Failure is Not an Option By Cristina Hamilton

I told the professor I wasn’t going to respond to any of more on this DQ but I must let you know I am not the one that needs counseling. The people who need counseling are those who had negative intentions. Sorry you feel that way regarding black men. Can I ask you thins who is actually leading black men down the wrong path. That’s how the powers that be want us to think. We are not putting ourselves in jail. I sat here the other night watching my son chat on myspace and if you read what I wrote about Terrorism and Cyber crimes you’d see that the IT company I work with in Tallahassee commits cyber crimes daily. My son’s father was using another little boys account chatting with my son telling him he is going to make sure he goes to jail because he doesn’t want to pay child support. However did you know that jails and prisons were built for black men. Also take an assessment of your surroundings please. There is nothing wrong with me, I find that so ironic when sharing my stories people feel that I am the one with the problem. However that just how the world thinks. I am glad there are people out there who have gone through the some of the same things I have and can truly understand on a deeper level. It takes a conscience person to understand it. I want to share this with you and maybe just maybe your perception of black men in America will change.

Let me share this with you. I have a fourteen year old son whose father said he never wanted to see him and I granted him that and decided to raise my child on my own. However, I knew the day would come when my son would want to know who his father is because he needs to know who is he and where he came from. Well I contacted this man who knew eventually I would, thinking I wanted his riches. I wanted nothing from this man. He told me he didn’t want to see my son because he felt it would hurt me. I am not hurting at all. So instead of building a relationship with him. He chose to use his connections because he is an assistant principal at an elementary school in Washington D.C. to make sure my son would not succeed. My son has been fighting for a fair chance since I contacted this man almost three years ago. Now tell me do you still think I am the one that needs counseling. Here is another thing I want to share with you regarding Affirmative Action.

P.S. This is the school my son’s father works at. He is the black man wearing the yellow tie. He worked with those people in Tallahassee that tried to hurt and bring me down.

“Failure is not an option”


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