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My name is Cristina Hamilton. I am 32 years old soon to be 33 and I live in Charlotte, NC. I am a single mother raising a wonderful young man. My son is 14 years old and I am doing my best to teach him to be an honest, respectful man of integrity. I am currently unemployed. I recently relocated back to North Carolina after surviving almost 3 years of life in Tallahassee, Fl. I was born and raised in Miami, Fl, a melting pot, I am use to being friends with people from all walks of life. After having my son I decided to become a flight attendant. I enjoyed working in an environment when I came in contact with all types of people. I also had the opportunity to visit cities and countries and experience life from various perspectives my favorite city in the world is Austin, TX (6th street ROCK ON!). During my travels and observations I realized many of us are experiencing the same challenges, struggling with similar insecurities and searching for acceptance.

I moved to Tallahassee from Charlotte, NC after ending my flight attendant career in late 2006, the life and work experiences that followed changed my view regarding ethics and cultural diversity. The first company I worked for was a real estate company the classified ad asked looking for office help. Well once I got the job the powers that be started using the people in the company and other contacts to test me on the things the read on my resume and things I had written about myself on social networks, like myspace, facebook etc. Instead of asking questions themselves the had others make complete fools of themselves just to measure how I would react to certain situations. Everything to these so called professionals was a game including the lives of their employees. After working in this company for about 8 months and seeing how lies flowed from the mouths of my bosses like the Mississippi River flowing to the Gulf of Mexico, how they used the women employees, and stole from those they believe to uneducated by instilling fear and intimidation I decided it was my time to seek employment elsewhere. I left that company however the drama followed. The behavior mentioned above seems to be the common business practices for this town. One of the companies I worked for was an Information Technology company they used they’re IT “powers” to help promote those lies started by the real estate company and because these men were trusted by many in this town they had no problem convincing others that I was trash, scum and didn’t deserve to be treated fairly. Needless to say many people jump on the bandwagon it was a big thing to help bring down a black woman who seems to have forgotten her place (comparable to a modern day lynching). They followed me via computer on my jobs and at my home and because they tactics are not easily detected the tried to make it “seem” as if my problems were coming from other employees, friends and even family members. They changed information on applications I submitted for jobs, the changed words on my resume, block emails, kept me from seeing certain information on the internet. These people even used their lies to have administrators and teachers at my son’s school harass and give him a hard time. They harass my mother, my grand parents and even caused many my family and friends to turn against. They conducted unauthorized background and credit checks then crank called my house phone disguising themselves as creditors. All of this was done because I didn’t and will not submit to the plans for my life. I was raised to know that I am free and slavery was abolished over 200 hundred years ago. However I have discovered it still lives in the criminal minds that exist in Tallahassee, Fl and aboard. Instead of being upfront and direct technologies had made it easier for the slave masters to infiltrate into the minds of those they want to control.

“Failure is not an option”feeling fine

Cristina R. Hamilton


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