Rev. Leon Lonnie Lust By Cristina R Hamilton

Here are more characteristics of jealous men. Once those men, former boss, and my ignorant sperm donor realize the messages they were sending via other people, anonymous emails, texts messages, and other subliminals, the church I was attending jumped on board. Love and Faith Community Church Tallahassee, Fl. The job at CorVel had ended and I was receiving unemployment however because that IT company was in the IT department for the Workforce agency in Tallahassee, a place that assists people with either school or work wouldn’t allow them to help me find work. I went back to school. Well when income tax season rolled around shortly after the CorVel conspiracy, I was greeted by a woman who the church had sent looking for me so he, the Pastor could get a piece of the income tax pie. This same woman they hire later to come to me house and beat me up once they were done using me for my money and trying to make me feel inadequate in the church. A church in which I believe I was the only there serving God.
I would come to Church the Pastor would go home and change to an outfit similar in color to what I’d be wearing. During children’s church my son became a target for older children to beat up these were tests. Same stupid tests the jobs there conduct the churches did too. I’d left the church a while ago because the one of the assistant’s to the Boss at the real estate company attends the church and has a close nit relationship with the Pastor. While the boss used her to find out about me she was also reporting back to the Pastor who then based his sermons around what she and another young lady who didn’t go home for Christmas because she was trying to keep up with me, was telling him the Pastor about me. The entire city is very immature. Maybe its because lots of people that live there don’t have much to do so there minds idle, leaving room for them to create their games of manipulation. Then it is a college town and the Capital of the State so many college students who’ve never experienced anything outside of college tend to get stuck there and those games and the mindset has become a way of life. Not justifying what they do by no means because it’s not fair at all and these people need to be held accountable.

I want to tell you how they used a girl from the church to make an attempt to beat me up. Yes you heard me. I said the church had a girl and a huge Shrek looking guy came to my house whose intent was to whip mine and my son’s aspirin. Well as I stated earlier the Pastor had people watching well let me put it like this I had people watching trying to figure out if and when I was expecting my  tax refund. Can you believe it,  friends were calling sending texts message just to get me to tell one person so the power that be could make their move. Well I got it and just so happens I was in the mall because I was planning on going to church the following Sunday and one of the member’s from Daddy’s church approached me. She says hi remember me? I lied and said yes Lord know I had no idea who this women was but she knew me she knew mine and my son’s name. She told me I had brought my son to her son’s birthday party when I first joined the church I didn’t recall the event until I got home and spoke with my son. And even after that I had a hard time remembering until I went searching in my journal. I think that she was suppose to be the person that I was suppose to compete with for the Pastor’s affection had I continued my membership at that Drama club. I say this because everybody except me was competing with someone else to get the Pastor’s attention. Similar to the way kids do in elementary school when they all know the answer to the question the teacher is giving a reward for. She invited me to service that I had already planned on attending so I let her think I was going to be her guest.

Well after coming to church with her she insisted we become friends she insisted her son and my son spend time together after church I had no problems with this, until I realized she was just wanting me to see her house and that she had pictures on her walls and furniture similar to my house only her house was bigger. That was them (the men) showing me they were watching me using her to make me think she was trying to keep up with me. She would call me in the mornings wanting me to talk about the issues I was having with my son in school again issues they (the men) were creating. She wanted me to tell her anything she could tell the Pastor or whom ever so they could then use it against me.

So later that week she and the gentlemen I mentioned earlier came to my house she was dropping my son to me. She asked if she could come in and talk to me. I had started noticing her sick behavior calling me early in the mornings; asking about school when her son attended the same school as my son. So that night at my house she told me this story/lie about how the girl who wanted to give my TV to the Pastor had gotten beat up so bad that she wore sun glasses to Church and wouldn’t participate with energy because she wanted the Pastor to pay attention to her. The girl she spoke wasn’t in danger of getting beat up the person she was talking about was me. And for some sick reason the Pastor who was sending these people to my house felt I was the one that wanted his attention. Sad thing is he made fools of his followers thinking he was going to gain control of me.

To be continued.


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