The Plot to Kill My Mother By Cristina Arra Simmons

This plot came about after I told a person in my Nutrition class that I am very skeptical about taking medication, I even research side effects of prescribe meds, out of fear of addiction. I got to school online and the Powers that Be at the IT company I worked for with their (everything is hackable mentality). Used that as their chance to test my comment for truth. They used my mother.

My mother was hospitalized she has had fibroid tumors removed. Well if have been following you should know that I’d worked for a company who threaten me with you’re gonna have problems if you leave. Another company who watched my every move via computer and even paid people to tell them information about me and to watch me. Well because of their games I have been unable to work and my mom due to the stress these people are causing us had been ill. Well she went for surgery on Tuesday she was cut on her abdomen she couldn’t walk let alone speak and she was in a lot of pain. I was there with her the first two nights. Yes they had her in a nice room adjacent to the helicopter’s landing pad for people being airlifted to the hospital. So prior to her being hospitalized she went in for a pre-surgical visit where they took care of all the paperwork so they said.

Well when she got to her room she started getting calls like how are you gonna pay, you’re not covered by this and not covered by that. This was to cause her to worry and stress while trying to recover. I was there with here and to distract me I got a call at the exact time the people were calling harassing my mom, this was too distract me from what they were doing. My call came from a “family member” who stated they couldn’t come to check on my mom because they were busy taking care of an elderly neighbor, an elderly black man who probably was a Xerox of the old man I worked for. That was their distraction. Now as I stated my mom was very confused, incoherent and in lots of pain she was on a all liquid diet until she walked and her organs began to function normally. Well I’d leave to come home and check on my son, my grandmother and grandfather stayed with my mom we wanted to make sure some one was there at all times because due to the fact she is unemployed, she doesn’t have insurance and experience shows us that America would rather you die than insure you. I need to mention this, my mom says to me just out of surgery  “I was so scared I hope they didn’t hear me calling your name”. She says I was screaming your name “Cristina!” She says all she could hear was a bunch of noise sort of like a party going on. I also need to tell you this my mother was in the operating room the longest of all those waiting in the waiting area this was so my grandmother and I would worry.

As I told you she was on an all liquid diet she has a cut on her abdomen and she was in lots of pain. Well they took her off the IV, and started giving her vicodin pain killers on an empty stomach which caused her to vomit. We all know vomiting hurts the stomach. By her doing so it caused her then stapled wound to open (more pain) .  And the dumb ass interns were running around like they couldn’t figure shit out. So in order to distract me the powers that be used a friend of mine (well a person) I thought was a friend to try to get me to stay home one night my mom was vomiting and sick.  So the nurses (who are very nice, their niceness was a distraction as well  from what the interns and white nurses were really doing) would not pay as much as attention to her and she’s possibly take a turn for the worst and I’d feel guilty because I wasn’t there to witness the hospitals’ neglect. Instead I was home while they were killing my mom. The friend would tell me how his daughters’ grandma broke her foot and how the hospital played games with her it was suppose to be “funny, a joke”. The same thing the IT company said they were going to play on me “a practical joke” and hope I didn’t kill myself when I found out.  Wrong! I stayed right there so did my grand mother. I mean how could a person who can barely speak, and in that much pain even try to find the damn call button when the hospital knows that pain killers on an empty stomach isn’t a good combination. Isn’t this why labels say “Take with FOOD” or don’t take on an empty stomach! This is just day one of a fifteen day stay that was only suppose to be no more than 4 days.

Now my mom was throwing up for days and it seemed as if the hospital staff had it timed. Every single time she’d throw up and I’d walk out of the room to find a nurse the hallways would be filled with men who resembled the man I worked for @ the real estate company.  Now when the nurses would come to my mom’s room to calm her down they would always have a story about something that happened to her when she was hospitalized in the past. Now where all of this was coming from, go figure.

Mom is home now after fifteen days of being hospitalized for a procedure that was suppose to take 3-4 days.  She, because the wound opened up in the hospital, is now wearing a wound vac that’s sucks all of the excess fluid from the wound and sends it through a tube into this funky lil machine. Now my mom is still in pain with like a million prescriptions, embarrassed to go out in public and not to mention has to have a home health care nurse visit her twice weekly. Now when they come their entire discussion surrounds blogs I have written on the computer and things that scare my mom. Saying I am not certain you’re diabetic, we treat all of patients as if they are diabetic when they undergo this procedure. Not to mention she is going on doctor’s appointments and her “primary care” Doctor, Dr. Quarashi is making fun of what my mom tells her about her horrific experience in the hospital! All she could say was I’m sorry to hear that but wanted to know more and you can tell there were discussions about it. Because when her nurse would come in she’d say things like “you need a break you have gone through so much etc”. I use to be sitting in the damn chair boiling trying not to go off. How can these people play games with other people and think that it’s funny? Wasn’t shit funny about what my mother went through.

To whomever reading this you can pretend as if you don’t know what I am talking about as if this behavior doesn’t exist. As if the government and the majority aren’t playing games with people’s lives especially those who they believe won’t fight back.  As I stated the games they play with women who don’t have insurance is this. They tell you 3-4 days they rushed the processed and for those whose bodies can’t handle it, they experience what my Mother’s doctor referred to as a minor set back. During the minor set beck the goal of the Resident interns was to hopefully get my mother chemically dependent on some sort of narcotic. Morphine, Ambien, or Vicodin during euphoric process, meaning while the patient is unsure and delusional, the staff plays mind games just to see how much the patient will remember of what the staff is doing. The nurses (those who were forced indirectly told on those who were enforcers) were saying things about my mother’s past experiences as well as making remarks about my grandmother’s education. Because in most cases they believe we (black people) aren’t intelligent enough to pick up on the game. They all play the same game. Doctor’s, Lawyers, Real Estate Agents, Computer Programmers and Politicians of the majority, they stick together to keep us bound. Can you see cha-ching $$$!!! Check it their goal is to find away to keep us indebted,  on drugs, and unemployed, because they think our lives are cheap and easy to be wasted. Dr. Harrison was the head surgeon who never came to check on my after the surgery until like 14 days later, Dr. Blaha, Dr. Gegick, and a host of interns and white nurses were left to play games and pretend as if they were concerned. I am just thankful that God took care of my Mom. Now I need to know what are you going to do about it.


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    Lots of folks blog about this subject but you wrote down some true words.

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