Good vs. Evil By Cristina R. Hamilton

If you have not been reading all of my blogs this may be hard to follow. This is a message on how Evil, the negative force, the force that controls the men I use to work for in Tallahassee, this blog tell how they used codes to send me messages. This tells how my former friends and family members were manipulated and persuaded by, the evil powers that be, into providing information about me to be used against me in order to intimidate me into being friends with the “new”, the “Evil”. The “new” people are insecure and only want friends they can control so they felt by digging into my past and then indirectly showing me they did so, I was suppose to be so insecure and so dumb that I was suppose to turn my back against family and friends that gave them the information and then turn to them (the new) to protect me against those who they turned against me. Makes no sense, I know.


Evil is so nasty, he (the nasty men) they went into my past. Watched my former friends watched them carefully to see their needs. They, like a nasty Beast from the wild he mounted and launch on his prey, my former friends. Smiling with that Evil white grin saying “Hey looks like you got some things in your life that I can help make better “clear up”.With his sly snakelike grin, he says but you must in turn do something for me; I will give you a new computer, pay off some bills, send you on a trip, fix your car, buy you a house, and I will gladly give you money to support your habit. Cause I want to kill all of you and people like you off. You must first do this one thing for me tell me all you can about her. I want her to control her, make her my concubine I want her to run to me for her needs. Please don’t let her know she must never know and I will continue to take care of you”. Evil will keep dibs on her,( me) just to make sure she isn’t receiving help from Good. Evil will tempt her. Sends things her way to “bring her down to nothingness” just for control. Evil isn’t as bright or clever as he think he is.
See Evil is going to make me get a lawsuit. Evil uses me as his prey, sending messages via his army to tell me all the things he is doing for them and to me, I am not interested. One day while riding with my Boss at the Real Estate company, a truck pulled in front of us and he pointed out the license plate it read “WillKillYA” it was an indirect threat to me and also a message to the people in Leon county that Wakulla county “WillKillYa”. Still didn’t scare me. This is what happened to me while traveling back to Charlotte after leaving Tallahassee. I learned that evil has to plan things out, I went to get gas at the gas station on pump 4 which coincidentally froze up. So the oblivious gas attendant tells me to move to another pump. And every pump I went to coincidentally a car pulled up to each vacant pump except for the one directly behind the park cars whose tags I was suppose to read. Evil was trying to send me a message via the letters on the car tags, yes people even the none personalized car tags send messages. For example, (MVS 7641) the message from the powers that be says: We are envious (MVS) then 76 is my year of birth and the 41 means I am only (for one) not trying to appease them, like they felt I should have been. Not to mention the gas attendant’s last words to me were “wherever you go I will follow”. Just like some psychotic stalker BS. I know it sounds crazy but that is exactly what Evil is crazy.

This is just a small example of Evil does only because he wants to keep two black people from being together. His objective was to control, see while working in the IT company for the small time I worked there they (MENagement) were watching my computer seeing what sites I frequented this I read about. Watched my IM seeing what information they could get to intimidate and use against me to try to get me to return once I quit the company due to their harassment. I remember one day I was sitting at my desk and updated my facebook status to “is at work, frrreeezzzing”. I didn’t say a word to any of the people in the office. Here comes the COO saying “all you have to do is turn the thermostat down”. Now how did he know I was cold. I never verbally said anything to ANYBODY.  On another occasion I put a picture of President Barack Obama as my screen saver I started getting indirect messages saying “don’t put things on your screen that could be offensive to others”. How is the picture of the President of the United States offensive?

This is an assignment I had in class, click the link below and follow these instructions:

the Harvard-Hosted Implicit Association Test (IAT) using the following instructions. The test should take about 10 minutes to complete.

o Navigate to the Project Implicit® home page at and click Demonstration.

o At the IAT home page, click on the Go to the Demonstration Tests link.

o At the Measure Your Attitudes page, find and click on the I wish to proceed link.

o You will be prompted to select a test. Take one of the following IAT tests:

Race IAT

Arab-Muslim IAT

Native IAT

Asian IAT

Skin-tone IAT

I took the skin tone test and this is my response to my results. People the message is so clear everything in the world is set up to make that negative force seem positive.

I took the skin tone test. My results were accurate it states I didn’t have a preference between the two light or dark skinned people. Which is true. Now had I tried to be Mrs. Speedy Gonzalez and not paid attention to the directions the results would have been different. Which is the point of the game. Its set up to make light seem right and dark seems bad, its a mind game. That’s why the directions state to go as fast as you can (programming the mind). In the first half of the test there are two categories a Portrait of a light skinned person on the right and a portrait of a dark skinned person on the left then other portraits of people either light or dark skinned flash across the screen and with your finger on the ‘E’ and ‘I’ pictures are to be place under the light skinned or dark skinned category. Then there is the good and bad category in the first part good is on the left and bad is on the right. Then words are presented to be place in either the good or bad categories words like nasty, awful, hurt are place in the bad category and words like glorious etc goes under good. Then for the third round of the first half there are both pictures and words, to the left there the portrait of the light skinned person with the word good under neath and then to the right portrait of the dark skinned person with the word bad underneath. During this part both words and portraits come up light skinned portraits and the good words go under the same category while dark skinned and bad words fall under the same category.

Now to make it fair there is a part two in which the roles are reversed repeating the same tasks as listed in the above paragraph only this time good is dark and bad is light . But if you go fast without thinking and let the time limit control you; you are going to make dark look just as bad as it did in the first half. Then when you read the results you are going to be programmed into thinking you prefer one color over the other and based on how the game is set up your preference would be light. That’s the object of the game. And its sad these results determine statistical information that is recorded in books that our children are taught from in school.

Prejudices could be measure in classed like this. People could write about the prejudgments if any. We should learn to measure reality with what is real based on true testimonies not some bias mind control scheme made to support theories and stereotypes.

To be continued.


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  1. 1

    estiger58 said,

    i don’t see any difference between Bush and Obama…tell the Whole Truth, not part of it.

    • 2

      budncris09 said,

      Are you serious? What has Bush done nothing but make a mess for Obama to clean up. President Obama is building relationships and opening lines of communication that no President has done since Kennedy. You really need to research or inform yourself this President is doing a lot however the media wants us to think like you.

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