Quote of the Decade: We Gonna Play a Practical Joke on You hope don’t kill yourself when you find out!

This is what the men said who set out to hurt myself, my granny, my son and my mom. And so many ignorant people helped them thinking they were in on some game but too stupid to ask questions? Like why am I doing this. They had people wearing colors to let me know who they were working for they wore red and black, black and white, red and white, and black and silver. The black and silver represent colors I chose for an family event I was planning with my family and we’d speak about it over instant message and because these people had invaded my privacy and were watching my computer they had the people they wanted me to be friends with follow me around wearing black and silver. Who does that?

Then those people were doing things like telling people don’t talk to me don’t be my friend on any social networks, (this is after the hacked my first myspace page) like I’m in elementary school. None of my friends ain’t did nothing to help me get to where I am or where I have gone so why should not having any friends on a social network have any affect on me? Somebody please splain me dis!!!

Then they were following (the ex coworkers and others)my every move even had my family reporting when I ate, slept, stupid chicks on my jobs were harassing me because they told them too. People on social networks only responding when granted permission by the “stupids”. Then they had teachers at my son’s school reporting the same thing. I could not go out in public without … somebody having a conversation about something I wrote on facebook. I couldn’t chat on my computer with them out hiding behind somebody’s IM and replying. I couldn’t go to the damn club and dance without one of their ignorant informants harassing me. They wanted me to be upset lonely and depressed because they have no lives.

They also whenever I went out in public had people approach me with a conversation on my facebook status they’d have somebody that looked like an friend on my facebook or one of my family members. Then even had those same chics that were harassing me at my jobs try to force themselves into my life and my business so they could go report it back to … them. One even removed her children from their school and asked my mom to keep them just so she could keep up with me when I got off work. Another one came to a birthday party I had for my mom went back and reported what she saw at the party. The next day my boss had the audacity to tell me I come from nothing. One eye brow up (run dat by me one more time) as my foot was preparing for an introduction with his ass.

Sad thing is only a few people chose to be honest about what was so clear to me. The others wanted me to think I was losing my mind (yea right). I move to Tallahassee and lose my mind trust me I have been to nicer cities and would have love to have lost my mind there. Tallahassee is definitely a place a person who has been sheltered can lose themselves and never return. Can’t you tell by how many people allowed themselves to be used in this “Practical Joke”.


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    I cannot believe this is true!

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