Generation Wipeout? By Cristina Arra

Generation Wipe Out? By Cristina Arra Hamilton

After reading up on murders of children that happened in the past two weeks alone, I am wondering how can we change this. I got several Tweets and updates from Kandi former member of the female singing group Escape. Her family has been hit with a tragedy that may have been intentional not to mention she is also remembering her brother who she lost in high school.

I got a call this morning from Phillip O’Barry Academy just as I was leaving to take my son to school and the other end the recording said “hi parents we are calling to inform you of a death of one our students” this young man died Friday 10/2/2009 due to complications from an enlarged heart, he was on the wrestling team and an honor student. My, I send his parents my condolences.

What can we do? Just recently a man was charged right here in North Carolina for kidnapping and molesting his two adopted daughters one of which was pregnant. What can we do people? Our community needs attention, our children are crying out for our affection. Then almost two weeks ago a pregnant fifteen year old was shot and killed at the bus stop waiting to go to school. Now she is gone her child left with no mother. People we got to make some major adjustments.

I think about the mother of the Queens honor student, Kevin Miller, who was shot and killed at a car wash teens and we still don’t know or understand the motive. Why are our children so angry? Then in Chicago 14 year old was beaten to death by four other teens. He was also a honor student, he was in the wrong place at the wrong time and now he is gone, another statistic that won’t make to see 25. What can we do people? As parents, friends, teachers, mentors. We have to find a solution. We are losing our children at alarming rates, and the world just continues to move as if there is nothing wrong. Our current condition needs serious recognition.

In God We Trust! Bring him back into our schools. Allow our children to pray. Teach our children to befriend one another, teach our children to look out for one another. Change starts from within our children micmic what they see on TV, hear on the radio and what they learn at home and in school. We have the power to change this people. I challenge you all to promote positive change! Starting today!!

Click the links below to follow some of the stories on the killings I mentioned;


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