Godly Mother By Cristina Arra

Of all His creations, God gave the most precious responsibility to woman.
The responsibility of being a Godly Mother, a Godly Mother’s responsibilities go far beyond her biological children.maya-angelou

A Godly Mother is responsible for her nieces, nephews, and cousins, the children down the block and the neighbor’s children.
Many women believe that she must only be responsible for the nurturing and caring of her own children. This is not the characteristic of the GODly Mother.
What if God only took care or blessed certain people, or only made a way out of no way for me and not for you? That would not be a characteristic of the God we serve.oprah-winfrey
God holds us responsible for ALL His children.
Just like certain trees produce fruit, we eat that fruit for the nourishment of our bodies. Other trees provide shade, oxygen the point is they serve a purpose.
As women in Christ we also have a purpose and we ALL have a responsibility to His children, and in His eyes we all are mothers.michelle-obama-3

As mothers in Christ we are to teach our children to Honor their natural mothers and fathers especially when the FLESH speaks against it. We must tell our children about our struggles so they will not make the mistakes we made.
As mothers in Christ we must teach our children unconditional love, teach them to love as God loves us. We must teach our children not to judge others, that there is only one True Judge. Then show them how to live according to His plan.assatabioThe government has put aside one day for WOMEN to be recognized for upholding their motherly duties. Godly Mothers are recognized daily for demonstrating their righteousness, standing on the word of GOD and holding herself accountable for HIS children.
To all the Godly Mothers Happy Mother’s day today, tomorrow and forever in the name of Jesus together we stand.

My Grandmother

My Grandmother


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    anonimo said,


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    Miki said,

    Nice article!!! be blessed and keep writhing 😉 !

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    If only one could find a Mother’s Day card as deep & meaningful lol. Very nice!

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    I love you too working a nine to five will kill u

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