Native Americans, This land is your land? By Cristina Arra Hamilton

One of this issues Native Americans currently face with the federal government is Voting Rights. How can this be? Native Americans were the original people on this land. According to Rob Capriccioso’s article A call for Obama to improve Native voting rights, Native American’s are looking to the Obama administration to improve “unlawful election practices”. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) are supporting lawsuits challenging these practices in five western states: Nebraska, Colorado, Montana, South Dakota and Wyoming, (Capriccioso, 2009). Now after learning about the lawsuits against practices in these five states I decided to check out the report from the ACLU and this is what I found.FoundingFathers

According to the ACLU (2009), “Indian voters have faced the most extreme barriers to voting in this country and were denied the right to vote longer than any other community in the U.S.”. Why is it? Why have Native Americans been discriminated against for so long? Why is it they are still fighting for a voice in the land of the free, their original land? Is it because the American, Federal government is waiting until all of those original Indians, who know the truth about what this country was built on and how they refused to conform, are we waiting for them to die off. Or are we waiting for the present Native Americans, who have conformed, to pass their behaviors and practices on to the rest of Native American population so that their entire group is infected and controlled by the powers that be?Once you conform of meet the minimum guidelines we will permit you to speak?

I believe that now that we have a President in office who is promoting and making significant changes as far as equality stands the Native Americans believe this is the opportunity to make a stand and solve this problem. These five states, with the assistance of the federal government, showing blatant discrimination against Native Americans for so long we can now answer so many questions regarding politics and why certain presidents and other officials were elected, Is it because it is all planned out? If a certain group of people have a voice, too soon, then the plan may not be a success.

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