May the Force… By Cristina R Hamilton

“May the force be with you” what does this phrase really mean? Is it the force that seeks to control and conquer. Or is it that force that guides and protects you. “Keep on with the force don’t stop, don’t stop til you get enough” Which force was Micheal Jackson speaking of when he wrote those lyrics. People I am here to tell you there are forces, forces that are they to help you and guide you along the way and then there’s a force that watches and waits for you to get comfortable and become complacent with your life then, BAM! They are doing any and everything to bring you down, break you until you conform to their ways.

Now if you’ve been reading any of my blogs you know that I have had some trying times dealing with that force that just didn’t want to take “NO!” for an answer. This force consisted of a group of people mainly men who used their powers for evil and tried to show me that if I didn’t submit to their will, my life was going to be a living hell. However, I believe in the power of Divine Intervention and I know there is a God who watches and takes care of me.

During my trying times and seeing how people are so easily persuaded into believing what they hear and none of what they see has made me evaluate myself, my friends who are gone now, and my family. I then had to ask myself how am I apart of the problem, and how can be a part of the solution. Then I asked God to reveal himself to me. I am not going to preach brimstone and fire and start throwing bible scriptures at you but I will say this, when you ask God to show himself to you and you are sincere. He will strip you of everything and everyone you ever put before him. Then He will show you how they meant you no good, he will introduce you to your enemies but if you are not ready; If you are not mentally and physically ready to see the reality of this world we live in. That force will swallow you up, it will cause you to loose yourself, your purpose and by the time you realize it you will be so far gone and caught up in a world of darkness and turmoil you will begin to think life is a game.

With so many distractions coming my way to keep from focusing on what most important to me outside of God is family. They people that were trying to recruit me into their world of nastiness, lies and deceit, has shown me that while they were distracting me and trying to keep me isolated from the world. They also were seeking to kill and destroy those who I hold dear to my heart. I know that many of you feel what I speak is a bit far-fetched and unreal but trust me things they write in the movies and on TV are based of true experiences some may be slightly exaggerated.

I spoke with my nephew for the first time in months since going through my trials I decided to cut off communication with certain members of my family and friends because those forces in Tallahassee were watching and plotting anyone I spoke to try to what ever they could to turn them against me. The plan was to rid me of everyone especially family, the objective was to “transform” me into a people pleasing, needy, simple minded, materialistic person who would fall for and do anything to get ahead. These were the types of people they were use to dealing with because these people had money and many wealthy people who don’t know what genuine love, trust and friendship is, tend to think they can use the money and power to win the affection those who they want to control and in many circumstances they can.
judge not

My nephew was recently released from a mental hospital for “allegedly” trying to commit suicide. The entire family was panicking. My nephew is openly gay and he um,let just say this Ru Paul is his idol. No disrespect to Ru Paul but I have to find a way to get my point across without offending anybody. I was so pissed when my sister told me the story because I know this isn’t something my nephew would do. He loves himself too much to attempt to commit suicide. But he is a easy target for negative forces because he is seeking or was seeking acceptance. If you are one of those people who judge by appearance you’d probably place judgment on him just as everyone else he has encountered and life outside of family. Because of who believes he is and because of what everyone else sees when they look at him he has had a hard time in life. No different from anybody who has experienced prejudice or racism. So then I asked myself what is the root of the problem in my people, the African American people and this what I came up with.

whipped man

Slavery has made major impact on the African Americans in a negative way. As a result of slavery African Americans have no sense of self and we have no culture. Because of slavery many African Americans are conditioned into an inferior mindset. Because of the beatings, being ripped away from families and sold as property many of the African American men run away from the responsibilities. During slavery Negroes, blacks whatever you chose to call us I prefer African American because this is the only sense of culture we really have, we were not aloud to speak their native languages and once we did learn the English language we were tormented and ridiculed because of our dialect which is in existence to this date. The white man has made it their objective to ensure that the black man is viewed as dumb, criminal minded thieves who shall remain at the lower end of the totem. And why? Well when the Europeans came to Africa they were intrigued by the culture and the fact that these people depended solely up nature for food, shelter, and prayed to a higher being whom they believed was their provider. So the white man befriended them, got them to trust the white man, then the white man enslaved them robbing them of everything they had, their culture, their values, their manhood and used their women as objects to be use to their advantage while their women turn their heads and looked away. Why? Because they believed and still do believe that we are less than human, inferior beings. Slavery is still in existence to this date just take an assessment of the American Government and the programs set in place to “help” African Americans” its all a facade. Is the force, slavery or is slavery driving the force?


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  1. 1

    Jennifer Hill said,

    Girl I feel like I have died and go to heaven, because real talk; I have not found anyone, anyone, who thinks the way that I do and you are it. I could not have said it better. It was as if I was writing this myself.I don’t have any friends because people don’t understand my way of thinking either and I was honestly starting to question my way of thinking cause I was thinking I am the only one on this earth that thinks this way. No one in my family, no friends that I’ve had, has ever said yeah I understand what your saying. I agree with you. Is that what you go through.

    • 2

      budncris09 said,

      Not at all its the total opposite people were persuaded not to befriend me because of my way of thinking. And all the friends I had prior were lied to and manipulated. Those forces didn’t want me infecting other people’s thought processes with truth. Those who speak real truth and have the power to change those who may not understand don’t fit in in the “normal” world.

  2. 3

    Charles Bruner said,

    I just wanted to reply to this article first by saying that this piece of literature from the spiritual side is really informative to the world. Yes I still believe that most of us are slaves but not physically I believe mentally. Cash,cars and other items are good to have on Earth. But African Americans I believe we are loosing the culture the spirit of our ancestors. I believe that having your own convenant with the Lord is the best thing you can ever have but we (general) tend to look at just the world and not the big picture. All my life through generations my family was always taught just work, make money by any means, now my generation most of them are drug dealers and have be locked up plenty of times but I ask myself where did they teach us about education money is a material but education is a tool of life.

    • 4

      budncris09 said,

      Hey Charles our ancestors are not to blame for our lost of culture. They were forced to accept and conform to the European standards or else they’d be whipped, punished or killed. They weren’t even allowed to speak their native languages let alone educate their children on our history. So yes some of the responsibility lies on us because we need to defy those implied laws of separation and come together. Come together to teach our children they don’t have to result to drug dealing and gang banging. Ask yourself this why is it the government can destroy the Black Panther Party but can’t seem to destroy the bloods and crypts is it because those gangs pose not threat to the government? They are doing the government a favor by killing each other instead of coming together.

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