Politics and Tricks By Cristina Hamilton

The proportion of African Americans in the community does not equal those in political offices. Reason being many are not informed. I do believe that it is some people’s job to ensure they aren’t informed. I volunteer for a campaign here in Charlotte, NC the candidate I am volunteering for name is Anthony Foxx he is African American, he is from Charlotte he graduated from a predominantly African American high school here in Charlotte and he is running for mayor. When I go out in public I tell people vote for Anthony Foxx most times the response is “who?” many don’t know who he is. Why is this I wonder? People just are not informed in certain communities nor do they take the time to research or many don’t really want to hear unless they are interested in something I have to offer. I also find that many don’t care and I am becoming one of those. I was promoting this bank here in Charlotte for a community reinvestment that a Warren Ballentine “the people’s attorney” is sponsoring, hosting etc. Many people don’t even know who the gentlemen promoting the community reinvestment which is so strange because this man is on the radio EVERYDAY right before the Al Sharpton show. Well the bank here in Charlotte which is African American owned used me. They interviewed me for a teller position basically told me I got the job but never followed up with me, but during the interview the Vice President told me she admired that I told her how I was spreading the word. She (the vice president) of the bank gave me her business cards, and some material to pass out for the community reinvestment. She just wanted me use me to get her name out there because her and her staff are afraid to go out into the community. Today I went in and closed my account and will no longer be promoting this bank for the reinvestment. I am really ready to give up. I hate that I moved to Tallahassee, those people there are hateful criminals who have made nothing but trouble for me. The same things they did to me there are happening here, my son is still being harassed I am being used and no one is doing anything about it but lying and saying they know nothing about it. They make me view the world in a different light and its not the world its them causing problems. Spreading lies and telling people “hey call Cristina she will do it for free and then you can make her look like a fool once you prosper from her work. Sad thing is a guy that worked for the IT company warned me they would do this to me but he won’t tell the police the truth, out of fear they will do the same things to him and his family, so he is helping them make me look like the crazy person.
Conspiracy Theories: This is my response to a question my Ethics Professor asks after I posted the response above to another student.
She asked our comments and thoughts regarding the “crack down” where President Bush’s penalty for possession of one crack rock was automatic 10 years incarceration. When during the 1980’s in the Reagan “era” crack rock was introduced to the streets and became a nation wide epidemic portraying a negative image for African Americans who most affected by this drug. This came about during a time where African Americans were trying to make a change in the right direction, Mayor Marion Barry had created thousands of jobs and started cleaning up neighborhoods in D.C. which created change in other major cities across the nation. Then crack cocaine hit the streets, crime rates increased, babies were born addicted to narcotic, again affecting the African American community nationwide. Many “drug dealers” help to destroy neighborhoods by selling and distributing the product to African Americans and manipulating youth with flashy clothes and cars also help build certain communities by donating to churches and creating youth organizations and sponsoring community events. These were the same behaviors and mindset this country was built upon. Though the crack epidemic destroyed lots of communities it also demonstrated and proves that African Americans had intellect and wasn’t going to allow the drug to completely wipe out the African American communities. So the government had to step and created penalties such as President’s Bush “crack down”. They indirectly tell the African American community “we going to destroy you one way or the other” and why?
In the case with Marion Barry it was about conspiracy, finding a weakness, Mandie, believe it or not there are people whose job it is to observe one who may pose a threat. Marion Barry posed a threat to certain people in the government he was, just like Martin Luther King and many other leaders before him giving the African American Communities hope, providing opportunities and empowering, this is too much. Therefore, someone had to find away to bring him down. Thus tainting his “image” however it didn’t matter to the African American community because those who understood still chose to elect him again. Why? Because he could relate to the struggles of the African American community.

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