Family Friends Coworkers = Foes By Cristina Hamilton

Now if you have been reading my other blogs you will know that in the past three years I have come across some jealous and deceitful individuals who came together and conspired to bring me down by any means necessary . Who for no apparent reason hated me and they, if asked, could not give a valid reason why. They didn’t and still don’t know me. They’d probably say something like she was always smiling, often complimented others, seems very passionate and caring when it came to others. However since I was not miserable, serious and and never cracked a smile like them something had to be wrong with me. I, whose older and have more experience in the world than these sheltered, insecure, idle-minded beings who have no purpose. But since they came from what they considered educated backgrounds and had recently graduated college that automatically gave them a place above those who aren’t college graduates. ( The statement I just made is a theory based on observation).

While working with these people they would watch my computer and what ever I’d do so closely that they tried to duplicate it. The women started dressing like me, some would ask where I shopped and go out buy an outfit identical to mine and wear it to work the next day and say “I am sure yours is smaller”… I’d stand there with a look of confusion on my face like, how do I respond to that. But yet they claimed I was weird. I wasn’t concerned with where anybody shopped, what they did during, before and after work, nor was I concerned with who they were doing it with. Then men would call me desk and when I answered the phone they’d say things like ” hey, babe”…Or they’d have people call my desk for them just so I’d would have a reason to come and speak to them. And again I say, I was suppose to be the crazy one?They annoyed me so I had not other choice but to quit. Telling management didn’t work because manage was controlling the employees having them do things to me just so I would come and speak to him.

Well, while being scrutinized by the “normal” educated folk in Tallahassee. They discovered I have a sincere and passionate love for my family and friends. And because they are so smart they concluded that these people must be the root of my happiness. For they could not understand why I didn’t take things are serious, stayed relaxed and never let them get to me. While their thought processes, insensitive values and empty morals help create their world of meaningless facts and demented intentions. So they sought out to divide and conquer (the same plan used to build this country), with that being said I am sure we all can conclude what type of people I was dealing with here. I like to call them “habitual line-crossers without a purpose”. After having my neighbors watch me, calling my house to verify whether I was home or not, following me when I’d leave my home, sending people to my home, creating false advertisements on careerbuilder, facebook, radio commercials etc. When none of those attempts worked they took it a step farther. They tried to divide my family and separated me from the majority of my friends believe it not that had people close to me assisting them in their conspiracy.

Lets start with friends. Because the “normal” educated people tapped my phone lines through websites or their connections at the telephone company and they’d watched and hacked my myspace. They began watching the friends I spoke to most, learning their likes, dislikes and weaknesses and began to blackmail their for information and control. They would have my friends call me “to catch up” on things they were going through with jobs, their children or relationships. The ironic catch to this was they were going through the same things I was going through. First it was good things like my son’s god mother and her friend were taking a trip to Vegas sponsored by a friend of her friend. I really didn’t get into to many details because I didn’t care how they were going I was excited for my friend. Glad she was taking a trip and getting out of town. Not aware that this trip was a bonus trip in return the god mother’s friend was to provide information about all of my past friends, classmates and family members because she worked for an agency that gave her access to people personal information. And she did it. With her dumb ass. Forgive me for name calling but stupid is as stupid does and what better word than “ass” to describe her and her actions.

Needless to say the Dumb Ass didn’t know enough about me so all of her information came from the Mouth of the South I will tell anybody’s business cause my thought process had a handicap sticker embedded in it, I am speaking of my son’s “former” god mother. As I prepared myself mentally for whatever comes my way I reflected on conversations I had with my ex boss prior to leaving his company. The boss I speak of here is the one I describe in The MindSet of a Modern Day Slave Driver. And how he would tell me how he spent years studying people, then watching how he took advantage of employees and so many others, then recalling him telling me how “if I left his company how much trouble I was going to have. I guess I was suppose to be shaking in my boots. I knew this man was a coward, I observe this on many occasions seeing how he’d do wrong and then nervously come back to his office and hide, ignoring all phone calls. However he thought I was so dumb that I would not know when all the drama was coming from. I’d never been threaten by a boss, never had co worker indirectly make passes at me. Then listening to the stories the women that worked directly with (the African American) ones. I was totally baffled that they didn’t understand where their problems came from. None of them had good relationships with their families why because this asshole felt they belong to him and cause problems when they tried to have positive relationships. I wasn’t about to let this man come and take away people who took care of me all of my life because he is a psychotic, deranged tyrant who has issues maintaining boss subordinate relationships.

One of the girls who worked closely with him told me how she had to her hair cut short because the person that braided it last did such a poor job she couldn’t comb out the tangles when she took the braids out. I sat there looking at her in amazement like and you don’t know who is responsible for that. I remember the words coming out of his mouth saying “I’m stupid I cause problems between people because I take things to the extreme”. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that one out. But back to how my friends and some family became foes.

I pause for a few days while writing this and during this time I discovered another “untruth”. This just makes me sick to my stomach apparently when it comes to truth the people seek to find the opposite. Something tells me these particular lies came from the man who ran. The man who his responsibility in the “care of” (fill in the blank). The same man who got upset because I refused to allow him to do to me what he’s done in the past. The same man who denies the son that he knows he help created. But instead of facing truth and “manning up” he decided to search in my past for lies in order to break me. The world is filled with insecure men. Well somewhere during his quest for lies I am lead to believe that some chic told him she kiss me, or I had a threesome I dunno but based or the texts messages, the visitors and the “skits” performed by the neighbors. Like I say this could be a number of people I make “friends” with anyone. However I’ve only kissed boys (he included) and now that a man has chosen me. All the little boys are running scared like lost, sick mutts.

This same man who when I told him I was carrying his child responded by saying “get an abortion, I will pay you back when you give me a receipt” I was 18 years old at that time. Then called my Grandmother’s house when I was about 6 months pregnant and told her “he had plans for his life that did not involve me and that he never wanted to see my child”. I granted him that however after working with the meddling “Boss”, Modern Day Slave Driver almost 12 years later I contacted him. This man (my son’s father) flew to the city where I lived, he told me he was coming to discuss how we were going to handle our “situation” and once I did not want to sleep with him he told me I was going to have problems and this is what he did.

He threatened to have my son taken from me. Why? when he wanted nothing to do with him and I was not trying to fight him. I just wanted him to know he had a son and move on. But why would he go to that extreme. I wasn’t intimidated as he figured I would be. So he then faked the paternity test, that he requested he and my son take. I have the fake results to prove it. When I didn’t fight him for that he started sending text messages calling me bitches and hoes etc. When I didn’t respond to that he got a fake profile on myspace then he teamed up with the white men and they set out to bring me down with the help of many of my friends and family members.


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