Public Apology: Cristina Arra Hamilton

I would love to take this time to apologize to all of you who I hurt in this growing process. With growth there is change and one must endure a lot. I thank those of you who stuck by and protected me and mine through it all.
I am woman enough to say please don’t leave me I appreciate you and I need you.
For those of you that turned on me, betrayed me I am praying for you. God will soften your heart. He did it for me and I am nobody. My sisters (all of you from various cultures) I love you and please love yourselves there is no greater reward than loving and knowing yourself. But always remain humble. I hurt a lot of you because of my own insecurities but stay with me I promise I will make it up to you and we gonna make it through together. There is more to come people. Be on the look out!
P.S. To the mother of the little boy who my son…. I truly apologize We promote peace and unity! I wrote this when I knew the stupid men in Tallahassee we trying to replace my friends and family with people they could control and thought I’d compete with for their affection. Dummies.

C gone make it! love you
The Professional

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