wasn’t them. It was my Boo he was they only person in the office well him an another woman who seemed to know how to mind their business. The rest of the employees were to busy watching who I chatted with on IM who I spoke to on the phone and what I spoke about with this one particular employee and because I wasn’t talking to them they wanted to keep me from him. Like very childish (if he wasn’t here she would talk to us). They wanted me to think he was dating another one of the girls that worked there. Yes the one who they had remove her children from school (a conducive learning environment) to asking my mom to watch them and paying Mom more than she could afford. But as long as she reported back to them what I did at home or made it easy for them to gain access to my private life she was taken care of. She would also try to play games with my mom like not pick her children up when she’d promise too and not calling nor answering her phone when we’d try to reach her. This was to test our reaction and also to make me think she was out with my Boo. This is how the day care thing ended management at the company had the audacity the gall the cojones to tell her that they were putting an add in the paper for her to get a Nanny since they plan to have my Mom become her live in Nanny didn’t work. Yes they wanted to have my Mom move in her with so that when they started playing their games my Mom would be too distracted with her kids to have time for my Crazy talk. They also told me I was up for a promotion but they couldn’t afford to put an ad in the paper for my replacement so I had to go out and “recruit”. But they could afford an ad for a Nanny (see how stupid they think we Arra)? Man I play that game so good I didn’t say anything to her nor did I say anything to management I wanted them to think I was dumb and apparently it worked cause they won’t leave me alone until they hear from some attorneys or something.

So once I quit there the harassment started with my neighbors and others they were using to “keep up” with me. So one night I text my Boo who was still employed at the company I told him I was sending a Bat Signal out to him because I NEEDED to talk to him about what he told me when I started the company and the stupid things they were doing and how they wouldn’t leave me alone. Well because they were conducting “unreasonable searches”on his text messages and emails they told him to call the police and lie to them when I did arrive at his house. I went home in tears I was so hurt the officer came to my house and told me I had to stay away from him. I had to stay away from him because he could cause lots of problems for the company if he told the truth. Then and only then was I confused because why would he have helped me all this time then turn against me. Well there was nothing I could do but pray about it. Well one day I am riding to go to see a friend and in order to get there I had to drive past the computer company and the computer company is on a busy road and I am not the only person who was driving on it this day and my thoughts were certainly not focused on that company like they would have liked them to be. So on my way back home I stop at the gas station which was near the computer company again still not thinking about them not even thinking about anything but getting gas and returning home. Well I leave the gas station and drove down the back street BEHIND the computer company (again not thinking or even focused on this place) I then get back on the busy road that takes me pass this place and head home. And might I add this was a normal route for me

A few minutes after returning home a sheriff arrives at my house serving me papers telling me I am harassing the guy at the IT company (say what)? Oh ok so we had to go to court. And this is how it went. And I must say this I called the police numerous times to report their stalking, had people come to my house and witness them monitoring my computer them leaving notes on my car having cars like theirs park outside my house and all the police said was “My wife went through this I will get over it” But when this company tells this dude to call the cops on me for something I didn’t do they were so willing to serve me papers. Who in the hell is the victim? Apparently they were watching me because there would be times in the past I pass the office and one of the stalkers would be standing outside or all of them, management, would pile up in another’s truck and pull up next to me at a stop light. I’d just sit there and focus straight ahead because I didn’t want any miscommunication coming from my direction. I will tell you how court turned out later… Just let that marinate.

Im gone need you to say sumthin baybay!
4 Eighty

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