Tiger Blogs: Leave Me Alone, Or is it a Cry For Help? Cristina R Hamilton

Can I just speak a moment! Tiger Woods! OMG nevermind!

Leave the Tiger alone.  See I said I didn’t want to get into it. But the pressure had me blogging about Tiger’s personal life. Leave him alone yall. We all know inquiring minds want to know but he don’t have to tell us who, what, when, where and how. Dammit he is Tiger Woods.

What I tell you patience people and everything done in the dark shall be exposed. And this is how it’s gonna go!

Yall the media is showing yall Tiger Woods was set up. We gone find a way to get that money and put your ass on blast while doing it!

She has a healthy Prenup!! Gone head and cheat nicca, yup get on these drugs and then watch out!!! Cuz she is TIRED so this is payback!!! And, well, see who is backing her, right? Let’s say it together class… The world!!! Oh it’s not certain if Tiger will loose any endorsements!!! Just wait till all these damn mistresses start talking. Those drugs already made him say a mouthful; the Voicemail Dammit Tiger you broke the code mind over madder (yes madder)!!! Yall she had done went through his phone before that day. People of the majority sick together.They sent signs to show her look sister he playing you. Not saying she’s wrong. She had a plan. Tiger you got caught slippin bro! But I ain’t one to gossip I just call it like I sees it! BAM!

Tiger, Dude!!!

It don’t matter if you think it’s a set up or not. But listen 360 degrees people what you through out comes right back at you. What goes up must come down!!!! Especially when you living foul!!!

Click the following links for more on the WoMan with the Plan!


Tiger Blogs: Leave Me Alone

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