Renee’s Blog: The Seating Chart

Tonight I went to Ruby Tuesdays in Charlotte, NC. I haven’t been to this specific location in a few years. However, tonight I walked in, greeted by the Greeter, it was almost as if she was expecting me. She had to ensure the gentlemen accompanying me was my son which let’s me know the racist had put out the alert that I was on the way. Prior to leaving home I did make a phone call advising the person on the other end where I’d be. If you have read any of the other blogs they are watching, listening and conspiring. See I use to live in an apartment complex near this restaurant almost 6 years ago. At that time the areas was very nice the strip mall where Ruby Tuesdays is located use to be very busy there was a grocery store, stationary store and many others that keep the parking lots fill with people eager to spend money. Now since the racists infiltrated there has been a drastic change.

When I moved away from Charlotte I went to work for a few racist companies in Tallahassee, Fl who alert the entire force when I left without submitting to their wills. So in order to get me back this group of racists tried to not only destroy me, my family, friends etc. They wanted me to not be able to enjoy the things I once enjoy unless I return to one of those companies and submitted myself to their control.drinking fountain
Well back to Ruby Tuesdays which is now run and operated by racists. The Greeter lead myself and my son to our seat and told us our wait who I will not name because he is innocent and a black man trying to earn his way. So as we sat wait on drinks and food etc. I noticed the seating chart. All of the coloreds, I say coloreds ladies and gentlemen because had you been there you’d would have sworn you had been teleported back in the days of segregation. The coloreds had center and bar seating which place them in clear view of management and the rest of the racist staff. While the whites were all conveniently located in the outer seats near exits just in case anything pops off. Not to mention the wait staff waits on the people, judging by the seating arrangements, management deems they’re most comfortable serving. By observing who’s serving who I am well aware of the whites who are comfortable with minorities and those who prefer we’d find another place to eat. The manager, whom I noticed walking around never walking through the center of minorities was a tall skinny feller with a “suburban” appeal. The must have picked up on my observation… Just as I was leaving they sat a white man in the bar area. You can’t conceal that.


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