Email Fraud? Don’t Believe the Hype by Cristina Arra

Internet can be a nesthaven for Criminals

It’s easy for scammers and con-artists to lure victims via the internet. With social networks, instant messaging, emails, there are people watching your every move on the internet many of them are highly skilled professionals. Please be careful change your passwords, clear your cache, don’t accept unfamiliar applications from your “friends” on social networks. If you are not sure how to do any of those things GOOGLE it.

I worked and lived in a city where the people specialized in internet crimes why, because they are so hard to prove. They harassed me by “ghostwriting on my IM. What’s ghostwriting, it’s when your speaking/typing to a friend on instant messager and all of sudden a hacker chimes in and responds to you using the person’s you are chatting with IM. They studied my myspace page and then stalked my friends on my space then used other that looked a lot like my friends on myspace, to follow me around the city, grocery stores, the library, yea I know crazy, but true. Many times we never know where it’s coming from. However pay attention to everything especially if you use these tools at work.  Be careful the IT department usually like to play this game.

Click the following links to read about my experiences and somethings that happened to others so you will know what to do just in case this happens to you.


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